It’s a question that has been on the lips of basketball fans everywhere since the 2019 NBA draft. How tall is Ja Morant? Is he really tall enough to play in the NBA? Is his height an asset or a liability? The answer could be found by measuring him from head to toe, but that would be far too easy. Instead, let’s explore this fascinating and complex topic in-depth.

The debate about Ja Morant’s height has been raging for months now, with some believing he’s too small to compete at the highest level and others adamant that he can make it work. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of this argument, let’s take a step back and examine the facts: what is Ja Morant’s height?

Ja Morant stands at a solid 6 feet 3 inches tall, making him taller than your average point guard but not as towering as many power forwards and centers. He may not be exceptionally tall compared to other players in the league, but his size gives him an advantage when it comes to speed and agility. His quickness and ability to handle the ball make him a dangerous weapon on offense – something that has made him one of the most coveted prospects in recent memory.

Ja Morant’s Biography

Ja Morant is one of the most exciting young stars in the NBA. His rise to fame has been meteoric, as he was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies with the second overall pick in 2019. He quickly proved why he was worthy of such a high selection and had an impressive rookie season that earned him Rookie of the Year honors. But before we talk about his accomplishments on the court, let’s take a look at Ja Morant’s biography.

Morant was born and raised in Dalzell, South Carolina. He attended Crestwood High School, where he excelled on both ends of the court, averaging 24 points and 8 assists per game during his senior year and leading his team to a state championship. From there, he moved onto Murray State University, where he averaged 24 points, 5 rebounds and 10 assists per game en route to becoming an All-American player.

Morant declared for the draft after two successful college seasons and was selected second overall by the Grizzlies. Since then, he has blossomed into a legitimate star in the league who can impact a game on both ends of the court with his athleticism and skill set. He is also emerging as one of the league’s most electrifying players thanks to his flashy passes and highlight-reel plays.

For those wondering how tall Ja Morant is, we’ll dive into that next…

Ja Morant’s Height In Inches

Ja Morant’s standing height is an important factor in how he plays basketball. He stands at 6’3″, giving him a significant reach advantage over his opponents. His wingspan, which measures from fingertip to fingertip, is 6’7″. This gives him the ability to reach shots and passes that shorter guards would not be able to catch.

Morant’s height and wingspan give him a huge advantage on the court. He can drive past taller defenders with ease and finish at the rim with either hand. His long arms also allow him to block shots or steal passes that other players simply wouldn’t have access to.

Morant’s height makes him a great fit for the point guard position as well; it allows him to see over most of his opponents while running pick-and-rolls and making decisions on offense. His quickness combined with his size make him a lethal threat on both ends of the floor, allowing him to contribute in multiple ways on every possession.

These physical attributes have allowed Ja Morant to become one of the best young players in the NBA today; he continues to impress each year and looks destined for greatness. Now let’s take a look at Ja Morant’s height in feet—a measurement that can help us better understand how tall he really is.

Ja Morant’s Height In Feet

Ja Morant’s height is an important factor in his success as a professional basketball player. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall, he is one of the taller players in the NBA today. This height gives him an advantage on the court, allowing him to have a longer reach and better agility than shorter players.

At 6’3″, Ja Morant is taller than most point guards in the league. His size provides an edge when it comes to rebounding and blocking shots. He also has a good wingspan, which allows him to cover more ground and make more plays defensively.

Ja Morant’s size also gives him an advantage offensively by making it easier for him to get off shots over defenders. He can also drive and finish through contact with ease due to his strong frame. With his impressive combination of size and skill, Ja Morant has quickly become one of the top players in the league today.

With this knowledge, we can now compare how Ja Morant’s height stacks up against other NBA players’.

Ja Morant’s Height Compared To Other Nba Players

Standing out from the crowd is something Ja Morant has done since entering the NBA. His height, a mere 6 feet 3 inches, is far from that of the average NBA player. But this does not stop him from making plays and dominating on the court.

The comparisons to other players in the league are striking. At his height, he stands two inches shorter than MVPs Luka Doncic and Giannis Antetokounmpo. He’s also two inches taller than six-time All Star Chris Paul, who plays a similar position as him. This shows just how much power and agility Morant packs into his small frame.

Despite being undersized compared to other players in the league, Ja Morant continues to power through and be a force to be reckoned with on the court. With his impressive athleticism and skill set, he can create space for himself when needed and make impossible shots look easy. It is clear that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to basketball – Ja Morant proves this every time he steps onto the court. His height may be below average for an NBA player but it certainly doesn’t prevent him from performing at an elite level night after night.

Ja Morant’s Height And Athletic Ability

Have you ever wondered how tall Ja Morant is? The 2019 NBA Draft’s second overall pick stands at an impressive 6 feet 3 inches tall. His size, coupled with his athleticism, makes him a great asset to the game.

Ja Morant’s height and athletic ability give him an edge on the court. He has the ability to reach higher than most players, allowing him to make more shots and put more pressure on the defenders. In addition, his agility enables him to drive past opponents and finish plays with finesse.

He also has a high vertical leap, which allows him to outjump defenders for rebounds and blocks. This gives him a clear physical advantage that not many other players have. As if this wasn’t enough, he also has great balance and coordination that enable him to quickly change direction when needed or make quick decisions in tight spaces. All of these traits give Ja Morant an undeniable edge over other players in the NBA.

With his combination of height and athleticism, Ja Morant can use all these skills to his advantage on the court and take his team to new heights. His superior physicality gives him an unparalleled advantage in any given situation, making it easy for him to make plays that others simply cannot.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Benefit To His Game

Ja Morant is listed at 6’3″ tall and weighs 175 lbs. This size gives him an advantage in the world of basketball, where size and athleticism are important factors for success. His height provides him with a distinct advantage over many opposing players due to his long arms and legs. This allows him to get off shots easier, control the ball better, and guard other players more effectively. Additionally, his willingness to attack the rim and athleticism make him an even greater threat on offense.

Morant’s height also aids him in becoming an effective perimeter defender. He has quick feet which allow him to stay with opponents while they’re driving or shooting. He also has good timing when contesting shots and using his length to block them. His lateral quickness makes it easy for him to switch onto smaller guards without giving up too much ground. All of these abilities are amplified by his height and make him one of the better defensive point guards in the league.

Despite his large frame, Ja Morant isn’t a player who relies solely on his physical attributes as he’s just as skilled as he is athletic. He has a great feel for the game which allows him to read defenses quickly and find open teammates with ease. His ball handling abilities help him create space for himself against defenders who may have an edge in size or strength over him. With all of these skills combined with his impressive size, Ja Morant is primed for success at the next level no matter what team selects him in this year’s draft.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Impact On His Draft Stock

Standing tall at a height of 6-foot-3, Ja Morant is the perfect poster child for basketball greatness. With his impressive size, he immediately stands out from the rest of the crowd. This towering figure has made an impression on not only college basketball scouts but also NBA teams looking to make a big splash in the 2020 draft.

Ja Morant’s height brings with it many advantages. His length and athleticism give him an edge in attacking defenders off the dribble, while his vertical leap allows him to finish well around the rim. His size allows him to play bigger than his opponents, making him a match-up nightmare for opposing teams. He can also be a great help defender due to his ability to jump and reach high areas of the court quickly. All of these qualities make Ja Morant an attractive option for any team looking to make a deep postseason run.

Morant’s impressive stature has certainly helped propel him up draft boards around the league. Teams are drawn to players who have unique physical traits that give them an advantage over their competition, and Morant fits that bill perfectly. Teams know that with Morant’s size, they will be getting an explosive scorer who can put pressure on opposing defenses and create opportunities for himself as well as his teammates. It’s no surprise then why so many teams are interested in drafting Ja Morant in this upcoming draft class, as he is one of the most talented prospects available and could become a cornerstone piece for any franchise lucky enough to select him.

As Ja Morant continues to grow into his body and develop as a player, it will be interesting to see how much higher he can climb up draft boards around the league and what kind of impact he can have on whichever team selects him come June 25th.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Impact On His Position

Ja Morant’s height is an integral factor when it comes to his draft stock and position. At 6’3″, he is considered undersized for the point guard position, yet this has not deterred scouts from seeing his potential. While his height may be a challenge, it has also allowed him to play with a certain agility and speed that would be difficult for taller players.

Ja Morant’s size does not prevent him from making plays on both ends of the court. His small frame allows him to get into the lane quickly and create opportunities for himself as well as his teammates. He also possesses a strong vertical jump, which helps him finish at the rim despite shorter defenders.

Morant’s height has given him an advantage in other areas too. For instance, he can use his low center of gravity to stay balanced and make difficult passes while evading defenders. Additionally, having a smaller frame makes it easier for him to move without compromising his quickness or agility. This gives him an edge over taller opponents who might struggle in these areas due to their larger frames. Ultimately, despite being undersized for the point guard position, Ja Morant’s height has enabled him to make plays that would otherwise be impossible for taller players. Transitioning now into how ja morant’s height has impacted his playing style…

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Effect On His Playing Style

He stands tall, at 6ft 3in, yet he plays even taller. Ja Morant’s height is a physical advantage that offers an impressive presence on the court. His elevation has been a blessing throughout his career, allowing him to see and create opportunities others can’t.

It’s no wonder why they call him ‘Ja the Giant.’ With such unique size comes a unique playing style. He uses his height to position himself perfectly in-between defenders near the basket, giving him the ability to either finish with a dunk or kick it out for a three. He also has the agility and quickness to make any defender look silly when going up for layups and floaters.

His height works as an asset for both offensive and defensive play, but his true strength lies in his ability to take over games with his scoring prowess – something that only few players of all sizes are capable of achieving. Ja Morant has proven time and again that he can be unstoppable when he gets going. He’s as good at finishing buckets from deep as he is from close range; his height gives him just enough power and reach to get any shot off against anyone who’s trying to stop him.

It’s clear that Morant’s size plays an important role in how he approaches the game of basketball; now we must delve into how it affects his defensive play too.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Influence On His Defending Ability

At 6 feet 3 inches, Ja Morant presents an interesting case when it comes to his height and its influence on his defending ability. He is tall enough to disrupt the other team’s offense, yet agile and athletic enough to stay with his man in one-on-one situations. This allows him to be an effective defender, both on the perimeter and in the paint.

Morant’s athleticism is a major factor when it comes to his defensive prowess. He is able to move quickly laterally and also has great leaping ability for someone of his size. His agility allows him to keep up with smaller players on defense and also gives him the opportunity to make plays in the passing lanes. He can also use his length to cause trouble for bigger players.

Overall, Ja Morant’s height and athleticism give him an advantage on defense that most opposing teams are unable to match. His ability to defend both guards and big men makes him a very valuable asset on any team’s roster. With the right coaching staff, he could become one of the best defenders in the league. Transitioning into the next section now, we will explore ja morant’s height and its impact on his jumping ability.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Impact On His Jumping Ability

Ja Morant stands at 6’3″, which is an impressive height for a point guard in the NBA. This allows him to effectively challenge shots and passes over taller opponents, as well as defend them more tightly. But it’s not just defense where his size comes into play; it’s also his jumping ability.

Morant’s height gives him an advantage when it comes to vertical leaping ability. He can make higher jumps than most of his opponents, making him a dangerous threat on both offense and defense. He often uses this greater reach to out-jump defenders for rebounds or beat them for tip-ins and putback dunks. His athleticism also helps him finish layups and pull-up jumpers off the dribble with ease.

Morant’s combination of size and athleticism makes him one of the most dynamic players in the NBA today, capable of doing things that most other players simply cannot do. His height provides a huge advantage when it comes to jumping, allowing him to take control of games with his ability to out-leap defenders and grab important rebounds late in games. By understanding how he can use his size to his advantage, he will continue to be an asset both on offense and defense for years to come. With Morant’s capacity for leaping, it’s no wonder that he’s such a talented passer as well – something we’ll explore next.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Effect On His Passing Ability

Ja Morant stands at 6’3″ tall and weighs 175 pounds, a fairly typical size for a professional basketball player. His height is not particularly extraordinary, but it has had an effect on his passing ability. As one of the best passers in the league, he uses his height to see over defenders and create passing lanes that others would struggle to find. Thanks to his excellent court vision and spatial awareness, he can make passes that other point guards simply can’t make.

Morant’s height also allows him to be a more effective pick-and-roll ball handler. His size allows him to see over the entire defense, which makes it easier for him to read the defense and find open teammates in transition. He can often thread passes through tight windows that would otherwise be impossible for smaller players. This helps explain why he leads the NBA in assists this season.

Morant’s athleticism also plays a key role in his passing ability, as he can use his quickness and agility to create space for himself or get around defenders when needed. However, without his height advantage, some of these passes would not be possible since they require being able to look over the defense while making them. By combining elite court vision with his height advantage, Ja Morant is able to make difficult passes that many other point guards cannot make.

As demonstrated by Ja Morant’s success as one of the best passers in the league, his height has been very beneficial for this aspect of his game. Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how his height affects his rebounding ability moving forward.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Impact On His Rebounding Ability

Ja Morant stands at 6’3” tall and weighs 175 pounds, making him an ideal size for a point guard. His height gives him a distinct advantage when it comes to rebounding; he can out-jump smaller players and move around larger ones with ease. He also has the necessary athleticism to get up in the air quickly and grab rebounds in traffic. His long arms allow him to box out opponents and fight for the ball effectively.

However, Morant’s height isn’t the only factor that contributes to his rebounding prowess; he also has great instincts. He knows where the ball is going to be at all times and often anticipates its trajectory or bounce off the rim better than other players. He is able to react quickly and adjust his body position accordingly, allowing him to go after rebounds with confidence.

Morant’s combination of size, athleticism, and instincts makes him a valuable asset on the boards. His ability to rebound efficiently helps his team maintain possession of the ball longer which can result in more scoring opportunities. As such, it is no surprise that he averages over five rebounds per game — an impressive feat for a player of his stature in today’s NBA. Now we will explore how Morant’s height impacts his shooting ability.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Influence On His Shooting Ability

At 6 feet 3 inches tall, Ja Morant is a suitable height for an NBA player. His size and athleticism allow him to do a lot of things on the court. One interesting statistic is that his three-point percentage during the 2019-2020 season was 37.5%. That’s impressive for a rookie guard!

How does Ja Morant’s height influence his shooting ability? Well, he has a consistent shot from long range due to his physical size and strength. He can also shoot off the dribble, controlling the ball and getting into position to shoot quickly and accurately. Additionally, his quickness allows him to get open shots against defenders with relative ease. This combination of physicality and agility gives him an advantage over other guards in terms of shooting ability.

The proof is in the pudding as they say – Ja Morant has been one of the most efficient shooters in the league this season. He has been able to knock down shots while also creating opportunities for himself and his teammates. Thanks to his impressive shooting ability, he’s been able to lead the Memphis Grizzlies to a winning record this season.

His height has certainly had an impact on his scoring prowess, giving him an edge over other players at similar positions in terms of shooting accuracy and efficiency. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how he continues to use it to propel himself and the team forward as he develops into one of the best guards in the NBA.

Ja Morant’s Height And Its Effect On His Overall Performance

At first glance, Ja Morant’s height of 6’3” might not seem that impressive. After all, other NBA stars such as Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving are both shorter than him. But don’t be fooled – Ja’s height has been a major factor in his success. It’s allowed him to make shots over the top of defenders and finish around the rim with ease.

In fact, it’s been argued that Ja’s height has had a huge effect on his overall performance. His ability to get off his shot quickly and shoot from deep gives him an edge against taller opponents. Additionally, he can use his height to see over defenders for assists, or when driving them towards the basket for layups.

What’s more, Ja’s reach allows him to grab rebounds better than most players his size. He can also use it to block shots from behind or swat away passes from opposing teams. Simply put, he’s able to do things that shorter players simply cannot – thanks largely to his impressive frame. As a result, Ja Morant is able to outplay taller opponents and make up for any size disadvantages he may have on the court.


Ja Morant’s height is an integral part of his success as one of the most dynamic players in the NBA. His 6’3″ stature allows him to be a force on both ends of the court, with a unique combination of athleticism and skill that has made him one of the best guards in the league. His size gives him an advantage when it comes to passing, as he can easily see over defenders and make pinpoint passes. He also has excellent rebounding ability due to his height and leaping ability, allowing him to grab rebounds and start fast breaks for his team. Finally, Ja Morant’s height plays a key role when it comes to shooting; he can shoot from any spot on the floor, using his great form and elevation from his height. In conclusion, Ja Morant’s impressive height is one of many reasons why he is such an elite player in today’s NBA. As he continues to develop and hone his skills, there is no telling how far this talented young man will go.

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