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Jaden Newman is a basketball player who has won several awards for her performance on the court. She currently plays on the varsity team at Downey Christian High School in Orlando, Florida. At the time of her graduation in 2022, she will be one of the youngest female athletes to surpass 1,000 career points at the varsity prep level.

The daughter of Jamie and Vivian Newman, Jaden is the youngest of the two siblings. Her father is a former NCAA basketball player and coach. In addition to his career, he also works as a history teacher at Downey Christian School. His mother also has a professional basketball background. When she was young, she played on the varsity team at University High School in Orlando.

At nine years old, Jaden was recruited by the University of Miami’s NCAA Division I programme. Since then, she has received offers from several schools such as Kentucky and Louisville. And while she has not yet enrolled in college, she is planning on doing so as soon as she can.

Jaden Newman was featured on television shows such as Good Morning America and Steve Harvey. She is also a renowned celebrity on social media. For instance, she has a large fan following on Instagram with over 1 million followers.

As for her physical stats, she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 53 kilograms. She has dark brown hair and a fit figure. Aside from playing basketball, she is also interested in fashion brands.

In fact, Jaden has been referred to as the world’s most marketed 12-year-old basketball player. According to the Tampa Bay Times, she is one of the fastest growing female basketball players. Currently, she is working on her game skills and shooting techniques.


Jaden Newman is an American basketball player who has received many offers to play for a college team. She is currently preparing to play for the University of Connecticut. Aside from playing basketball, she enjoys travelling and is a fashion enthusiast.

She was born in Orlando, Florida on June 13, 2004. She is of Puerto Rican and Jewish descent.

She has two siblings. Her older brother Julian is also a basketball prodigy. He is considered to be the top pick in the NBA draft. His height is 165 cm and his weight is 60 kg. However, he does not enjoy the same success as his sister.

Her father is a basketball coach. He has coached both Jaden and her brother. As a result, both of them have amazing dribbling skills. They are also a part of the Hello Newmans television show. The show was produced by Overtime and has been broadcasted across several social media platforms.

While most of her family members are involved in basketball, Jaden has been the focus of attention. Her viral videos triggered a lot of interest. In fact, she was ranked as the best three-point shooter in the nation in 2015. During this time, she also won a three-point shooting contest against Stephen Curry in 2015.

The family has also been supportive of her basketball career. When Jaden was young, her mother worked in the United States Navy for four years. Afterwards, she went to work for the US Postal Service.

Jaden’s father is a varsity basketball coach at Downey Christian School in Orlando. He was the one who suggested the name Jaden for his daughter.

As of now, Jaden is a student at the Downey Christian School. This school is a private Christian institution in Orlando. It is where she first began playing basketball.


Jaden Newman is a well-known American basketball player who has achieved many achievements in her young career. She has received numerous offers from various schools including Louisville, Kentucky and University of Miami.

Jaden Newman is a talented athlete who has scored 1000 varsity points in her career. As a result, she has already secured a Division I offer. Her father is a varsity basketball coach at Downey Christian School in Orlando. He also recognized her potential.

Since the age of three, Jaden Newman has been interested in sports. It was her dad who urged her to try basketball. In fact, he even built a miniature court in her backyard, which she often played on against her brother Julian.

While she was a fifth-grader, she started racking up points per game. That grew to double figures in her sixth and seventh grades. Now, at 18 years old, she has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

As a result, she has received numerous scholarships and college offers. She is currently enrolled at Downey Christian School. She is planning on graduating from high school in 2022. And, she has already secured a scholarship from the University of Miami.

Aside from her basketball career, Jaden Newman is a social media sensation. She has an Instagram account with almost four thousand followers. On her page, she posts life content and pictures of exotic locales.

Jaden Newman is said to be a fit athlete, with a body type suited for athletic endeavors. She is expected to continue to gain momentum as new b-ball rivalries emerge. To maintain a healthy body, she regularly exercises.

Despite her young age, she has a solid physique. She reportedly weighs 58 kilograms (127 lbs).


Jaden Newman is an American basketball player, and she is also a social media star. She was born on June 13, 2004, in Orlando, Florida, USA. Her family is of African-American, Puerto Rican, and Jewish descent.

At the age of just nine, she received her first Division-I offer from the University of Miami. After she was enrolled in the school, she started working towards her dream of becoming the first woman in the NBA.

Jaden Newman is the daughter of Jamie Newman and Vivian Newman. Her father is a coach and a history teacher, while her mother is an avid basketball player. The two siblings have one older brother.

They have been actively involved in the game of basketball since they were young. In fact, both siblings played for the varsity team in their early years.

Jaden is a very talented basketball player, and has also played professionally. She has already received scholarship offers from the University of Miami.

She has a height of 1.63 meters and weighs 58 kilograms. She wears a bra cup size of 33 C.

She is active on Instagram and Twitter. She has over a million followers on both platforms. Moreover, her family has its own athletic clothing line called Prodigy.

Currently, she is studying at Downey Christian School. During her third grade, she was on the varsity basketball team. Nevertheless, she is still growing.

She has received offers from various schools to play college basketball, and has aspires to be the first woman in the NBA. Since her debut, she has won several competitions and recorded impressive skills.

The young athlete has a strong body figure. Moreover, she is very passionate about the game of basketball.

Net worth

Jaden Newman, the budding basketball star, is an American who has been receiving a lot of attention in the media. She has been recognized as a social media influencer and she has a net worth estimated to be anywhere between $1 million and $2 million.

Jaden Newman’s father, Jamie, is a coach of the basketball team. His mother, Vivian, is a former point guard for the University High School in Orlando. During the high school season, she averaged 14.8 points and 7.5 assists.

In the early years, Jaden was focused on her basketball career and was not involved with any romantic relationships. However, she later started to appear on television shows and became the main face of “hello Newman’s.”

When she was a young girl, Jaden Newman had a passion for reality stars. Her parents were very supportive in encouraging her to become a better athlete.

Besides being a talented basketball player, Jaden is a fashion enthusiast. She is currently an ambassador for the fashion brand Fashion Nova. Also, she is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Jaden is very close with her family. She has an older brother, Julian, and her father is a basketball coach. They all have supported their daughter’s basketball career.

Jaden has been working as an athlete since her third grade. Her dream is to become the first woman to play in the NBA. Although her talent is limited, she is not too far away from her goal.

In the past, Jaden was very active on social media. She has an enormous fan following on Twitter and Instagram. One of her Instagram photos showed her in a new car.

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