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Reggie Lewis was a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics from 1987 to 1993. In this piece we will look at his life and career, and we will talk about his legacy and family. We will also discuss why his death is so tragic and how his death has affected everyone. We will end the article by pointing out a few things that were particularly special about Reggie.

Reggie Lewis’ career

Reggie Lewis was a standout basketball player during his time with the Boston Celtics. He played for the team from 1987 to 1993 and averaged nearly 20 points per game, including two 20-point games in his final two seasons. He also became the team’s sixth captain. Lewis’ career was short, however, as he passed away suddenly during practice in 1993. The Celtics honored him by retiring his number. Today, he is the only player without a championship to have his number retired.

Reggie Lewis’ death was tragic. He was only 27 years old, and had yet to become a hall of famer. A former All-Star and Celtics captain, Lewis’ death shocked the entire basketball community, triggering unimaginable grief in Boston. But despite his illustrious career, Reggie Lewis’ quiet resolve made him an extraordinary role model for inner-city youth.

Lewis started his NBA career as a rookie, drawing the Boston Celtics’ 22nd pick in 1987. As a Celtic, he played sparingly in his rookie season, but became the team’s star as the legendary Larry Bird retired. In his final two seasons, he averaged 20.8 points per game, becoming the Celtics’ top scorer. However, a tragic accident led to his death.

Although his heart problem wasn’t life-threatening, doctors were unsure of what had caused it, and Lewis had undergone a battery of tests while he was at New England Baptist Hospital. Eventually, Lewis was transferred to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. A second opinion was given by Dr. Gilbert Mudge, who had worked with Lewis at New England Baptist, and he found that there wasn’t a life-threatening heart condition. Rather, Lewis had a benign neural condition called neurocardiogenic syncope.

His life

Reggie Lewis’ life and death are one of the most interesting stories in sports. He was a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics from 1987 to 1993. His death has left many people wondering why he died at such a young age. Lewis was a well-liked and popular athlete. He had many fans in the NBA, and his legacy lives on today.

A documentary about Reggie Lewis is about to air on Comcast SportsNet. The documentary tells the story of the Boston Celtics star and the enduring legacy he leaves behind. Lewis’ brother, Irvin Lewis Jr., implored fans to chant his name. The late basketball player’s brother, Jerome Stanley, also spoke of Reggie’s kindness.

Reggie Lewis’ death was a tragic event for the Boston sports world. His death occurred after a second collapse in three months. He collapsed during a game at Brandeis University. The doctor that treated him, Dr. Gilbert Mudge, concluded that Lewis’ heart had a normal athlete’s heart.

Reggie Lewis was selected by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the 1993 NBA draft. Although he started his career as a bench player, he quickly worked his way into the starting lineup. He eventually became the team’s go-to guy. He was also named the sixth captain of the team. His 21-point-per-game average during his rookie season helped propel the Celtics to the playoffs.

His legacy

The television show “Remembering Reggie” revisits the life of Reggie Lewis, examining his career and legacy. It features interviews with family, teammates, and friends. While the program does not shy away from the controversy surrounding Lewis’ death, it celebrates the player and his legacy. It was originally broadcast on July 28 on Comcast New England. It will be re-aired November 24 at 2:30 and 8:30 p.m. EST.

Reggie Lewis was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and attended Northeastern University. During his college career, Lewis was the most dominant Husky in history. Following his graduation from Northeastern, he was drafted by the Boston Celtics with the 22nd overall pick. In a few years, he worked his way up the roster, eventually becoming a regular starter. After Larry Bird’s retirement, Lewis was named team captain and led the team to the playoffs.

Reggie Lewis’ legacy has gone far beyond his basketball career. The 6-foot-7 small forward was a pillar in the community, and was considered by many the future of the Celtics franchise. A quiet, dependable team captain, he excelled on the court and was a good citizen. Reggie Lewis had no idea that he would become a bridge between the Celtics of the Big-era and their continued success in the 90s.

Reggie’s mother, Donna Harris-Lewis, a Harvard graduate, fought to get her son a proper diagnosis of heart disease, but he refused to follow her advice. She eventually sought out Brigham and Women’s University’s Gilbert Mudge, who gave her the diagnosis she wanted. Then, the cardiologist said, “Reggie had admitted that he had been taking cocaine.”

His family

The legal battle over Reggie Lewis’ death continues even seven years after his death. The family of the deceased basketball player, who was 27 years old, is not alone in their grief. Hundreds of people have come forward to support the Lewis family and demand that the wrongful death trial be thrown out.

Reggie Lewis’ family argues that a coroner’s report revealing his death was flawed. They claim that his family failed to tell the coroner that her late husband was in the early stages of a heart disease. The coroner, however, was allegedly under pressure from the Lewis family to release the official cause of death: “common-cold virus.”

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Will McDonough raised the issue of cocaine use in Reggie’s death. McDonough wrote that Reggie’s wife, Donna, began raising the issue when Reggie was transferred from one hospital to another. Donna told the newspaper that twelve doctors at Baptist Hospital harassed her husband about drugs.

Reggie Lewis’ parents had a daughter, Reggieana. Lewis’ father, Reggie Lewis, was a professional basketball player who played for the Boston Celtics from 1987 to 1993. His mother, Donna Harris-Lewis, was an Aquarius and their marriage began in 1991. Unfortunately, Reggie died in 1993.

His teammates

Reggie Lewis died of a heart attack on July 27. His passing shocked the Boston community and created an emptiness that would not go away. Lewis was a rising star in the NBA, a beloved captain of the Boston Celtics, and a community leader. He was a quiet, unassuming player who had to wait for his greatness.

Lewis had fallen while running alone, causing him to collapse. Brandeis security responded to the scene, and James Crowley, an EMT, was on duty when Reggie Lewis collapsed. The two men had shared an elevator with Lewis and his wife last year. Crowley saw that Lewis was slumped in a sitting position and was twitching slightly. His pulse was almost non-existent.

Although he suffered from a heart condition that was not fatal, Lewis was frustrated that it would end his basketball career. After his teammate Len Bias died, Lewis was angry with his doctors. In the night before his death, Lewis had checked himself out of New England Baptist Hospital and sought out the Brigham and Women’s Hospital chief of cardiology.

Reggie Lewis was an All-Star who earned respect from his teammates and other players throughout the league. He collapsed on the court during a playoff game against the Hornets. He regained consciousness and continued playing, but eventually had to leave the game because of dizziness.

His teammates’ memories of him

In the wake of Reggie Lewis’s tragic death, his teammates and friends have gathered to celebrate his life. It is heartwarming to see how his teammates remember him. Whether you are a Celtics fan or not, you can appreciate their memories of Reggie Lewis.

Reggie Lewis passed away just over a week ago. He had collapsed while shooting a basketball at Brandeis University, and later died of heart failure. His death was followed by years of controversy. His death was linked to heart arrhythmia, but his family fought against the findings of a medical “dream team.”

Reggie Lewis’ teammates’ memories of him were mostly positive. Many of them spoke of the way he cared for teammates, and of his generosity toward teammates. He was very humble, too. A spokesman for the Lewis family, Jerome Stanley, shared his teammate’s memories of Reggie.

In his rookie season, Lewis played sporadically, averaging 8.3 minutes per game. He missed nine games, but grew into a larger role after Bird and McHale were injured. In his second season, he averaged 30 minutes per game and scored 18.5 points per game. He also earned a spot on the 1992 NBA All-Star team, where he scored seven points in 15 minutes.

Reggie Lewis’ teammates’ memories of him will be one of the highlights of the documentary. The film includes the voice of Lewis’ teammates, including his mother, sister Sheron Hughes, former Celtic Dee Brown, former men’s basketball coach Jim Calhoun, and high school teammates David Wingate and Muggsy Bogues. It does not include Lewis’ doctors, who clashed with the Dream Team’s doctors and were often critical of Lewis.

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