Basketball is a popular sport with a long and storied history. The game has evolved over the years and so has the language surrounding it. There is a whole different vocabulary when it comes to talking about basketball.

Here is a comprehensive list of basketball slang terms that you need to know:

Air ball: A shot that misses the rim, backboard, and net completely.

Assist: A pass to a teammate that leads to a score.

Block: A defensive move where a player uses their body to stop a shot from going in.

Buckets: Another term for a basket.

Dish: A pass to a teammate.

Dunk: A type of shot where the player jumps up and slams the ball through the hoop.

Foul: A infraction in the game that can lead to free throws or the other team getting the ball.

Free throw: A shot that the player gets to take uncontested from the free throw line after the other team commits a foul.

Jumper: A shot where the player jumps up and shoots the ball.

Layup: A close range shot where the player quickly puts the ball up and in.


1. Air ball: A shot that misses the rim, backboard, and net completely.

2. Alley-oop: A pass leading to a teammate dunking the ball.

3. And one: When a player is fouled while making a basket and they make the free throw, it’s called an and one.

4. Bank shot: A shot off the backboard.

5. Block: When a player stops another player’s shot attempt.

6. Bounce pass: A low, hard pass meant to bounce off the floor.

7. Brown basket: When a player shoots an air ball.

8. Bust a bucket: To make a basket.

9. Carry: When a player illegally holds the ball while dribbling.

10. Center: The tallest player on the team, who typically plays near the basket.

11. Dribble: Bouncing the ball on the ground while moving.

12. Dump-off pass: When a player passes to a teammate who is closer to the basket.

13. Fast break: When a team quickly moves the ball up the court after a turnover or rebound.

14. Feed:

What are slang terms for basketball?

Basketball is a popular sport that is played by people of all ages. It is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. There are many different terms and slang words used in basketball. Some of these terms include: roundball, b-ball, swish, and air ball.

Airball: A shot attempt that was off the mark and didn’t touch the basket or the backboard

Alley-oop: Assist where the passer throws the ball up near the basket to a teammate who jumps, catches the ball in mid-air, and scores

Backboard: The rectangular board at the back of the basket

Box out: A technique used by a player to box out an opponent so they can’t get a rebound

Brick: A shot that hits the backboard or rim and doesn’t go in

Double-double: A statistical achievement where a player accumulates a double-digit total in two of five statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, or blocks

Double dribble: When a player dribbles the ball with both hands or stops dribbling and then starts again

What is wiggle in basketball

Wiggle: Being able to manoeuvre in and out of defenders with the basketball is a great way to create space and get an open shot. Putting ’em on skates: When you dribble past a defender, making him look like he’s on skates (falling), is a great way to create space and get an open shot.

Hops is a slang term in basketball used to describe a player’s vertical jumping ability. Players with a lot of hops are able to jump extremely high with ease, making them very athletic and dangerous on the court. If you have ever seen a player dunking the ball or blocking a shot, you can bet they have some serious hops!

What is a dunk slang?

The term “dunk” has been extended to mean “to best someone in a dramatic and humiliating fashion”. This usage is most commonly seen in the world of basketball, where a player who dunks the ball in the opponent’s face is said to have “dunked on” them.

There are many slang terms for testicles, but the most common are balls, nuts, and stones. Gonads also gives us the slang term nads (and the even slangier nards). Other terms include bits and marbles.The Ultimate List of Basketball Slang Terms_1

What does 3 and D mean?

3-and-D players are those who specialize in three-point shooting and defense. This type of player has become increasingly valued in the NBA in recent years because of the ability to space the floor and provide perimeter defense. These players are typically not stars, but they can be key contributors to a successful team.

If the game is a draw, the captains may agree to continue playing until one side scores. The side that scores the most goals in that time period is the winner.

What does 3FG mean in basketball

These are statistical categories in basketball that measure a player’s ability to make three-point field goals, as well as their overall rebounding prowess. The three-point field goal percentage (3FG%) is a measure of how often a player converts three-point attempts, while the rebound numbers (REB, OREB, DREB) give an indication of a player’s ability to grab missed shots and help their team maintain possession.

The zig zag dribble is a great way to get by defenders who are playing tight defense. By dribbling from side to side, you can make it difficult for defenders to stay in front of you and anticipate your next move. This can give you the opening you need to drive to the basket or pull up for a jump shot.

What does swagger mean in basketball?

When it comes to professional athletes, the word “swag” gets tossed around a lot, particularly when it comes to NBA players. Swagger is confidence, almost arrogance, when it comes to one’s abilities. It’s sheer bravado.

It seems that the young people of today have their own language, with words that are constantly evolving. One word that has recently been discovered is ‘no cap.’ This apparently means ‘no lie.’ Another word is ‘drip,’ which is a modern word for ‘swag’ or ‘style.’ Apologies to our older readers who may not be familiar with these terms!

What does cookies mean in basketball

A “cookie” is a term used in basketball to describe a turnover that occurs when a defender steals the ball from a dribbler. This usually happens in the front court, and is considered a very effective way to force a turnover. If a defender is able to successfully steal the ball from a dribbler, they will usually say “cookies” to indicate their success.

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What is hop Alpha?

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What does Dingus mean in slang

There are a lot of different words that can be used to describe someone who is not very intelligent or who does not make very good decisions. However, one of the most commonly used words in the United States to describe someone like this is “dumb.” While this word is often used in a joking or friendly way, it is also used to describe someone who is actually not very smart.

The Nike Dunk was originally released in 1985 as a basketball shoe. Before its release, however, Nike changed the name to the more punchy “Dunk” in honor of the anniversary of the slam dunk. The first Nike Dunk ad campaign featured the slogan “Be True to Your School” as the sneakers launched in 12 key college colorways — from Georgetown and Syracuse to Iowa and Arizona.

What is the girl version of balls

The female equivalent to blue balls is blue bean. The bean refers to the clitoris. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her clitoris will harden and swell with blood. The vaginal walls and labia will also get pumped with blood.

A ball girl is a female attendant who is responsible for retrieving balls for players or officials during a tennis match, baseball game, or basketball game. Ball girls typically wear brightly-colored shirts and shorts, and they may also wear visors or other headgear to keep the sun out of their eyes.

What is ball sweat called

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating, either throughout the body or in certain areas that typically have a higher concentration of sweat glands. Common areas include the armpits, palms, and groin. If you have hyperhidrosis, the nerves responsible for triggering your sweat glands are overactive.

The dunk is usually the most spectacular shot and is one of the toughest feats in basketball. When a player dunks the ball, they are showing extreme athleticism and power. This shot is often used to put the finishing touches on a victory, as it is very difficult to stop a player from dunking once they have gotten started.

What does 4 mean in basketball

The PF is responsible for a variety of tasks on the court, including rebounding, defense, and scoring in the post. They are typically one of the tallest players on the team and use their size and strength to their advantage. On offense, the PF typically sets up in the low block and looks to score inside the paint. On defense, they use their size to guard the post and protect the rim.

The comment “warriors in 7” is referring to the fact that the Golden State Warriors are down 3-1 in the NBA Finals series against the Toronto Raptors. The person who left the comment believes that the Warriors will be able to win the next three games to tie the series at 3-3, and then go on to win the seventh and final game of the series.

What number is illegal in basketball

The NCAA’s longstanding Rule 1, Section 22, Article 7, Clause b 2 prohibits college basketball players from wearing any of the numerals 6, 7, 8 or 9. This little-known statute has resulted in the lack of these numbers on a college basketball court.

A player is assessed a three second violation when they spend more than three seconds in the free throw lane. This is also known as the key, the 16-foot lane, or “the paint”. The player must be actively guarding an opponent in order to avoid this assessment.

What is the 3 foul rule

According to the rules of the game, if a shooter commits a foul three times in a row without making an intervening legal shot, the result is a loss of game. The three consecutive fouls must occur in the same game in order for the rule to be applied.

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What is TDS in basketball

A “triple double” in basketball is when a player achieves 10 or more points, 10 or more rebounds, and 10 or more assists in a single game. It’s considered a very rare feat and is a testament to a player’s all-around skills. In Swedish, this is abbreviated as “trippel-dobbel” and is borrowed from the English term.

A 211 is a robbery, which means that someone has had the ball stolen from them. This usually happens to guys like Chris Paul and Lebron James, who are known for their ability to steal the ball. If you don’t want to get your ball stolen, you should avoid playing against these guys.

What does streaked mean in basketball

It can be said that a team or individual has a winning streak if they win a number of games or competitions in a row. This can be applied to sports teams or individuals who represent groups such as countries or regions. If the representatives of a group win a number of games or competitions in a row, the group can be said to have a winning streak.

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What is double zigzag

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The DMV is home to some of the best basketball talent in the nation, and it shows in the NBA player draft pick per capita. The DMV has produced more NBA draft picks per capita than any other area in the nation since 2005. The well-oiled machine called “DC” basketball sits on a small parcel of land, but it is a big source of NBA talent.


Basketball, like any sport, has its own unique lingo. The following is a list of common basketball slang terms:

Air ball: A shot that misses the rim, backboard, and net completely.

Brick: A shot that hits the front of the rim and then bounces away.

Dime: A perfect pass that leads to a score.

Dug in: When a defender is playing with a lot of energy and intensity.

Foul: A infraction committed by a player which results in a personal foul or shooting foul.

Freethrow: A shot taken from the foul line after a foul is committed.

Get your own rebound: When a player grabs his own miss and scores.

Hustle: To play hard and with a lot of energy.

Kick ball: When the ball goes out of bounds and is awarded to the other team.

make: When a shot is successful.

miss: When a shot is unsuccessful.

Pick and roll: When a offensive player sets a pick for a teammate and then rolls to the basket.

Rebound: To get the ball after a miss.

Ref: The official who enforcing the

Basketball is a fast-paced, intense sport that has its own unique language. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just a casual fan, learning some of the most common basketball slang terms can help you understand the game better and enjoy it even more. Here are just a few of the most popular basketball slang terms and their meanings:

And one – This term is used when a player is fouled while shooting the ball and they make the basket.

Ball hog – This is a player who hog the ball and doesn’t passes it to their teammates.

Bucket – Another term for a basket.

Dime – When a player makes a perfect pass to their teammate that results in a basket, it’s called a dime.

Junk – This is any kind of trash talk or smack talk between players.

Those are just a few of the most popular basketball slang terms. Learning them can help you enjoy the game even more.

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