If you’re wondering where to sell your basketball cards, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to sell your basketball cards online using eBay, COMC, eBid, and Beckett. Using any of these sites will give you the best chance of making the most money. But before you start selling, make sure you understand how these websites work. By using these sites, you’ll be able to make a good profit while selling your basketball cards online.


You can find many sellers selling sports cards on eBay. You can choose to sell them on eBay, eBid, or DA Card World. eBid is rated 4.2 stars on Trustpilot, and is the preferred choice of most collectors. DA Card World, for example, buys sealed cases and boxes of cards. If you’re looking to sell single basketball cards, you can also sell them on eBay. You can also try Bonanza, an auction site that features more than 25,000 sellers. eBay has 25 million active sellers, so you won’t run into too many problems when selling sports cards.

Facebook Marketplace is also a great place to sell your basketball cards for cash. Its popularity makes it easy to find potential buyers, and the Facebook page allows you to list up to 50 items for free. Be aware that you may receive low-ball offers, but you can try to bargain. PSA Card is another great place to sell basketball cards online. It has forums full of enthusiastic members, both newbies and seasoned collectors.

Don’t forget to include a quality title for your listings. Use relevant keywords and avoid jargon. For example, don’t put “PSA 10” on an ungraded card if it’s not a graded one. It’s more likely to get banned than make money. If you can’t find a buyer, you can research similar sales and write a quality title. You’ll be surprised how much better your listings will sell!


COMC is a popular online marketplace that allows collectors to sell and buy sports cards. COMC was started in 2007 by Tim Getsch and has grown rapidly. Its business model relies on consignment from small sellers and offers competitive prices. The website also offers a vibrant community of card lovers. There is a limited selection of basketball cards on COMC, but the prices are competitive and the website is well-known in the industry.

COMC operates similar to an online consignment store in that sellers can list their cards on the site, which is free to use. Once listed, COMC will ship the items to the buyer. COMC does not support complete sets or unopened packs. COMC charges a processing fee ranging between $0.50 and $2, with the latter being worth paying if the cards sell for a high price. Higher-priced cards can be listed on eBay and lower-priced cards are sold on COMC’s online store. You can pay for the transaction using a PayPal account or store credit. COMC also accepts checks and credit cards.

The value of these cards will increase as the players get older and their star power increases. The market for these cards is constantly increasing. In addition, rookie cards and improving players are also selling for higher prices. Vintage cards, on the other hand, have a stable market in COMC. Collectors can be very picky when it comes to vintage cards. If you’re buying vintage cards, you’ll likely get an even higher value if they are in great condition.


If you own an old set of basketball cards, it may be time to consider selling them on eBay. While some pawn shops will buy your old cards, you are less likely to get the best price from them. Instead, you should consider selling them on eBid, which has a high success rate with buyers. With an eBid account, you can choose a price for your card and set it, or you can sell it for a commission. Either way, you’ll have the option of selling it to the highest bidder in your area.

You can also try the Web Store, another online auction site, which is similar to eBay. It also sells sports cards, but it has fewer sellers than eBay. You’ll only pay a small commission if the item doesn’t sell, so you can save money. Bonanza offers more options and has a high success rate, and you can list items free locally on Facebook. In addition, you can sell your basketball cards on Facebook, and there are sports-specific groups on the website.

Selling your sports-cards on eBay is relatively easy. As long as you’re comfortable listing the items and finding buyers, you should have no problem selling on eBid. You can choose between fixed price and auction-style listings. If you’re selling your cards individually, you should remember to have professional grading done. Additionally, you should include high-resolution photographs to ensure that potential buyers won’t get scammed.


If you are interested in selling your Beckett basketball cards, you can do so using a marketplace. You can sign up for an account using your Facebook account or your preferred email address. You must be at least 18 years of age and agree to their terms of service to join. You can also sell items other than basketball cards, such as electronics and clothes, on these marketplaces. In addition to sports cards, you can sell items from other collections such as baseball and football.

There are many different places to sell your Beckett basketball cards, including eBay and PSA Card forums. Mercari and PSA Card forums can increase your exposure and help you find buyers. In addition, you can try posting your cards on Investacard, which is the largest sports card investor marketplace. There are dozens of other ways to get a good price for Beckett cards. If you’re unsure, try posting them on eBay, and check your listing’s price against recent sales.

You can also try Facebook Marketplace, although you might have to compete with other sellers with lower prices. Facebook selling is also risky, as many people offer low prices and you may need to negotiate with the buyers. Another reputable marketplace for Beckett cards is PSA Card. A quick search of the popular website will reveal forums with thousands of members. Joining one of these groups can help you connect with other enthusiasts and sell your Beckett cards.

Dean’s Cards

If you’re a collector of basketball cards, you’ve probably wondered if Dean’s Cards will buy your collection. This online store has top-notch grading standards and five-star customer service. Plus, its comprehensive online catalog offers an easy and convenient way to shop for and sell cards. You can even find out how much your cards are worth before you make a purchase. Read on to learn more about the process and the benefits of selling your cards to Dean’s Cards.

Online auction sites are another way to sell your sports cards. eBay, which has a 4.2 Trustpilot rating, is one of the most popular options, but you will pay a commission when your cards sell. Some other great options include Just Collect, which buys vintage and modern basketball cards, and Webstore, an online auction site. All of these online auction sites are free to join, and many have high-quality ratings.

You can easily mail-in your collection to Dean’s Cards, and the bid software will automatically generate an offer based on the condition and size of your collection. It’s important to note that you can expect a financial return of up to 80 percent of your collection’s value, so you should adjust your expectations accordingly. Dean’s Cards will never accept a card older than 1980. The best way to avoid disappointment when selling your cards is to find a professional buyer.


There are several platforms online where you can sell your basketball cards. The first is SlabStox, a new startup that lets you pre-register for a sale when you are ready to sell. You can also check with Facebook groups for potential buyers, and engage in discussions in sports card communities. You can also look up the name of a person you don’t know to ensure they’re not trying to scam you.

SlabStox is an online marketplace powered by eBay. Once you list your cards with them, they’ll be listed on eBay. You’ll be able to track the investment you’ve made by viewing each card in your portfolio. You can track your purchases at any time, and if they are selling for a higher price, you’ll receive a higher price than if you simply list them on eBay.

Another popular marketplace for selling basketball cards is Facebook. Facebook groups are full of eager collectors. When searching for the right Facebook group, you’ll find hundreds of members who share your passion for collecting cards. Post your cards to the group and talk to other basketball card enthusiasts. You can sell your cards to fellow collectors in the community! This way, you’ll be able to get more exposure for your cards and increase your earning potential.


Selling sports cards on StockX can help you make more money. It works like an auction site. Interested buyers place bids and buy your items. After they authenticate your collection, they send the cards to you and release payment via PayPal, Venmo, ACH bank transfer, or debit card. The resale price of these items will depend on the condition of the card and the resale price of the starting players.

StockX is an online marketplace where you can sell your sports cards. You will be asked to pass a quality assurance process before they will sell your items. The process is similar to that of selling on a stock market. Once your items pass the verification process, they will be sold to the highest bidder at actual market value. This means that if you’re looking to sell your basketball cards, StockX is a great place to try.

You can also sell on COMC and TonyeTrade. But be warned – these sites have long processes that make the process difficult. COMC, for example, pays a fixed price for each card, while eBay requires the buyer to pay the full value for it. You’ll want to do your research before deciding which platform will work best for you. And remember, if your cards are older, they’ll be more valuable to the buyer.

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