If you’ve ever wondered why NBA players go bald, you’re not alone. Many of them were mocked when they first went bald. Although balding is a natural process for men, it is also a personal choice. It is a convenient way to regulate body temperature. In addition, balding can be a fashion statement. Here are five reasons why men go bald – and why you should consider it too.

a bald head helps regulate body temperature

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Five Reasons Why so many NBA players go bald 2

Basketball players run hundreds of times during a 48-minute game. High physical activity causes body temperatures to rise, and the head is the primary source of heat loss. Bald heads help regulate body temperature because sweat does not collect on them. As a result, bald players are less likely to suffer from overheating. Therefore, bald heads may be advantageous for basketball players. They may even have an advantage over non-bald players in terms of body heat regulation.

It’s a convenience

Most basketball players have high levels of testosterone, which can affect their physical appearance and their male reproductive systems. Baldness in athletes is also related to a lack of rest. In basketball, players face tremendous daily pressure and are often forced to play with less rest during the season. Bald players often play with hats. The NBA is obsessed with percentage points and the number of times players score a point is often calculated in percentage points, not by actual score.

Balding NBA players have long had an interesting hairstyle. Some famous examples are Julius Erving, Walt Frazier, Charles Barkley, and Michael Jordan. Some of these players sported afros or bald heads. Some wore a Jheri curl or kept their hair moist. Other players had unusual haircuts like John Lucas’ George Jeffersonlook or Nate Thurmond’s old Afro. Balding fades became common in the late ’80s and early 1990s, but the mid-’90s brought more creativity. Some analysts believe this trend started with the old Afro.

Basketball players have different reasons for shaving their heads. Some want to appear more masculine, some fear that their hair will distract them, and some simply want to get rid of the hassle of maintaining their hair during the off-season. But many do it for convenience, not to look like an idiot. So why do basketball players choose to be bald? We can only guess the answers to these questions.

Another reason to be bald is to play a sport that requires a lot of sweat. NBA players are constantly humming and exerting themselves to be in top shape. Their hair acts as a sweater, keeping body heat in. By shaving their hair, they can prevent their bodies from creating excessive sweat. Besides, it’s easier to manage this look and cut their hair themselves.

It’s a topic of mockery

The hairline is a frequent topic of mockery for players in the NBA. LeBron James was at his peak when his hairline became a source of mockery. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were not reinventing the game. But LeBron, the best player in the league during his peak, was a subject of ridicule for his receding hairline.

There are different theories about why some NBA players choose to go bald. Some wear their hair in a ponytail, while others shave off all of it. Usually, NBA players wear headbands to keep their hair out of their faces while playing the game. Bald can also mean barren or unoccupied. Whatever the reason, it’s no wonder that many basketball players are mocked for their bald heads.

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