How much do European basketball players make? The answer varies depending on the league you play in. If you are playing in the Euroleague, you will most likely be earning more than $3 million a year. If you are in the Liga ACB, you can expect to earn close to $3.5 million. If you are playing in the Liga BB, you will most likely be making even more. Likewise, if you are playing in the Liga ASVEL, you will likely be earning well over $40 million USD per season.


How much do European basketball players make? The Euroleague, the top basketball competition on the continent, is not a standard league that pays its players a standard salary. In order to find out the average salary for a team member, the Europrobasket staff surveyed the Euroleague’s top teams to determine what their star players make in their own countries. While the salaries of the stars of the Euroleague may differ from their counterparts in the NBA, they are still significantly higher than the NBA or G league.

The most expensive player in the Euroleague is Nikola Mirotic, who is the highest-paid player in the league. His salary is estimated at $4 million USD, but it is not clear what his contract is worth. His contract, however, is still a riddle, and he is only in his third season. Mirotic is still paying out millions in other areas, and the club he plays for is heavily in debt, with more than a billion euros.

The average salary for European basketball players varies depending on the league, but it ranges from about $400K to more than $800K per year. Top players in the EuroLeague can earn between US$2 Million and $5 million dollars a year. However, players in lower budget leagues, like the ACB, make less. The average salary of a player in Spain’s second division, MAX players, and LDLC ASVEL is less than $50K a season.

Another European basketball league is the Turkish Basketball Super League, which is considered a Euroleague rivalry. Teams in the BSL can sign up to eight foreign players, including six for each game. The average salary for non-Turkish players is about $250k to $500k per season, and can even top $1 million per season. In fact, the highest paid player in the Turkish league is Shane Larkin, a former 18th round pick of the NBA who now earns $2.6 million tax free.

While the NBA is the pinnacle of professional basketball, many countries also have their own pro leagues. This means that players can earn a significant amount of money playing overseas. The average salary for an overseas contract is around $50,000 per year. Some countries, such as Ireland, even offer players room and board and part-time jobs to make ends meet. And for an elite player, it can reach $4 million per season. So, what exactly are these overseas players making?

Liga ACB

The salaries of basketball players in the Liga ACB are based on the results of professional teams in Europe, excluding qualification rounds. The average salary is in the region of $250,000 to $500,000 USD, with several players earning up to $1 million per year. Some of the highest-paid players in the Liga ACB include Sylvia Fowles, Walter Tavares, and Rudy Fernandez. In the NBA, players make upwards of $5 million per season, but in the Liga ACB, salaries are more modest.

In Europe, the highest paid players are Russians, such as Vasilije Micic, Alexey Shved, and Nikola Milutinov. The contracts of these three men, who all won the EuroLeague, are riddles, but the final amount of their salary is believed to be at least $4.5 million per season. Mirotic has an annual salary of over $3 million USD, while the budget of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is over $40 million USD.

The Liga ACB is a Spanish top-flight competition. Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are the most popular teams, and the league is considered to be one of the most competitive domestic leagues in Europe. Some European basketball stars earn millions of dollars each year, earning millions of euros a season. These athletes play for a team that pays them well. However, the players themselves are not the biggest beneficiaries of these salaries.

The average salary of a basketball player in the EuroLeague is around US$84k a season. The highest-paid stars earn $4-5 million per season. However, the lowest-paid players, the MAX, usually earn less than $50k per season. These players are paid by the teams themselves, not by the players themselves. There are 18 teams in the league, including Barcelona and Kirolbet Baskonia.

The highest-paid players in the Liga ACB are Shane Larkin, Vailaje Micic, Nikola Milutinov, and Jan Vesely. However, players can also earn as much as $3.7 million USD. Their salaries vary depending on their position. While the salary of a basketball player in the Liga ACB is not as high as the NBA, it is still higher than that of their NBA counterparts.

Liga BB

How much do European basketball players earn? The salaries of the top players in the league vary greatly, but are generally on the high side of the European average. The Euroleague, which is the top tier of European basketball competition, allows teams to sign up seven or more non-Italian players per team. The Euroleague’s salaries are subject to Covid-19 regulations, which prevent leagues from releasing player salary information.

The EuroLeague is a professional club league that begins in October and ends in May. The top teams in the EuroLeague compete in prestigious tournaments. These teams are among the highest-paid in Europe, with players earning more than $2 million a season. In fact, many ACB teams boast NBA players. Their salaries are higher than the lowest-paid players in the NBA. How much do European basketball players make in Liga BB?

A non-star player can earn between $65,000 and $100,000 a year in the EuroLeague. The salaries in the EuroLeague are usually tax-free, and many teams provide their players with their own apartments and cars. While the EuroLeague is one of the richest places in the world for basketball players, the salaries in Europe aren’t as high as in Asia. Nevertheless, the salaries are much higher in Asia.

As for salaries in the EuroLeague, the highest-paid player in the EuroLeague is Nikola Mirotic of FC Barcelona, who earns an estimated US$5.4 million per season. In contrast, Shane Larkin of the Los Angeles Lakers makes a modest $3.5 million a season. Top European clubs pay taxes on their salaries, so the average salary for players is around $2 million to $5 million a season. However, there are some superstars in the EuroLeague, and they are not always the highest paid.


The salary of a basketball player in Europe varies considerably depending on the league. The top European leagues pay their players more than double what the NBA does. But that doesn’t mean that all players earn the same amount. The following table highlights the average salaries for players from different European countries. In addition, each country’s tax system may also affect the player’s salary. To help you make your own comparison, Europrobasket staff has compiled a salary table for the top European basketball leagues. The salary ranges are divided into two categories: average salaries for players who have spent years playing in the league and maximum salaries for those who have just gotten into the league.

The LNB Pro A was established in 1921 and has 18 teams, including the champion ASVEL. Overseas basketball players can earn $80k to $200k a season. Sergio Rodriguez, an American player from the NBA, pocketed over $200k during the 2019-20 season. Other NBA players have come out of the LNB Pro A and have achieved huge success in the NBA.

The ABA is one of the highest-level European leagues. Teams from this league typically have a higher budget and spend more on salaries than those in other leagues. The highest-paid players in the league are Nikola Milutinov and Mike James, both of CSKA Moscow. Other teams in the league include Bayer Giants Leverkusen, Alba Berlin, and Brose Bamberg.

Lighty, who won the EuroLeague MVP award at Ohio State in 2006-11, recently signed a two-year contract extension with ASVEL Basket in the French Pro A League. The Ohio State standout has been playing for ASVEL continuously since 2017, and he is set to remain there until 2024. The club is owned by four-time NBA champion Tony Parker, and the new deal secures his position at the club.

The top five highest-paid players in the EuroLeague make between $4.4 million and $5 million USD. However, a player with superstar status in a EuroLeague can earn up to $2 million USD. Some of these players are even worth millions of dollars. Despite their humble beginnings, most European basketball players make millions of dollars. But in the future, their salaries could skyrocket.

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