Klay Thompson is an NBA superstar and one of the most successful players in basketball history. His remarkable shooting accuracy has earned him a place among the league’s elite, but how tall is Klay Thompson? According to the NBA, he stands 6 feet 7 inches tall—an impressive height that gives him a significant advantage over his opponents. This size also allows him to guard multiple positions on the court, making him one of the most versatile players in the league. But what else makes Klay Thompson such a valuable player? Let’s take a closer look at his height and how it has helped shape his career in the NBA.

At 6 feet 7 inches tall, Klay Thompson is taller than almost all of his opponents on the court. He can use this size to get open shots over defenders and be more physical against them when driving to the basket. His height also allows him to play both shooting guard and small forward positions with ease, giving his team an edge on both offense and defense. On top of that, Klay is known for having some of the best shooting accuracy in NBA history; he holds multiple records for three-point field goals made in a single season and game—a feat only achievable by someone with great understanding of their body mechanics.

Klay Thompson has used his impressive size and skill set to become one of the best players in basketball today. He is a four-time All-Star selection and was part of two championship teams with Golden State Warriors (2015 & 2017). And while we may marvel at how tall Klay Thompson is, it’s clear that there are many other factors contributing to why he has achieved so much success during his career as an NBA player. In order to gain further insight into what makes Klay so great, let’s explore how his height helps him dominate on the court.

Klay Thompson’s Height

Klay Thompson towers above the court. Standing at a whopping 6’7”, he is an intimidating presence on the court and an inspiration to aspiring basketball players everywhere. His height gives him an edge over his opponents, and his skill set allows him to dominate the game like few others can.

His height provides him with a unique advantage on the court; Klay Thompson can easily shoot over defenders, making it difficult for them to block or steal the ball from him. On top of this, Klay’s long arms give him exceptional reach which allows him to snag rebounds and make steals from opposing teams. He has been known to surprise even veteran players with his agility and athleticism thanks to his towering frame and lengthy limbs.

Klay Thompson’s impressive height has helped propel him into one of the most successful basketball players in recent history. He has achieved great success in both college and professional basketball, including winning multiple championships with the Golden State Warriors. His powerful frame combined with his unmatched skill have made Klay Thompson a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Klay Thompson’s success on the court is only part of his story — next we’ll take a look at his early life and how it shaped him into who he is today.

Early Life

Klay Thompson was born in California on February 8, 1990. He was raised in a household of athletes, with his father and older brother playing basketball professionally. His mother also competed in track and field during her college years.

Klay attended Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California where he played basketball for three seasons. During that time he earned numerous accolades, including being named Division II Player of the Year by Cal-Hi Sports as a junior. He then went on to play for Washington State University in college, where he became an All-American and Pac-12 Player of the Year.

Throughout Klay’s early life, it was clear he had the potential to be a great basketball player. His natural talent combined with his hard work and dedication to the sport have led him to become one of the most successful players in NBA history. Now, Klay Thompson is one of the tallest players in the NBA at 6 feet 7 inches tall. With this height, he is able to use his long arms and strong frame to create shots or grab rebounds over taller opponents.

Klay’s high school career laid the foundation for his eventual success on the court at both the collegiate and professional level. It was during this formative period that he developed his skillset and began to hone them into what they are today – a key component of any championship team’s success.

Klay’s High School Career

Klay Thompson’s high school career was the launching pad of his basketball legend. It was here that he first began to soar, exhibiting his remarkable shooting ability and leadership skills. Like an eagle taking flight, his talent quickly spread like wildfire across the state of California, leaving everyone in awe of what was yet to come.

During his time at Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Klay led the team to win three consecutive championships and earned himself a place among some of the greatest prep players in the nation. He averaged 21 points per game while being named Division III State Player of the Year and Orange Country Player of the Year. His success didn’t go unnoticed as he gained national recognition with several awards and honors.

Achieving greatness in high school is no easy feat but Klay Thompson had what it takes to rise above the competition. His incredible work ethic combined with natural talent pushed him to become one of the most sought-after college recruits in the country. As we move onto Klay’s college years, it is clear that this talented player had already made history before even reaching adulthood.

College Years

Klay Thompson’s college years were marked by great success. He attended both Washington State University and the University of California, Berkeley. During his time at both universities, he was a standout player on the court. He was named to All-Pac-10 first team twice and even won Pac-10 Player of the Year honors in 2011.

Thompson also received several awards for his academic excellence. He was awarded Pac-10 All-Academic honors three times and was a two-time recipient of the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Award. His incredible achievements earned him an invitation to participate in the 2011 NBA Draft Combine, where he stood out from the competition with his athleticism and shooting ability.

Due to his impressive performance during college and the draft combine, Thompson was selected 11th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors, launching him into a successful professional career.

Nba Draft

Klay Thompson was poised to take the next step in his basketball career—the NBA draft. He had achieved great success during his college days and was ready to make a name for himself in the professional league. After months of preparation and waiting, Klay was finally drafted 11th overall by the Golden State Warriors: • Selected 11th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft • Joined an all-star team featuring Stephen Curry and Draymond Green • Helped lead the Warriors dynasty to three titles • Became a five-time All-Star and two-time champion Thompson’s first season with the Warriors went well and he secured a spot as one of their key players. His style of play combined with his skill set made him an invaluable asset, both on offense and defense. After eight successful years with the team, Klay is now considered one of the top shooting guards in the league. He’s been an integral part of their recent title runs and has established himself as one of the best two-way players in basketball. As Klay’s career continues to evolve, it’s clear that he will remain a major fixture in Golden State for years to come. As we look ahead to Klay’s future, it’s time to move on from his NBA draft and take a closer look at his measurements.


Klay Thompson’s measurements have been an important part of his career since the beginning. He stands at a solid 6ft 7in, making him one of the taller guards in the NBA. His wingspan is even more impressive, measuring out to be 6ft 8.5in long. This gives him an advantage on both sides of the court, as he has the reach to guard most positions effectively and attack the basket with ease.

It’s no surprise that Klay was drafted 11th overall by the Golden State Warriors in 2011. His size and athleticism allowed him to make an immediate impact on defense and become a lock-down defender in his rookie season. It also allowed him to develop into one of the best three-point shooters in the league, setting multiple records for most threes made in a single season throughout his career.

Klay has continued to use his size and skillset to be one of the most consistent players in the league over his decade-long career with Golden State. He’s earned four All-Star selections, won three championships, and holds multiple records for both individual and team achievements within the NBA. As we look at Klay’s early years in the NBA, it’s clear that his measurements have played a big role in making him into one of basketball’s greatest players ever.

Klay’s Early Years In The Nba

Coincidentally, I’m also 6’7″ like Klay Thompson. It’s funny how two people can be the same height and yet have completely different stories and paths in life. Klay’s early years in the NBA had an interesting start, as he was drafted 11th overall by the Golden State Warriors in 2011.

Klay was a key contributor for the Warriors during his rookie season, averaging 12.5 points per game, which earned him a spot on the All-Rookie first team. He continued to improve throughout his career and even enjoyed a breakout performance during Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals when he scored 41 points and led his team to victory against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The success that Klay achieved so early on in his career is remarkable, especially considering he was often at a height disadvantage compared to many of his opponents. This just goes to show that size isn’t everything when it comes to basketball success, something Klay has proven time and time again throughout his NBA career. With this in mind, let’s look at how Klay’s height has impacted his game over the years.

His Height’s Impact On His Game

Klay Thompson has an impressive height advantage on the court. At 6’7″, he towers over most of his opponents. This allows him to use his size and reach to create mismatches when he takes the ball to the basket or defends opponents on the perimeter.

The impact of this height is evident in every game that Klay participates in; it gives him a distinct edge on both offense and defense. On offense, his long arms can stretch the floor and give him extra space to drive or shoot from outside. On defense, he can contest shots easily with his length and use his body to box out opponents for rebounds.

Klay’s height also helps him make plays that other players simply cannot make. His ability to get up high for blocks is unparalleled and his jump shot looks effortless due to its release point being almost a foot higher than some of his peers’. Additionally, Klay’s superior leaping abilities allow him to grab offensive boards over defenders with ease.

This combination of size, length, and athleticism makes Klay Thompson one of the most dangerous players in basketball. His ability to create mismatches, defend taller players, and make plays that others cannot makes him invaluable on any team he plays for. With weight and strength training, Klay will be even more dynamic as a player moving forward.

Weight And Strength Training

Klay Thompson’s strength and weight training have played a major role in his success. He has worked hard to stay in top physical shape throughout his career, allowing him to remain competitive at the highest levels of basketball. Thompson has also utilized strength training to help him stay healthy and avoid injuries, which is important for any athlete.

Thompson’s approach to weight and strength training emphasizes functional movement exercises, such as squats and deadlifts. He also works on building core stability and balance, helping him to move better on the court. In addition, he spends time stretching and doing yoga to ensure his muscles are loose before games.

Thompson puts a lot of effort into his training program and it shows in how he performs on the court. His abilities as an explosive athlete have been greatly enhanced by his commitment to staying physically fit all year round. His dedication allows him to continue playing at a high level despite being one of the oldest players in the league. With that said, it is clear that Thompson’s weight and strength training regimen have been instrumental in helping him achieve success in the NBA. Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how this part of his game evolves over time and what impact it has on his place within the league.

His Place In The Nba

It is commonly accepted that Klay Thompson is one of the greatest players in the NBA. But what makes him stand out among his peers? Is it his height? In this section, we explore the truth of that theory and examine how Klay Thompson’s place in the NBA is determined by his size.

Klay Thompson stands at 6 ft 7 inches tall, making him one of the taller guards in the league. He has been able to use his height to become a defensive and rebounding force on the court, as well as a lethal shooter from downtown. He has been consistently ranked as one of the top-scoring guards in the NBA and has even earned multiple All-Star selections for his efforts.

The impact of Klay Thompson’s size does not stop there, however. His tall frame gives him an advantage when it comes to shooting over smaller defenders, which helps him get open shots more often than other players with less reach. Additionally, having a larger body allows him to have a longer reach when it comes to blocking shots, giving him another edge over shorter players.

Klay Thompson’s size and skill set have cemented his place among basketball’s elite and make him one of the most feared players in the league today. As we move on to ask whether he is taller than other star players or not, it is clear that Klay Thompson’s size plays an important role in determining his success on the court.

Is Klay Thompson Taller Than Other Star Players?

Klay Thompson stands tall amongst his peers. His towering frame is an imposing figure that sets him apart from the rest of the NBA stars. He towers above them, a true giant among men, standing at 6’7” and creating an undeniable presence on the court.

His height has been both a blessing and a curse for Klay. On one hand, he has been able to use his size as an advantage in many ways; on the other, he may have been overlooked due to others being taller than him. Either way, it’s clear that Klay Thompson is not short by any stretch of the imagination!

But does this mean he’s taller than the other stars? It certainly seems so – when compared to players like Stephen Curry (6’3”) and LeBron James (6’8”), Klay’s stature gives him a distinct edge when it comes to playing in the NBA. With such an impressive height and skill set, it’s no wonder why he is one of the most dominant players in today’s game.

Comparison To Other Nba Players

It’s no surprise that Klay Thompson is an NBA star. But how does his height stack up to the rest of the league? It’s a valid question, and one we’ll answer in this section.

At 6’7″, Klay Thompson is certainly tall enough to make it as a professional basketball player – but does his height give him an advantage over other stars? It turns out, yes, it does. Compared to other top players in the NBA, Thompson stands at least two inches taller than the likes of Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook. This means he can better use his length and athleticism on defense while still being able to shoot over defenders when needed.

In addition to having an advantage in terms of height, Thompson also has great speed and agility for a player his size. This gives him the ability to get up and down the court quickly and make plays on both ends of the court. He’s also known for having great shooting range, making him one of the most lethal scorers in today’s game. With these tools at his disposal, it’s no wonder Klay Thompson has been able to become one of the best players in the NBA.

With all these advantages combined, Klay Thompson is sure to continue dominating on both sides of the court for years to come. In our next section, let’s take a closer look at what makes him such a special player off-court: his lifestyle.

Klay’s Lifestyle

Klay Thompson is certainly a tall individual at 6’7”, but his lifestyle also plays a big part in keeping him fit and healthy. As a professional basketball player, Klay’s diet and exercise routine are of utmost importance to keep him performing at the top level. He has been known to work out twice a day: once in the morning with weights and again in the evening with cardio, plus he watches what he eats and tries to keep up with healthy habits.

In addition to his physical training, Klay also focuses on his mental well-being by staying active on social media and immersing himself in activities he loves, such as playing video games or golfing. With all of this combined, it’s no wonder why Klay is able to remain consistently tall throughout the years.

Klay’s impressive height is a testament to his dedication to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle – one that includes both physical and mental health. Despite being 6’7″, Klay shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, as he continues to stay active on the court and off of it. This speaks volumes about how important it is for athletes like Klay to take their health seriously if they want to reach their full potential. With that said, let’s move onto exploring the future of Klay’s height.

The Future Of Klay’s Height

It’s ironic that we’re asking “how tall is Klay Thompson,” because it seems like he’s been towering over the competition since the moment he stepped onto the court. However, even though this two-time NBA champion and five-time All-Star stands at an impressive 6’7″, his height isn’t what defines him as a player.

What truly sets Klay apart from the rest of the league is his dedication to perfecting his craft. He regularly works on his shooting technique, accuracy and precision in order to be the best shooter he can be, regardless of how tall he may or may not be. In fact, many experts believe that Klay has already reached his peak height and that any further growth isn’t likely.

So rather than focus on what will never change with Klay’s physical attributes, fans should instead look forward to seeing how he continues to push himself as a player year after year. His commitment to improvement is what makes him such an electrifying part of the Warriors lineup – and it’s something that will continue to shine long after any questions about his height have faded away.

Why Height Matters In The Nba

Height is an important factor in the NBA and can be a deciding factor between which players make it to the top. Klay Thompson, one of the best shooting guards in the league, stands tall at 6’7″. This makes him one of the taller players on the court, giving him an advantage when defending against smaller opponents.

However, height doesn’t always guarantee success. Many players are able to excel despite their height limitations because of their skills and abilities. Thompson’s shooting ability and defensive prowess have helped him become a star player in spite of his average height for a guard.

Thompson’s success has proven that although height can be beneficial on the court, it does not necessarily define a player’s potential or skill set. His story should serve as motivation for all aspiring basketball players who may be overlooked due to their physical attributes. With hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve greatness regardless of size or stature.


The topic of Klay Thompson’s height has been discussed for years. His height is an important factor in his success, as it grants him the ability to play multiple positions and stay competitive in the NBA. He stands tall at 6 feet 7 inches, which is a few inches taller than the average NBA player.

Klay’s height has been a blessing and a curse throughout his career. It has allowed him to become one of the most versatile players in the league, but it also limits his ability to guard some of the bigger players. Despite this, he has continued to strive for greatness and make an impact on both ends of the court.

At the end of the day, Klay Thompson’s height is just one part of what makes him so successful. His hard work and dedication have allowed him to reach heights that many can only dream about. His passion for basketball will continue to propel him forward for years to come, ensuring that his name is remembered as one of the greatest players of all time.

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