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Player Efficiency Rating, or PER, is a statistical metric that measures how efficient a player is per minute. Players who score more points per possession are more efficient. In the NBA, Kobe and Lebron have similar PERs, but Lebron’s is higher than Kobe’s. While the stat is not perfect, it does give an indication of which player is better.

Both players have PERs in the top 20. Kobe won the MVP award in 2007-2008, but Lebron had a better season the previous year. In that year, Kobe averaged 35.4 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, while Lebron averaged 26.7 points per game. While Kobe scored more points, he also had a better team and finished fourth in playoff points. Although Kobe won the MVP award in 2007, his career PER was only 26.4, falling far short of LeBron’s 31.6.

Although LeBron has more awards and accolades, Kobe had more MVPs. While Kobe won four championships and four scoring titles, he was selected to more All-Star teams than LeBron. Kobe also had more All-Defense team appearances than LeBron, and was a member of more All-NBA teams.

Both players have won the NBA championship in their respective seasons. However, LeBron has won the championship the second time around and brought the Miami Heat back from a 27-point deficit. LeBron is 6’8″ and 250 pounds of pure muscle and is equally adept at playing every position on the court. LeBron is a great defender, too.

Kobe was an excellent on-ball defender and a reliable defender, whereas LeBron was a good help defense player. LeBron also is great at chasing down blocks. His defender’s ability to “help” the offense has made him one of the most valuable players in the NBA. Kobe won more championships, but LeBron is not done. Their next title will count if there is a lockout season.

Field goal percentage

While the field goal percentage for Kobe and Lebron are almost identical, one thing separates the two players: their 3-point shooting ability. Kobe shot at nearly 50 percent of three-point attempts, while Lebron drained nearly half of his attempts. While Kobe is a superior shooter, he can still improve on his free throw percentage. Kobe finished his career with 33,643 points, while Lebron is already ahead of him in total points.

While Kobe’s shooting ability is undeniable, Lebron James has a unique skill set that allows him to shut down the star of his opponent. In the late stages of his career, Lebron James has a better FG percentage than Kobe.

The Lakers are ranked in the 99th percentile when LeBron James is playing for them. This is because James has a tendency to block shots and does not allow others to have open looks. Lebron also has a better offensive game and is a better passer.

Kobe has an edge in one-on-one defense, while LeBron excelled in support defense. Kobe has been much better at covering top scorers, while LeBron is better at covering his own weaknesses. However, while Kobe had better overall defense and was more effective on one-on-one defense, he was also a better passer and was able to create more opportunities for others than he did for himself.

Although Kobe has the superior scorer, LeBron’s three-point shooting skills can’t be overlooked. James has made over half of his three-point attempts while Kobe has missed one-third of his attempts in his career.


Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are two of the best players in the history of the NBA. While both have incredible skills and can obliterate opponents, the two players have very different mindsets. Kobe, who is considered the best player in NBA history, has proven time again that he is a dominant force when the pressure is on. His ability to close out a playoff game without the services of Shaquille O’Neal when he was just 20 years old is a testament to his ability to perform under pressure.

In Game 4, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers in an emotional game. It was Kobe Bryant Day for the Lakers, and the team put on their best performance in the bubble to date. At one point, the Lakers held a symbolic 24-point lead over Portland at the end of the first quarter.

Although Kobe Bryant had a reputation as a difficult teammate and a burnout, he also understood that lifting his teammates was part of being a great leader. This attitude enabled him to make LeBron James perform to his full potential. In fact, Kobe Bryant wrote a book, The Mamba Mentality: How I Play, which discusses the mentality of an NBA player.

Kobe Bryant is known as a tough-love player, whereas LeBron is a best-bud type. While Kobe has been known to be strict, LeBron’s style of leadership has been praised by players in the NBA. His leadership style inspires everyone around him, which in turn leads to consistent success on the court.


Kobe and LeBron are two of the best players in the world, but their playing styles are very different. LeBron is more of a freak of nature, while Kobe has more polish and is a gym rat. Despite the differences, both players share some similar traits. LeBron is more of a team player, and Kobe can make a team feel better and win more games.

Kobe’s game has more fluidity. The way he glides from one move to the next is amazing to watch. He seems to dance with the ball on his way to the rim or the net. In addition, his fundamentals are superior. This makes it easier to watch him than LeBron, and it is also possible to replicate his aesthetic appeal.

Both players are great players, but Kobe has the edge in the clutch department. LeBron has the more versatile game, but Kobe was a better defender. Kobe was more of a force on offense, was a better finisher, and had perfected his instincts with the triangle offense.

Kobe prefers midrange shots while LeBron favors the driving to the basket. Going to the basket is the most efficient shot and is the most common in basketball, while shooting 3s is the second most efficient. However, midrange jumpers are the easiest to make and are almost always a win for the defense. However, Kobe’s percentage on midrange jumpers was only 44 percent this season. While this is an important stat, midrange shots are also not conducive to free throws or offensive rebounds.


Kobe Bryant won two rings without the help of Shaq O’Neil. The two players were a great duo and won three straight NBA championships over eight years. They also won the MVP award in the NBA Finals. However, it was hard for them to play together because Kobe was too big for his teammates to handle. He was in need of a win to prove himself.

Kobe had some great luck during his championship years, a triangle offense, and the best big man in the history of the game. But the argument that rings equal individual greatness is absurd. In addition, Kobe was unable to lead the Lakers back to the playoffs after Shaq and Phil left. In the end, the difference is largely a matter of opinion.

Besides their dominance in the NBA, the two players are also good at what they do. Both are excellent at defending the opposing team. LeBron is a tenacious defender and can play any position on the court. He has the ability to get the ball into the hoop and shoot from the outside.

Although Lebron James’ scoring average and assist tally were higher than Kobe’s, Kobe was better in every other aspect of the game. He made his teammates better. While Kobe was a great scorer, he missed a lot. Lebron was more efficient with his shots.

Although Kobe’s numbers are better, Lebron’s numbers remain impressive. The NBA’s advanced metrics like FG% and 3PT% and assist metrics have proven that Lebron is a superior playmaker. The best player in the league is the one who’s better at everything.

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