Men’s ncaa basketball commentator Bill Raftery made the term “onions” famous. The term is referring to a performer who leaves an impression on the audience, such as Gerry McNamara’s game-winning shots. The term “onion” is a synonym for outstanding. Here are some examples of memorable shots:

Bill Raftery’s catchphrase “With a kiss”

ESPN analyst Bill Raftery has registered his catchphrases for trademark purposes. He filed for trademarks on “Onions” and “With a kiss.” He has spoken about a possible sponsorship deal with Hershey’s. “With a kiss” means “shot off the backboard.”

In his native New Jersey, Raftery is the son of Irish immigrants. He earned a B.A. in history from La Salle University and an M.A.E. in education from Seton Hall University. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from La Salle in 2001. In addition to being an NBA player, Raftery has been a documentary film producer. His films have featured basketball and football themes. His 2016 documentary “With a kiss” centered on his father’s life. Other films he has directed include “Angels in Exile,” “Phonograph Conversations,” and “Long Shot: Kevin Laue Story.” In addition, he is currently working on a biopic on Kaiser University basketball coach Rollie Massimino.

While the catchphrases have been used by Raftery for decades, he isn’t forced to use them. He doesn’t plan to use them. He just happens to have the right moment. That’s why it’s a classic catchphrase. In addition to “With a kiss,” he has trademarked the phrase “Onions!”

Aside from being a good sport, Raftery is also an excellent sports broadcaster. He has a way of mixing in with the crowd, making himself a star on the air. He’s also an expert on basketball and played for La Salle University under Donald Moore. His son produced a documentary about his father’s life, which he narrated himself. Raftery earned his B.A. in psychology, but his passion was basketball.

Raftery is an American sportscaster. He is the first broadcaster to call a Final Four for CBS and TBS. He’s a former college basketball coach and was named New Jersey Sports Writers Association Coach of the Year in 1979. He has been a sportscaster for 25 years. Despite his success, Bill is a humble person with modest ambitions. In his career, Raftery has helped to make basketball more accessible.

Red onions kill human cancer cells

Scientists have discovered that red onions are powerful cancer fighters. These vegetables are high in the pigment anthocyanin, which provides their color. The most potent cancer fighting power was found in red onions. In the future, researchers will begin testing these vegetables on humans. Meanwhile, you can substitute white onions for red ones. Here are a few of the health benefits of red onions. All onions have cancer-fighting properties.

In a study conducted in Ontario, Canada, researchers found that the Ruby Ring variety was the most effective at destroying cancer cells. The red onion’s anthocyanin content has also been linked to improved heart health and diabetes. Moreover, the onions were shown to fight breast and colon cancer cells. So, if you’re a basketball player, don’t overlook these powerful vegetables. You’ll be glad you did!

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have shown that the phytochemical quercetin in onions inhibits the growth of Helicobacter pylori. They also showed that onions protect against gastric ulcers. Another study found that onions contain inulin, a probiotic fiber that selectively increases the proportion of good bacteria in the colon. The good bacteria improve absorption of important minerals.

Among the many health benefits of red onions, the most important is that they are high in vitamin C. It helps regulate immune health, collagen production, tissue repair, and iron absorption. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant and protects the body from free radicals. Red onions also contain vitamins B and C, which are important for metabolism and the production of red blood cells and nerves. Onions also contain potassium, a mineral that many people are deficient in. In fact, the average American gets only a little more than four thousand milligrams of potassium per day.

Size of onion bulb

One question most gardeners ask is, “What is the size of an onion bulb in basketball?” The answer is much simpler than it sounds. Onion bulbs grow large. To be considered big, they need big, healthy tops before they begin the long days of summer. Planting them too late will result in puny, thin bulbs at harvest time. In this case, onion growers recommend buying’sets,’ tiny onions that will eventually grow into big bulbs.

Onions grow best in full sun. They grow best when exposed to full sunlight and should be planted at least three inches apart. They need a good drainage and soil that is not too compacted. Sowing onions in late February or early April from seed is ideal because you can work the soil without damaging the bulb. Approximately two weeks after planting, green shoots will appear. A 10-ten-10 fertilizer will be needed every three weeks until the bulb hardens off.

Onions grow two years before they bloom. The ‘Yellow Sweet Spanish’ is a large, round, yellow-white variety that can be harvested in May and June. It is best to avoid cultivating onions with flower stalks, as they will not store well and will be prone to decay. A good soil has the right moisture level, but should have good drainage to keep the bulbs healthy. The length of time between planting and harvesting depends on your climate.

When planting your onions, make sure not to plant them too deep. The plant needs to push up out of the soil as they begin the bulbing process. You can also mulch the plant with straw to prevent weeds and protect them from sunscald. Remember to water the plants regularly and keep the soil moist during the growing season. Also, make sure to pinch off the seedpods to avoid big bulbs. A good way to prevent this is to intercrop your onions with other plants. This will also help to keep away thrips.

Meaning of “With a kiss”

What is the meaning of “With a kiss” in basketball? The phrase comes from the famous basketball announcer Bill Raftery. It refers to a made basket that lightly hits the backboard. Bill Raftery was a La Salle basketball letterwinner and earned his M.A.E. in education from Seton Hall University in 1966. He is the third winningest coach in FDU-Florham men’s basketball history. Raftery is currently the lead basketball analyst on Fox Sports 1.

Bill Raftery has a unique vocabulary. During March Madness, he pays homage to an onion every time someone makes a clutch shot. Raftery’s broadcast partner Ian Eagle explains the origin of this catchphrase. During his radio broadcasts, “Onion” is a common slang term. The catchphrase has a special meaning for Bill Raftery.

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