A pick and roll in basketball is typically a running play. The ball handler sets a screen for a big man and dives to the basket when off the screen. The pick and roll’s next move depends on how the defense reacts. Some examples of successful pick and rolls are John Wall and Marcin Gortat. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to check out the different variations.


The pick and roll is a powerful play in basketball that requires active players off the ball to create space for a screener. The screener can either shoot an open shot or attack the rim 4-on-3. Pick and rolls are extremely difficult to defend because three defenders rotate to the ball and don’t allow an easy layup in the paint. In this play, the ball-handler must be able to read the defense and make good decisions to create a scoring opportunity.

The pick and roll involves three players – one on offense, one defending the other, and a wing player who is in the paint. The pick and roll is a fast-paced offense characterized by two-player sets. One player serves as a screen while the other is a pick. The screen is set by the player without the ball, who dribbles off the screen and rolls to the rim to catch the ball. Once the ball reaches the rim, the picker can finish inside.

A pick and roll involves a lot of contact, and the amount increases as the players get closer to the basket. It also creates multiple opportunities for movement for the offensive player. He can attack the rim, move toward the basket, or rotate outside to take a shot. The offensive player can also pass away from the action. Depending on the situation, the pick and roll can be very effective. When used correctly, it can create great scoring opportunities.

Unlike other play types, pick and roll is a team game. The offense and defense work together to limit the opponent’s score. Various offensive plays allow teams to gain an advantage over their defense. The pick and roll is particularly effective in modern basketball. A pick and roll will often feature a guard on the ball who is on the other side of the screen. Often, the pick and roll will involve two or three off-ball players outside of the three-point line.


The pick and roll is a basic offensive play. The ball-handling player brings up the basketball above the top of the key, stopping in front of the basket and forming a screen. The screen-setting player will then approach the defender and angle back towards the basket. The second player will then approach the primary on-ball defender and attempt to block the pass. A pick is the easiest version of the pick and roll, and involves two players.

The pick-and-roll is commonly used by a guard who has the ball, and another player who is a defender’s favorite. The pick-and-roll can be executed either way, and can be effective when executed properly. The key to making a pick-and-roll work is to have good communication between the offensive players. A team should be aware of the different types of offense and match up well against the other team’s players.

The pick-and-roll is usually performed by a player whose position is near the sideline. The sideline, elbow, and mid-court line are considered dead zones. Players can attack from there if there is space, but this is often difficult to achieve. The full court pick-and-roll negates this problem, and is more effective at attacking the basket. But it can be difficult to execute when the defender is closer to the sideline.

The pick-and-roll has become popular at all levels of basketball, and is often seen in the NBA. In fact, it has become so popular that the LA Clippers have used it frequently this season. The pick-and-roll action is often referred to as a logo pick-and-roll, which derives its name from the team’s logo, which is located mid-range between the lane line and 3-point line.


The goal of a pick and roll in basketball is to get a high percentage shot. Using this offense requires a dribbler to read the defense. A guard with the ball will usually set up the pick and roll and a bigger player will screen the dribbler. The screener must then cut to the rim. The dribbler can then either shoot an open shot or attack the rim four-on-three.

To make this play work, the ball-handler must be aware of the capabilities of his teammate. A perimeter shooter will have an advantage over a long-range shooter. The decision at this step will ultimately decide whether or not the dribbler scores. It is essential to make a decision that keeps the defense honest. The key to making a pick and roll work is establishing good contact with the screener.

Using this offensive strategy, the O2 and O5 guards will run a pick and roll. O1 will dribble tightly around the pick while O4 will roll to the hoop. O3 will then be able to cut up the lane and pass to O4. The O4 will then run a pick and roll with O1, O4.

The best pick and roll offenses are ones that have a high shooting percentage. As long as the team has a versatile big and a smart point guard, they will be able to execute a pick and roll well. You won’t need to be a dynamite scorer to be successful with this offense. You can find the right combination of versatile bigs and intelligent point guards.

Defending a pick-and-roll in basketball

Defending a pick-and roll is a vital skill for defenders to develop. There are three main ways to defend the pick-and-roll: locking up the picker, defending him at the ankles, and switching to the weak side. This method is very effective and can be used by almost any defensive player. However, it requires a lot of alertness and physicality.

The best way to defend the pick-and-roll is to get a good position at the elbow, top, and box. You also want to switch onto the ball. Do not come out too high on the ball-handler. This can make the ball-handler turn a corner and put the defense at a disadvantage. Instead, stay level with him. Using this defense, you’ll be able to contain the pick-and-roll and protect the rim.

The pick-and-roll is a great offensive strategy for teams that score at a high rate. However, it can cause big mismatches in defenses. The defenders’ first instinct will be to attack the point guard when he’s on the ball, and they’ll miss him in the process. This is where you can make a big difference and dominate the game.

A pick-and-roll defense is a good way to defend a player who is dribbling towards the basket. This defense is most effective if it’s set properly. You can trap the dribbler with the help of two defenders. And once you’re on the ball, the pick-and-roll defender will be forced to make decisions. That’s why defending a pick-and-roll defense is so crucial.

Tips for ball handlers

The pick and roll is one of the most basic offensive moves in basketball. The pick and roll requires the dribbler to read the defense and determine the best option to score. A defender who is hedged out will be less difficult to guard with a split defender. The pick and roll dribbler should have his screen set. The other post should slide across the lane. If the pick and roll dribbler makes contact with the defender, he’ll be easier to spot than a defender who is set up to defend the ball.

The pick and roll screen can be mastered by watching NBA games to understand the strategy. Watch the ball-handler get low and survey the floor after coming around the screen. Watch how the screener rejects the screen. The pick and roll can be used to score and transition into different offensive plays. The pick and roll has many benefits and can help you score easy buckets. So, get a good understanding of how to use the pick and roll and score!

In pick and roll situations, the ball-handler must create separation from the on-ball defender so that he can be screen effectively. The screener must have space to pass, shoot an open three or attack the rim four-on-three. When defending a pick and roll, two defenders rotate toward the ball and can prevent a pass to the screener or easy layup in the paint.

A good pick and roll technique starts with reading the defense and the ball-handler should position himself near the halfcourt and spread his wings into the corners. The pick man should be underneath the arc, while the other post player should position himself in the Russian corner. The picker should then slide to the right or left behind the defender. This move can lead to a long-range shot and help you score. Using this strategy, you can be a more effective shooter than ever before.

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