Michael Jordan is one of the most renowned basketball players of all time, and his impact on the sport will last for generations. He won six championships with the Chicago Bulls, was a 14-time All-Star, and holds an impressive 32,292 points scored record. But what position did he play?

From his college days at the University of North Carolina to his professional career in the NBA, Michael Jordan played several positions on the court. Despite being 6’6″ tall, he could switch between guard and forward depending on the situation. His ability to read plays and anticipate movements gave him an edge over other players regardless of where he was on the court.

Jordan’s skillset revolutionized how positions were played in basketball and changed how teams were structured. His influence spread beyond just basketball; athletes from other sports began to use his tactics in their own games. Join us as we explore what positions Michael Jordan played during his illustrious career!

Early Career Positions

From high-flying dunks to clutch shots, Michael Jordan is known for his extraordinary basketball feats. But what kind of positions did he play? What kind of roles did he take on the court? To answer those questions, one must look back at the early career positions that Jordan held.

Jordan began playing basketball in college for the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and was a member of their 1981 NCAA Championship team. During this time, he primarily played as a shooting guard and small forward and was known for his agility and ability to score points quickly. His college coach, Dean Smith, also had him occasionally play point guard due to his ball-handling skills.

His first NBA team was the Chicago Bulls, where he again played shooting guard and small forward. During this time, Jordan honed his skills as a shooter and defender – two important components to his later success in the NBA. He also displayed an unparalleled passion for the game which endeared him to fans all over the world.

Jordan’s early career positions would shape who he eventually became: one of the greatest basketball players ever. His long list of accolades includes six championships with the Bulls, five MVP awards, and fourteen All-Star selections – among many other accomplishments. It’s clear that Michael Jordan left an indelible mark on basketball history – one that won’t soon be forgotten.

High School Positions

Michael Jordan, the face of basketball and one of the greatest athletes of all time, is renowned for his skill in the game. But what positions did he play? His illustrious career began in high school. Let’s take a look at MJ’s high school positions.

The youngster achieved immense success from his freshman year onward as a guard and forward. He was known to be versatile, playing both inside and outside – a trait that he would carry with him throughout his career. Additionally, Michael was known for playing defense exceptionally well; often resulting in opponents not scoring on him. He also had an uncanny ability to anticipate plays and make steals off of unsuspecting opponents.

Jordan’s skills were noticed early on by college recruiters and scouts alike; they knew they were looking at something special. His abilities earned him a spot on the varsity team as a sophomore, becoming one of only three sophomores to do so in the history of Laney High School basketball. It was clear that MJ possessed a level of skill far beyond his peers, leaving no doubt that he would continue to excel in college – but more on that later!

College Positions

In college, Michael Jordan had the opportunity to play a variety of positions. During his freshman year at the University of North Carolina, he played both shooting guard and small forward. Jordan quickly established himself as one of the most talented players on campus, often leading the team in scoring and steals. His impressive performance earned him a spot on the All-American Team in 1984.

Jordan’s coaching staff also used him as a point guard during his sophomore season. Despite being undersized for this role, he excelled at it, becoming one of the best playmakers in college basketball at that time. He also continued to show his remarkable scoring ability by averaging 20 points per game. His strong play led to another All-American selection as well as a NCAA championship for UNC in 1982-83 season.

The following year, Jordan moved back to shooting guard full time and put together one of the most dominant seasons in college basketball history. He averaged 17 points per game and was again selected for the All-American Team. This effort culminated in an NCAA championship victory for UNC during his junior year and cemented Jordan’s legacy as one of the greatest collegiate players ever.

Jordan’s success at UNC showed his versatility and proved that he could excel while playing multiple positions on both ends of the court. This experience would prove invaluable when he entered the professional ranks later on in his career.

Professional Positions

Moving on from college, Michael Jordan went on to be a professional athlete. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and began playing professionally. Throughout his career, Michael Jordan played a variety of positions at both the guard and forward positions.

At first, he started out as a shooting guard but quickly transitioned into playing small forward for most of his career. His size and athleticism allowed him to be an all-around player who could do it all – score, rebound, pass, defend, and even dunk. He was known for being able to take over games if needed and was often referred to as “Air Jordan” due to his incredible leaping ability.

Jordan was named an NBA All-Star in each season he played professionally and is considered one of the greatest players of all time. He led the Bulls to six championships during his time there and won several MVP awards along the way. This cemented his legacy as one of the greatest professional basketball players ever. With that said, it’s no surprise that many consider him a master of switching between guard and forward positions with ease. From here we can move onto Jordan’s position in the NBA.

Position In The Nba

The fifth and final position that Michael Jordan played in his professional career was as a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Jordan began his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls in 1984, quickly becoming one of the most popular players in the league. He was a dominant scorer and won six championships with the Bulls, earning himself numerous awards and accolades. His ability to play multiple positions on both offense and defense made him an invaluable asset to his team, allowing them to win multiple championships over the course of his career.

Jordan’s success in the NBA was largely attributed to his athleticism, competitive drive, and relentless work ethic. His ability to score from anywhere on the court was legendary, as he developed a unique style that allowed him to be successful no matter what type of defense he faced. He also had tremendous defensive prowess, often guarding some of the best players in the league. With Jordan leading them on both ends of the floor, it’s no wonder why the Bulls were able to win six championships during his tenure.

Jordan is widely considered one of the greatest players ever to play in the NBA, and it is easy to see why when looking at all that he accomplished with Chicago during his time there. His exceptional talent combined with his leadership abilities made him an invaluable asset for any team lucky enough to have him, helping them achieve success time and time again. As we move onto Jordan’s position in Olympic Games next, it will be interesting to compare how he fared there compared to his illustrious NBA career.

Position In The Olympic Games

Little did we know that the legendary Michael Jordan had yet another position up his sleeve – one that was even more impressive. Ironically, he didn’t just play basketball in the NBA, but also competed in the Olympic Games! Throughout this article, we will explore the sixth and arguably most prestigious position of Michael Jordan: his position in the Olympic Games.

In 1984, Michael Jordan was selected to join Team USA’s Olympic team as a shooting guard alongside Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. This was an incredible feat for someone who had only been playing professional basketball for two years. During the Olympics, Jordan shined as he led Team USA to a gold medal with his stellar performance on the court. He averaged 17 points per game and shot 56% from the field, proving himself to be one of the best players on the team.

What made this accomplishment even more remarkable is that it came at a time when international basketball competition was at its peak. While other teams were composed of seasoned professionals from around the world, Team USA consisted solely of college players like Michael Jordan who had never played against such high-level competition before. It was truly an amazing feat to watch him rise up to this challenge and perform so well under pressure.

This impressive performance would serve as a springboard for his career going forward as he continued to dominate both in college and in professional basketball afterward. It’s no surprise then why Michael Jordan is still considered one of the greatest athletes ever; he proved himself on multiple levels including at the highest level of international competition – The Olympic Games! With this impressive sixth position now firmly under his belt, let’s take a look at what role Michael Jordan played on The Dream Team…

Position In The Dream Team

At the end of the day, Michael Jordan was a jack of all trades. He was an all-around basketball player who could excel in any position on the court. His Olympic and Dream Team experience is proof of that.

Jordan’s Olympic career spanned two Games: Los Angeles 1984 and Barcelona 1992. For the 1984 games, he took up the position of shooting guard with his Chicago Bulls teammate, Sam Vincent, as point guard. During this time, Jordan scored 7 points per game and made 18 assists—helping to bring home a gold medal for the USA team.

For his second Olympic run in 1992, Michael Jordan was part of what has been called the ‘Dream Team’. This team comprised some of the best players in NBA history, including Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley; Jordan held down his position as shooting guard once again. His performance during this competition was outstanding—he earned an average of 14 points per game along with 19 assists, earning yet another gold medal for USA Basketball.

In addition to these achievements, Jordan also had multiple successful stints at All-Star Games throughout his career.

Position In The All-Star Games

Throughout his illustrious career, Michael Jordan played in 8 All-Star Games. His first was in 1985, during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, and he went on to make seven more appearances. In those eight games, he scored an average of 22.5 points per game and racked up an impressive 233 total points.

Jordan also managed to grab 10 rebounds and dish out 10 assists in each All-Star Game he played in; that’s 80 rebounds and 80 assists over the course of his eight appearances! These stats illustrate just how impactful Jordan was on the court as a player who could both score and pass the ball effectively.

Jordan’s last appearance in an All-Star Game came in 1998, when he returned from a brief retirement to play for the Washington Wizards at the age of 35. Through his performances in these 8 games, it’s obvious that MJ was one of the most talented players to ever take part in this midseason classic event.

Position In The Washington Wizards

Michael Jordan played his last professional basketball games as a member of the Washington Wizards, which he joined in 2001. He was already a legend when he returned to the court for his 15th NBA season and played with an impressive average of 20 points, 6 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game. It’s no surprise that Jordan, who won six championships with the Chicago Bulls, was selected to play in three All-Star Games while playing for the Wizards:

• 2002: 18 points and 4 assists • 2003: 14 points and 7 rebounds • 2001: 19 points and 5 assists

Jordan also had several memorable moments as a Wizard. He scored a season-high 51 points against Charlotte in 2001, led Washington to its first playoff victory since 1988 with 45 points against the Bulls in 2002, and made a buzzer-beating jump shot against New Jersey at Madison Square Garden in 2003. As his career came to an end, Jordan left behind many accomplishments as a Wizard — proving that he still had plenty of talent even after turning 40 years old. His legacy lives on as one of the greatest players to ever take the court in any uniform.

Position In The Charlotte Bobcats

As a ten-time NBA Champion, Michael Jordan has certainly had a storied career in the basketball world. He played for three different teams throughout his career and in each one, he held a unique position. Let’s look at his 10th position with the Charlotte Bobcats:

  1. In 2006, Jordan became part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.
  2. Not only did he gain ownership rights, but he also took on the role of President of Basketball Operations.
  3. During this time, Jordan was still an active player and assumed the point guard position.

Jordan had already achieved great success in the league but his stint with the Bobcats was far from impressive. During that time, they lost nearly 70% of their games and failed to make it to playoffs. Despite this, Jordan still managed to put up incredible stats during his run with them – averaging a respectable 15 points per game at 40 years old!

Though things didn’t work out well for Jordan in Charlotte, it seemed that he would have one more opportunity to prove himself as an excellent player when he moved back to Chicago later on.

Position In The Chicago Bulls

It’s no exaggeration to say that Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players to ever grace the court! His time with the Chicago Bulls was remarkable and inspiring, from start to finish.

Jordan’s position in Chicago was as a shooting guard, and his skillset meant he could create plays for teammates and score points all on his own. He played a critical role in leading the Bulls to six championship titles during this period, including an amazing three-peat from 1991-1993.

His performance with the Bulls was extraordinary and cemented his place in history as one of the best – if not the best – basketball player of all time. From his leadership abilities to his ability to score, there are few who can match Jordan’s talents. It is clear why Jordan’s star shined so brightly during his time with the Bulls; transitioning into his next challenge with the Birmingham Barons was only natural for him.

Position With The Birmingham Barons

Have you ever wondered what other positions Michael Jordan played besides the Chicago Bulls? After leading the league in scoring during his time with the Bulls, he left to pursue a career in professional baseball. So, what position did he play when he joined the Birmingham Barons?

The 12th position that Michael Jordan held was with the Birmingham Barons, which is a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. During his time with the Barons, Jordan led the team in batting average and runs scored. Here are some of highlights from his tenure:

• He hit three home runs in one game and had a .202 batting average over 127 games. • He stole 30 bases and drove in 51 runs. • He was selected for two All-Star Games while playing for the Barons. • He was voted as team MVP by his teammates at the end of his first season with them. • He was inducted into their Hall of Fame after retiring from baseball.

Jordan’s stint with the Barons proved to be an excellent learning experience for him and helped him to gain valuable insight into another sport before returning to basketball. His accomplishments and legacy still lives on within this team today and serves as an inspiration to all those who follow in his footsteps. With such success and growth within this organization, it’s no wonder why many were excited to see him return to basketball after leaving baseball behind. Now, let’s take a look at what position he filled when he made his return back to basketball with the Chicago White Sox…

Position With The Chicago White Sox

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. This was certainly true for Michael Jordan, who in 1994 left the NBA for a short stint with the minor league baseball team, the Birmingham Barons. Following a season with the Barons, Jordan then took his talents to the major league and joined the Chicago White Sox in 1995.

Jordan’s role with the White Sox was as an outfielder and he quickly established himself as one of their better players. He was well respected by his teammates and coaches and was voted onto the All-Star team during his final season with them in 1997. Here are some of the highlights of Jordan’s time with the White Sox:

• In 1995 he hit .202 with three home runs and 51 RBIs. • In 1996 he hit .252 with 11 home runs and 51 RBIs. • In 1997 he hit .252 with six home runs and 30 RBIs. • By 1998 he had left professional baseball after playing in 127 games over two seasons.

Though Jordan’s time at the major league level was brief, it showed just how talented of an athlete he really was, being able to excel in more than one sport at such a high level. His transition from basketball to baseball certainly opened up many more doors for him which allowed him to explore other opportunities including roles in films and commercials…

Position In Films And Commercials

Michael Jordan’s career wasn’t limited to basketball. He also starred in a number of films, commercials, and other projects. Take the 1996 movie ‘Space Jam’, for example. In this classic film, he played himself alongside Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters as they battled aliens in a game of basketball.

Jordan also had roles in a variety of commercials, including ones for Gatorade and McDonald’s. His fame even extended into the world of video games; his name was featured on several popular titles such as ‘Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City’ and ‘Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me’. Clearly, his talents went beyond the court.

To round out his diverse portfolio, Jordan even had a brief stint playing minor league baseball with the Chicago White Sox. While it didn’t last long, it demonstrated that he was willing to take risks and try new things outside of basketball. From commercials to movies, Michael Jordan proved he could do it all!

Summary Of Positions

The current H2 summarizes the positions Michael Jordan played during his illustrious career. He was known for playing shooting guard and small forward, however he also dabbled in other positions. In the early part of his career, he played some point guard due to the lack of depth at that position. He also attempted to play power forward later on in his career, although it didn’t last long.

Jordan even spread his wings beyond basketball and explored other avenues as well. He took on roles in movies and commercials, showing off his diverse talents. This included voicing himself in an animated movie about himself titled ‘Space Jam’ as well as appearing in several advertisements for products such as Nike shoes and Gatorade drinks.

Throughout his entire career, both on and off the court, Jordan left a lasting impression with fans all over the world with his incredible talent, gracefulness and resilience. His legacy lives on today through numerous awards as well as inspiring future generations of basketball players to strive for greatness each time they step on the court.


In conclusion, Michael Jordan is one of the most iconic basketball players of all time and he played a variety of positions throughout his career. From high school to college, professional leagues and the NBA, Jordan was comfortable playing wherever his teams needed him. He even dabbled in films and commercials while still making an impact on the court. His versatility and drive to be successful in any position made him a star both on and off the court.

Jordan’s ability to remain a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ was remarkable as it allowed him to achieve success at every level. His commitment to excellence and willingness to try new things has been an inspiration for athletes everywhere. It could be said that he truly embodied the phrase ‘the sky’s the limit’ as there were no limits on where he could go or what he could do.

At the end of the day, Michael Jordan was able to play any position with ease, from guard to center, demonstrating his incredible talent and desire for greatness on every court he stepped foot on. This journey serves as a reminder that with dedication and hard work we can accomplish anything we set our minds to – like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

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