Do you want to buy the best indoor basketball in 2022?

We have a list of the best indoor basketballs that we released in 2022. Our list is updated regularly with the latest information on the best basketballs for indoor use.

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or an elite-level ball, we have you covered. Our list includes top-rated brands and models that will meet your needs.

You’re looking for the best indoor basketball money you can buy, but you don’t know where to start. 

It can be tough to find a quality indoor basketball that will last. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

We’ve done the research for you and found the best indoor basketball for your needs. Our top pick is the Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor Basketball. This ball has a durable construction that will hold up against frequent use. It also features a deep pebble texture that provides superior grip and control while playing.

What factors go into making a good indoor basketball?

What is the difference between a ball and something similar to it? Balls are meant to be thrown and will bounce back. However, this does not apply to all balls. For example, basketballs used indoors will bounce back, but many balls won’t.

If you’re looking for the perfect basketball for your playing style, there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

What factors go into making an excellent indoor basketball

When looking for the best basketball for your needs, you should consider a few factors. The material used to make the ball is essential, as is the grip. The pressure of the ball is also necessary to consider. You should also make sure that the ball has a good bounce. Some balls are designed for better bounce, while others are not.

NCAA and other organized leagues may require specially-made game balls with specific sizes and weights. Knowing the different factors that go into choosing the best basketball will help you decide when purchasing one.


There are different materials used to make basketballs. The spectrum goes from the durable, rubber-based models to the softer composite leather balls. The other materials affect how the ball feels when you touch it.

Leather is the traditional material used to make a basketball. It is durable and provides a good grip. However, it is heavy and can be expensive. Composite is a newer material made of different materials, including leather.

The Composite is lighter than leather and provides a good grip. However, it is not as durable as leather.

Rubber is a newer material that is made of synthetic rubber. Rubber is light and provides a good grip. However, it does not have the same durability as leather or Composite.

The pros in the NBA prefer to use leather balls for their comfort and durability. The break-in period can take some time, but after that, they provide unmatched ball control, which is why so many players choose this material over composite or other alternatives.

For those looking at buying new basketball gear, your best bet would be on finding something with genuine leather straps since these types of tendons will last longer than anything else!


Moisture can be a problem if you’re not careful. Some basketballs have been designed to help reduce how much sweat is absorbed. That way, players have more control over the ball, and they can line up their shots better.

Why do some indoor balls lose air more than others?

The pressure of a basketball is vital for your comfort and control. Not all balls are created equal in terms of pressure. Some balls are designed for higher pressure, while others are not. When choosing a basketball, you should consider how the ball feels when you dribble it.

The NBA standard for pressure is 7.5 and 8 pounds per square inch (PSI). The problem with fluctuating pressures can be annoying, but it’s not too uncommon with decent quality basketballs that will still make your ball pumps nearly unnecessary!

Air pressure usually stays about the same, so your basketball won’t lose air if it gets cold outside – unless someone stands next to the basketball hoop all day without taking a break in the cold.

best bounce possible

The bounce of a basketball is essential for your accuracy and control. Not all balls are created equal in terms of bounce. Some balls are designed for better bounce, while others are not. When choosing a basketball, you should consider how well the ball bounces.

You want a ball that bounces well. A smooth surface and deep grooves make it easier to shoot. But it can be hard to dribble because of the texture. This makes it harder to track the direction of incoming shots or blocks.


ball under basketball ring - best indoor basketball

The NCAA or other organized leagues may require specially-made game balls with specific sizes and weights. Knowing the different factors that go into choosing the best basketball will help you decide when purchasing one.

If you want to play in a higher-level league, like the NCAA, you will need an exceptional game ball made for a high school play. It doesn’t make sense to use a big and heavy Official Basketball when competing at a higher level. If the ball you are using is not the right size, it will be hard to perfect your dribbling. Before setting an asking price for your home, do some research to find out what other homes in your area have sold for recently. This will help you select a price that is realistic and also competitive.

The top 6 best indoor basketballs on the market today are:

1. Wilson NCAA Replica Game indoor basketball

So you want to play basketball but don’t have the cash? Well, I’ve got just what you are looking for! The Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball is made from composite leather, which offers those great qualities without being too soft or expensive. It can take some abuse, so it’ll last a while in any situation – even if they are outside games. 

And did we mention how much this beauty looks like an authentic NBA game piece?!

The Wilson NCAA Replica basketball is a great value. It’s perfect for people who play basketball occasionally and don’t want to spend too much money.

2. Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

So, if you want to improve your game, I would recommend investing in a leather ball. The Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball is by far the most expensive one on this list, but it’s also made from genuine Horween leather, which will feel good as time goes on and gets better with age, just like wine!

People who play basketball with sweaty hands often prefer genuine leather balls because they are less likely to slip out of your hand. Actual leather balls also absorb sweat quickly, which is helpful in hot gyms. In 2006, the NBA tried to switch to a composite ball, but many players complained. The NBA had to reintroduce the leather ball in January 2007.

If you love playing basketball and have some money to spare, you should consider buying the official Spalding NBA Game Ball. It’s a real treat to play with the same ball as your idols in the NBA.

3. Molten BGGX Series

Molten released the X-series in 2016. It was supposed to improve the handling from the previous model (which I liked a lot). The design of the ball stayed the same, but they changed where the pebbles were on the surface. This was supposed to make it more consistent.

In my opinion, Molten did not do an excellent job with this task. The ball feels tacky and sticky when you first touch it. It also doesn’t feel as lovely and soft as previous models made of composite leather.

The ball becomes slippery and hard to control when your hands sweat. This is a problem for the teams playing in the European Championships in 2017. The captains of all the groups signed a letter asking FIBA to remove the “consistent touch” feature from the balls because it makes it harder for them to play well. People who have tested the Molten BGGX say that it is better to handle the top layer of composite leather (the tacky part) is gone, but this takes a long time. They also say that this ball is a big disappointment compared to earlier Molten models.

4. Spalding TF-1000

The TF-1000 is a long-time favorite, but Spalding recently has competed with their new version in leather and not rubber. The finish on these balls is usually glossier, making them less appealing to me because of how slippery they feel when walking around during gameplay or just holding it for an extended period without touching anything else (which would be impossible).

Some people say that Spalding changed the ball’s material because it wore off too quickly. This may be true, as the original TF-1000 did get pretty soft with time.

5. Baden Elite Indoor

The Baden Elite is a durable, synthetic leather basketball designed to last for years. Even though the brand is not as well-known as Spalding or Wilson, they have produced excellent basketballs for decades. The Balden Elite is their top-of-the-line ball. It has an asymmetrical design with a consistent bounce, good moisture absorption, and a nice feel when shooting.

The perfect ball for practicing your favorite skills, the Balden Elite is a must-have! It has an excellent bounce and feels great when shooting. This symmetrical globe offers sharp corners that make it easy to control – ideal if you want better ankle breakers or faster crossovers during gameplay sessions with friends.

6. Wilson Evolution

The Wilson Evolution basketball is widespread and is often bought for high-school play. The NCAA and NFHS approve the ball for game use. It has thousands of micro-touch points, which improve grip, especially if the ball is broken in properly. The ball also has moisture-wicking channels which absorb sweat from your hands, so you don’t lose your shooting skills when your hands are sweaty. 

One of the reasons the Wilson Evolution is popular with high schools is because it is very durable. This is an excellent choice if you want a ball that will last for many seasons.


So, what’s the best indoor basketball for you?

There are plenty of great options to choose from. If your priority is a durable ball that will last through even beginners’ mistakes, then Wilson NCAA Replica is an excellent option – it doesn’t cost much either! For those who want better performance and quality without breaking their budget (or gym), I would highly recommend using the very popular Wilson Evolution Gameball; many pros have used this one over time, so there isn’t anything terrible about owning one yourself 🙂

The professional NBA ball is the best way to play basketball. The only authentic leather-covered Wilson ball on this list has a break-in period that can leave any other balls weakened by comparison but once broken in offers handling like no other game within its class ever could!

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