You know what to buy for the basketball-crazy kid in your life, but you’re having trouble finding an affordable gift? Don’t worry! I’ve compiled a list of great gifts to make any player happy. These items are sorted by price, starting with low-priced options like books and going up towards premium portable hoops if they have enough room outside their house already set up with trashcans nearby (or not). Let’s go!!

best 31 Basketball Gift Ideas:

1. A Good Basketball

For a good basketball, it’s not about how high you can jump or what size shoes fit. It all comes down to your attitude and which team has the most willing participants!

What better way to show your love for the game than by gifting a new basketball? You can never have too many! It’s always great when someone gets in on this action- they will be able to play with their ball every day.

There are many different types of basketballs. For example, there is an outdoor type and a kids’ type. Another option is the Wilson Evolution, popular among high schools and colleges. It is not too soft or bulky and hits all the critical areas.

There is nothing more special than getting the official Wilson leather NBA ball for presents. It’s not cheap, and you won’t be able to play with this same piece of equipment as your heroes in pro leagues, but this does seem like something they would want for some people!

The best indoor or outdoor basketballs are often a topic of heated debate, but I’ve got you covered with my articles on the subject.

2. A mini-hoop that glows in the dark

This mini-basketball hoop is the perfect gift when you need a break from studying or working. The little thing fits on your room’s door and has netting so that they can play without having to step outside! Not only does it look fantastic, but customer reviews even say its super easy assembly process makes for an enjoyable time spent playing basketball at home in style.

3. Books about Basketball

Show your love for the sport by getting them something that has both basketball and literature in it! So go ahead, get “Basketball A Love Story,” where renowned journalists Jackie MacMullan Rafe Bartholomew & Dan Klores went on a mission to interview a staggering lineup of legends. Or take Bill Simmons’ modern bible, The Book Of Basketball targets teens who want an entertaining read with lots of knowledge about sports

4. custom basketball

Hoopers go through basketballs like mad people. So they always need another one! Get them the perfect gift for their favorite WNBA or NBA team with a custom-made ball from our selection of options below:

The Wilson Brand is a well-known supplier of sporting goods to both leagues. This means that the materials used in their products, such as style and quality, are guaranteed to be excellent. If you are looking for a top-quality book bag this year, look at their products. They come with many extras, including some cute socks.

5. performance basketball socks

The performance basketball socks have come a long way from being just another boring present you might get your grandma. Now, high-performance models like the Nike Elites can be found in hundreds of different colorways and provide all sorts of benefits to players who want something more exciting! These fantastic pieces will help your feet feel better while you wear them. You can also look good while you play. They are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their traction or add arch support without making their feet too uncomfortable.

6. 3D basketball night light

With its seven color options and four unique glow effects, the Baller 3D Night Light will make your child’s room come alive at night. With a choice of four different modes that change colors as you turn it off or on – this ball-shaped glass globe provides plenty to explore without being too distracting!

7. Mini Basketball Hoop

You know what? I was always a big fan of playing basketball as a kid, but then again, who wasn’t. The SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball is so fun that even adults can get in on this action! It’s small enough to mount over any door and make it easy for families anywhere to enjoy some friendly games together – all while getting their exercise too!!

This little hoop has been designed with durability in mind, meaning there are plenty of solid materials used, making sure you don’t end up breaking anything when playing (even if someone throws themselves against the court).

8. Basketball return net

The best way to perfect your shooting is with this fantastic return net! The nets fit almost any existing basketball hoop, so you’ll save time and money by not having to worry about chasing after balls. This makes it great for practicing free throws or jump shots – either alone or as part of a group activity.

9. favorite basketball player’s jersey

If your favorite basketball player also loves to collect jerseys, this present will make them happy. They can display all their worn-out shirt collections in one place and have a cool wall hanging for themselves!

The most popular NBA jerseys tend to go towards Kobe Bryant or LeBron James – both great choices if we’re talking about players that matter most in sports today.

10. Mug with a Hoop

Whether he sips his morning joe or wants something cute while reading the paper, everyone can enjoy practicing their free throws anytime they want, thanks to 8-year-old Max, who came up with the idea during art class! They were looking for a unique gift that would make an impression? Look no further than this coffee mug with a built-in basketball hoop.

11. Agility Ladder for Better Foot Speed

Working on your agility ladder is a great way to improve footwork and coordination before the season starts. Almost every good basketball coach does some warm-up activity that includes leaps, so working at it in privacy can also help you get noticed by them!

12. Reversible Basketball Jerseys

We all know that basketball is a competitive sport. Unfortunately, sometimes players can get too tired to play after one or two games and need something they are comfortable wearing for their next match – reversible jerseys provide just what these athletes want! If you wear this type of outfit, it will be easy to work out in the court. Everything in your wardrobe will look new because our stylish design makes clothes off shoulders (or even shirts) more functional. This is perfect for summertime when it’s hot outside.

13. Basketball defensive mannequin

This is the perfect gift for any basketball fan! It’s a dummy that can be used to practice defense.

Your friend is always working on their shot, but you know it could be better. That’s why this defensive mannequin will help them get the perfect arc and break around players or improve that floater!

14. Shooting Sleeves

With the recent rise in the popularity of compression pants, it’s no surprise that kids are also beginning to wear them. NBA players have been sporting these types of shorts for years, and now almost every youth player wants a “shooting sleeve,” too! This arm sleeve was designed to keep your arms warm while you work out, even if it’s cold outside. It’s also loose enough so that your arms won’t get too hot and will still be able to move around quickly.

15. Compression Gear

The compression gear is not just a fad. The reason why athletes from all over the world wear them? They help keep muscles warm and reduce injury risk, but there’s more than that! Scientifically-proven benefits of wearing tights include helping with recovery time after exercise or competition and increased blood flow to your tissues which means a faster healing process overall.

With these tights, you’ll never have to worry about getting cold while working out. They’re scientifically proven to keep skin temperature constantly high and accelerate recovery after intense training! Plus, they help with vertical jump development because of their effect on muscle blood flow – which means better results for all our exercises (and no more tiredness or injury)!

16. A starter jump rope

A starter jump rope is a perfect gift for any basketball player who wants to get in shape and be more bouncy or shifty. This Crossrope set comes with everything you need, including an easy-grip handle that makes it super quick & straightforward when your hands are wet from sweat! This durable leather fiber can be used on any surface – whether concrete or padded matting close to a wall at school when getting buckets off outside during lunch break or using one of those expensive rental sticks inside.

17. NBA 2K22

The most popular basketball video game is NBA 2K22. It’s a must-have for every player that plays it, even if they are an actual pro in the league! The ratings of all these players can be tracked and compared on their computer screens or mobile devices with pride as you watch them play out those perfect sequences again and again until victory occurs.

18. Arm Sleeve / Knee Sleeves

Some people say you don’t need knee sleeves for protection. But if the player is scrappy, then arm sleeves might be good enough. Knee-length compression garments can help us keep our energy levels high and avoid becoming discouraged when playing with kids who don’t take kindly towards losing at anything (even football).

19. Basketball socks

Fanatics have all of your favorite NBA and WNBA teams, so get someone some cute Cags fans some new threads to wear this fall! You can’t go wrong with socks that have the perfect team logo on them. The crisp graphics will ensure everyone knows where their allegiance lies when they’re done wearing these adorable leg-warmer style underwear or, even better yet – buy one for yourself too because who doesn’t love being fully dressed up as an athlete?

20. Vertical Jump Training Program

There is nothing more satisfying than dunking a basketball. It’s an opportunity to show off your athletic ability, and it feels great! If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea this year, why don’t we get them something to help them work on their game? A tool like Jump Pro Show which records video from multiple angles can increase vertical leap height by 20%.

21. Professional Coaching Clipboard

Wow! The board is the perfect gift for any basketball coach. It’s like a giant interactive whiteboard that they can use during games to show plays and easily keep track of who was guarding whom at all times without having drawn confusing circles, X’s, or arrows on top of it (which could get messy). There is space to write down how many fouls and timeouts each player has. This will make it easier to guess who was in those spots during the game. You can write down what happened during the game and look at the paper later.

22. AllNet Shooter

The AllNet Shooter will help improve your shooting accuracy, whether you’re right-handed or lefty. The unique design spreads out to fit all hands and makes it easier for players who palm balls as they shoot because this forces them to control where it’s going!

23. A Basketball Backpack

To prepare for basketball practice, you need to bring the right gear. A big backpack is perfect because it can hold everything from shoes and clothes to all of your other supplies without feeling too heavy or bulky in any area – but there are plenty more options out on the market than just these two popular brands! If Nike backpacks aren’t really what suits you, then Under Armour might be a better fit based on this alone since they come equipped with lots-o’ amenities like ball nets inside pockets designed specifically towards holding water bottles during games/practices.

What a great basketball gift idea for high school kids! The Nike Elite Pro backpack is also an excellent bookbag. Check out my article about the best backpacks if you want more info on what’s available out there – I think that will help your dude find his perfect fit in no time at all.”

24. Steph Curry’s Masterclass

He’s one of the most successful basketball players in history, so it should come as no surprise that kids love Steph Curry. But did you know he has a masterclass where he’ll teach them how to shoot and dribble like him? In this collection over 4 hours long with 17 online video lessons (over 50 total), they will learn everything from footwork up top off two pointers! Plus, there are 54 pages worth of questions for those who want their hands held by an MVP-caliber athlete.

25. Tickets to a Game

Watch the game with your loved ones and enjoy some affordable fun! Whether you’re at a basketball arena or in front of TVs across America.

The SeatGeek website can help make going to any sporting event together much more enjoyable – take note that prices may vary depending on where available seats are priced relative to each other but don’t worry if there’s nothing cheaper nearby because these sites often offer ticket exchanges for those who want different views than what was initially planned- making sure everyone gets exacted what they desire without having spent too much money along the way either

26. Athlete Basketball Shoes

You can’t keep up with the constant wear and tear on your shoes, which is why they’re an incredible luxury to have. Why don’t you get yourself some new ones? Find out what size (and type) they usually wear so that when it’s time for another pair, you know exactly where to go!

27. NBA League Pass

This gift idea is dangerous because you might lose the recipient to TV for an entire year. You can watch every game of the NBA, anytime and anywhere I want? It sounds like something every basketball fan would appreciate! You don’t need cable TV anymore to watch your favorite sports. Online streaming services like Playstation Vue and Philo let you watch without commercials. You can also choose to watch clips of the games if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing.

28. Portable Basketball Hoop

When I was young, my parents got me a basketball hoop for our driveway – probably the best gift they ever gave to their son. Do you know how many hours of fun we had playing on that thing? Especially when you’re just little and want nothing more than some open-air games with your friends! And portable hoops are perfect because there’s always room in the backyard or at least close enough to grab one anytime; plus, who doesn’t love shooting hoops indoors during wintertime?

29. Basketball hoop lights

If your son or grandson is a basketball player, this gift will make it easy and fun to play at night. The LED hoop light comes with eight lighting modes that are perfect for any occasion–and no extra batteries are needed!

30. Basketball cones

The low-profile design of these cones will keep you safe while still providing durable markers for drills. They’re great at improving footwork, agility, and ball-handling skills!

31. Dribble Up Smart Basketball

DribbleUp Smart Basketball lets you work on your dribbling in a new way. A virtual coach guides you through timed workouts that will improve all your basketball skills, from speed training to perfecting crossovers and hesitation moves! This is the perfect gift for any basketball player who wants to improve their skills – it’s an app that helps them train like pros with interactive features, including our famous “dribble meter.”

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