Are you looking for a new basketball to take your game to the next level?

Check out our list of the ten best outdoor basketballs in 2022. We’ve compiled this list by analyzing customer feedback, expert opinions, and sales data.

Whether you’re looking for a durable ball that can handle intense play or a ball with superior grip, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes the top-rated basketballs from some of the biggest brands in the industry. So no matter what type of player you are, we have the perfect ball for you.

Outdoor basketballs can get pretty beat up, especially if you play a lot. 

An excellent outdoor basketball is a key to having a great game. You need one that’s tough enough to take a beating and still bounce well.

What is the best outdoor basketball ball?

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best outdoor basketballs for 2022. Our list includes top-rated brands like Wilson, Spalding, and Nike. Whether you’re looking for an affordable ball or something more premium, we have you covered:

Spalding NBA Zi/O: perfect outdoor basketball

The durable, Synthetic, or composite leather balls feel great in your hand. You can handle the ball just like an indoor basketball, but it’s much more resilient than what we’re used to playing outdoors – which means that even if you do happen to land on top of this one (which happens), don’t worry because most likely some debris won’t scratch or dent any part of its surface!

The Spalding NBA ZI/O is a classic and still makes two of the best all-purpose balls. One funny thing I’ve noticed about personal preference, you might like their replica game ball instead! Either way, they are dependable choices for any player looking to buy new equipment at an affordable price point – which means most people will be able to find something in this line that fits what they need without breaking bank accounts doing so. 

Some people who like to play basketball might want an indoor court, but they can also play outside occasionally. This type of basketball shooter should work well for them. Spalding’s NBA Zi/O ball may be an excellent choice for all-purpose use, but it will wear more quickly than other brands if you play outdoors often or indoors very much.

My personal favorite Indoor and Outdoor Basketball!

Spalding NBA Street

The Spalding NBA Streetball is the perfect choice for players of all levels. Its durable rubber construction means it can take some abuse and keep on going, making this an excellent beginner or backup ball in addition to being a great bang for your buck!

When I first started playing basketball, the ball was everything to me. It felt like an extension of your body as you threw it into traffic and caught on fire for those extra bounces that got away from us at school or work (you know how people get).

A composite NBA Street Ball would have been perfect if only they were available back then; rougher surfaces feel wrong without high-quality composites, but this isn’t necessarily true in every instance…

Complete guide: How Do You Find the Best Outdoor Basketball?

When it comes to outdoor basketballs, durability is a must. To see if a ball can be played outdoors, check its materials. Any rubber-like material usually means that the ball will be pretty durable. It would help if you looked for balls made from synthetic leather rather than natural leather – the latter will wear out much more rapidly and won’t bounce as well.


Weise, it’s essential to go for a ball that is the right size and weight for your height. You might find that some balls advertised as being used by professionals work better than other balls because of their size and weight. Generally, an outdoor basketball should be somewhere around 29 inches in diameter, but there’s no need to buy such a large ball if you’re shorter than 6’5″.

The shape of the good outdoor basketball is very different from indoor balls because it needs to be rounder and more spherical, while an indoor ball has a flatter surface with more challenging edges. If you play outdoors, you should favor a completely round construction over something like an indoor/outdoor hybrid design like Spalding’s NBA Streetball (which is fun for playing indoors and outdoors).

How much are you willing to pay?

Depending upon your budget, several different kinds of balls can serve you well. Do you need something affordable, or do you want the best possible outdoor ball? The truth is that it’s often not worth investing in anything fancy. Still, if durability is important to you, then Spalding’s entire line of professional-style basketballs will be worth looking at.

Whether for recreation or severe outdoor play, choosing the right ball can make all the difference between having fun and hurting yourself while trying to throw down some wild dunks! Therefore, outdoor players should strike a balance between grip, durability, bounce, feel, and price.

Composite Leather or Rubber?

The surface of your basketball can be made from cheaper rubber or more expensive composite leather –

rubber ball:

The brighter side of the ball is that it lasts longer on roughest outdoor courts and keeps its grip even if you play in dirt or dusty conditions.

A downside for those who spend most of their time indoors, though, would be how different this feels compared with an indoor basketball court. The handling isn’t as easy because there’s no padding at all, so take your time when swinging!

composite leather basketball:

Composite leather is the best option for experienced players who want to keep their ball handling and shooting touch. It’s much more comfortable than an outdoor basketball made out of other types of materials like vinyl or PVC that can feel very rough on your hands when playing for extended periods at high speeds.

The downside? This type does not last as long, so you should only use them if there are good outdoor courts where injuries aren’t likely going happen often enough (or ever).

Deflategate/air pressure:

Cheap basketballs can be quite a letdown when you least expect it. The cold winter months are hard on even the most durable balls, so make sure that your outdoor one isn’t falling apart before then! A good quality product will also go flat faster in warmer weather – which means they’ll need some tender love and care all year round or see their performance dive during peak times like summertime workouts outdoors.


Outdoor surfaces are much harder on a ball than indoor surfaces. There is dirt, rocks, and moisture to deal with, including metal backboards and nets. All this can damage a ball over time. That’s why it’s essential to get a ball that will last, so you don’t have to keep running out to the store. And you also want the ball to break in over time so you can have the best possible feel when using it. When you have this kind of relationship with the ball, nothing can stop you on the court.

Outdoor Play & Moisture Grip:

The ball will get wet. It might rain while you’re playing, or the ball might roll into a puddle. You need to know how to play with a wet ball.

Does the ball stay wet after you dry it off? How does the ball handle when it’s a little bit wet? You want a ball that can last wet, so you don’t have to stop playing.

Grip And Feel:

The best basketballs are those that have an excellent grip. It enables players to control the movements of their shots, which improves shooting accuracy and gameplay overall because it provides for a more point-to-point connection between player input and ball outcomes–an essential aspect in any sport or activity where precision is required.

Composite material has all three qualities mentioned above while still feeling perfectly natural during gameplay. This is thanks to its new breaking-in process! A rubberized surface is less comfortable than leather-made but offers better traction when shooting hoops.


When the ball bounces on an outdoor court, it slowly wears away. Dirt acts like sandpaper, and over time, this can significantly impact how heavy your shots are with cheap balls that wear quickly becoming lighter, so now you mess trying to shoot or dribble fine skills!

Skill Level:

The best way to enjoy playing basketball is with a ball that feels great and has the right quality for you. If you don’t care about winning and want to have fun, composite leather balls might be perfect for you. However, they won’t last as long on rough surfaces, so it’s essential to buy new ones from time to time and also keep an eye out when storage space becomes limited because these types of balls don’t clean easily! In that case, I would recommend you buy a professional ball like Spalding NBA ZI / O or WILSON NBA DRV.

When it comes to shooting hoops in your driveway, there’s not much difference between a rubber ball and one made out of leather. However, if you want the best durability for these types of surfaces, then go with something less expensive like Spalding NBA Street or Mikasa BX1000!

My list – The Best Outdoor Basketballs:

Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor: is my first choice, perfect ball for severe players.

  • The composite leather of the Spalding NBA Zi/O makes it such an excellent ball for shooting. The soft, indoor feel can be found on indoor and outdoor courts and saves money if you have to buy just one!

Spalding makes some of the best basketballs on Earth, and their NBA ZI/O ball is no exception. The leathery composite skin feels great in your hands as you release shots with slow backspin for an artist’s touch that isn’t possible without it!

Every detail about this product screams high quality – from deep channels at seams which make lining up hooks even easier than before to its soft indoor feel versus hard outdoor ones we’re used to seeing outside or inside courtrooms everywhere (depending). If distracters are what get YOU into a rhythm, then look no further: because while other companies might try but fail miserably…

The Spalding NBA Zi/O is the perfect ball for serious players who want to be more durable but still feel good on their feet.

Spalding NBA Street: a good choice for a tight budget.

  • The Spalding NBA Streetball is a very durable rubber ball perfect for young players and beginners. It is also an excellent value for your money.
  • easy handling

This is an excellent fundamental basketball for Youth players or beginners. It has a solid grip, and the rubber is soft, making it easier to control. The ball also comes inflated, so you can start using it immediately.

If you are looking for a basketball for your kids, the Spalding NBA Streetball is an excellent choice. It is made with durable rubber that can withstand rough treatment. Plus, the ball will keep its air pressure even if it is left outdoors. No other basketball provides as good of a value for your money!

Mikasa BX1000 Premium Rubber

  • The ball has a firm grip and tacky rubber. The seams are not very deep, making the ball less predictable than those with deeper seam patterns.

This ball is easy to use. You can play with it right away. It’s a rubber ball, affordable, and suitable for playing outdoors. It comes in different sizes, so it’s perfect for kids too.

The thing that makes this ball unique is the deep pebbling. Most rubber balls don’t have pebbles as intense as these, making them suitable for playing in cold or rainy weather.

The seams on the ball aren’t very deep, but it has a Better Grip thanks to its pebbling material. If you’re looking for an outdoor sports accessory that won’t cost too much and will last through any weather conditions, then this is your best bet!

Wilson NCAA MVP Rubber

This cheap and straightforward rubber basketball is similar to Spalding’s NBA Street series. The channels are flatter, making it easier for kids or occasional players who might not be accustomed to the more sensitive feeling of an indoor ball;

however, these same properties mean that experienced basketballers won’t enjoy handling touch as much either because there isn’t enough traction offered by pebbles on dusty courts like we see outdoors sometimes.

Nike Dominate Basketball:

  • If your budget is tight and playing outside is more important than anything else, this might be the perfect shoe for you. It’s not going to last long, but it’ll get dirty enough that all of those shots will feel worth it when they are finally sinking through their opponents’ nets!
  • It is made with butyl rubber for the bladder.

Nike’s Dominate Basketball is the perfect and cheaper rubber ball for those with smaller budgets. It has a cheap and cheerful look that will not break your bank account but still provides excellent durability when playing on it! The black line markings do wear quickly, though – make sure you buy some stickers, or nobody can tell what team this ball belongs to (picture right). Costing under $30; there isn’t much risk involved in trying out these sports either, so go ahead.

Nike dominates the basketball court with their crafted specifically for playground games. It’s an 8-panel ball, meaning it has deeper channels than most outdoor rubbers, giving you a better grip on why I love this at its price point! And Nike also claims that these balls have “rotational wound butyl carcass,” which means superior shape retention–so no more’ egging when contacting hard surfaces due to sharp impacts (I don’t even know what those words mean).

Spalding NBA NeverFlat Hexagrip:

  • The never-flat, hexagon pebbling technology gives the ball a unique look. It’s easy to grip and will be sure to have you feeling like an NBA star in no time!

The new Spalding NBA NeverFlat Hexagrip ball is designed to keep you inflated even when the temperature drops or wear-and-tear occurs. It comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring that this outdoor ball will always be there for your needs!

With a variety of balls to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your game. The Wilson NBA NeverFlat Hexagrip is great if it’s going outside or indoors and will provide all sorts of grips, so there are no worries about slipping out during transport!

The hard rubber on the Spalding NBA NeverFlat Hexagrip makes it durable and mitigates abrasion. You can play with this thing every day for years without wear or tear since there’s no friction to grind down your grip! And because of its weight retention properties (it doesn’t lose shape), you won’t have any problem maintaining consistent shots when playing through harsh weather conditions like rainstorms or sand deliveries during game sevens at home court.

Spalding Street Phantom 29.5″

  • You know what they say about the best receivers being black. The Spalding Street Phantom 29.5″ has a unique look with bright lettering that will make your day more colorful than before!

What’s the deal with this black rubber ball, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! It has Soft Grip Technology, so handling is more accessible, and rain doesn’t hurt your hands as much. And just in case there are any doubts left after playing midday basketball during summertime when sun glare can become an issue–this baby stands up against moisture better than most other sports goods do (I know because we tested them).

The Spalding Phantom 29.5″ is a unique ball that will make you the life of any party! With its vibrant colors and sleek design, this glowing beauty isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – or at least until someone finds their black model to call home-court advantage on behalf of them too (don’t worry, though, because there’s always enough). The letters on the sign are in different colors, so everyone can see your name and know who has what privilege playing tonight.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game ball:

  • It is a replica basketball of Wilson NCAA. This ball has deep channels for your palm on top to control the ball. It is made of a composite leather cover, making it easy to clean and resistant to dirt.
  • Deep Channel Construction

Wilson makes two different types of balls for other surfaces. The “NCAA Replica Game ball” ball is created with composite leather that has been treated to make it more durable, just like an indoor basketball would be, but without all the extra give so you can play longer on your outdoor court!

Wilson’s NCAA Replica Basketball is an excellent choice for those looking to get closer to the feel and handling of an indoor ball. Some players might find the outer rubber layer uncomfortable, but it will pick up dust easily, so keep your grip clean!

Wilson’s NCAA Replica Basketball is a good ball for those looking to get close, but not the same feel as an indoor model. The grip feels nice out of the box – it’s tacky and picks up dust quickly enough that you’ll want to keep your hands clean at all times, though! Some players may find themselves adjusting to how this bounces differently depending on their skill level or preference (composite leather ball vs. rubber).

Nike Elite Competition Basketball:

The Nike Elite Competition is perfect for those who want a high-quality indoor/outdoor basketball that they can use both inside and out. With its durable composite leather surface, this one will last you through everything from the street to an epic game of Pickup on Friday night!

It’s more expensive than most of the basketballs on our list but well worth it.


  1. What type of basketball is suitable for outdoor?

    Answer: Good Outdoor basketballs are typically designed to be more durable since they will often be used on rough surfaces and have a more consistent bounce than indoor balls. A basketball intended for outdoor use is the best option for playing basketball outdoors, but basketball can be used if the conditions are not too wet or windy.

  2. Which basketball brand is the best?

    Answer: There is no definitive answer to this question. Different people have different preferences, and what one person considers the “best” basketball brand may not be considered the best by another person. Some brands commonly considered among the best include Nike, Adidas, Molten, Wilson, Airball & Spalding.

  3. Is Wilson better than Spalding?

    Answer: There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Some people prefer the feel of a Wilson ball, while others prefer the feel of a Spalding ball. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you.

  4. Can leather basketballs be used outside?

    Answer: Yes, leather basketballs can be used outside. However, they may not last as long as composite basketballs because they are more susceptible to the weather and extreme temperatures.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we hope our list of the ten best outdoor basketballs in 2022 helps you find the perfect ball for your needs. We know that finding the right ball can make all the difference when it comes to your game, and we want to help you perform at your best. Thanks for reading!

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