If you are wondering how many calories you burn playing basketball, you should know that even thirty minutes of play can help you burn a significant amount of calories. This is a great way to burn weight fast, and it’s a lot more fun than using exercise machines. However, there are several factors that determine how many calories you burn playing basketball. The duration, intensity, and percentage of calories burnt will all impact your overall calorie expenditure.


The duration of calories burned playing basketball varies depending on the intensity level and the sport. Five-on-five full-court play requires the highest level of intensity and burns the most calories. However, three-on-three half-court play and shooting hoop competitions require significantly lower levels of intensity. In addition, the method used for calculating calories burned varies depending on the intensity level and the sport. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common ways to play basketball and calculate the calories burned.

Aside from promoting general health and wellness, basketball also boosts gross motor skills and overall physical performance. This game helps people to develop their coordination and functional fitness, sharpen their decision-making skills, and improve their sense of self-confidence. Unlike running, however, basketball does not burn fat, and it may even slow down the metabolism and cause muscles to break down. It is a good choice for athletes, regardless of age or level of fitness.

A full-court game of basketball can burn up to 700 calories per hour. A player who is 240 to 250 pounds can burn up to 4632 calories in a single game. Another way to burn calories is to run continuously around the basketball court. Running a quarter mile burns about 200 calories. As you can see, basketball is a great sport for burning calories! This sport is also very effective in burning calories for athletes, as long as they are not overly strenuous or overly intense.

One study published by Harvard Health Publications concluded that a 155-lb person burns 298 calories per minute of play. A person with a heavier bodyweight can burn three times more calories per minute. While basketball may seem like an ideal exercise for aspiring athletes, the higher body weight has been proven to burn more calories. This means that playing basketball is an excellent way to lose weight. And it is also a great way to stay motivated while exercising.

The duration of calories burned playing basketball depends on several factors, including the player’s weight. For a 185-pound person, a full-court basketball game burns between 460 and 710 calories. A half-court game burns up to two hundred and sixty calories. In addition, a full-court game can burn up to three times as many calories. The duration of calories burned playing basketball varies depending on the type of game and the weight of the player.

Besides being one of the most popular sports, basketball also involves numerous other physical activities. While dribbling can burn up to 124 calories, it’s less effective than other activities. You can practice dribbling with a partner for 15 minutes. Another great way to lose calories while playing basketball is to practice shooting and passing. This type of activity can be beneficial for your bones, as well as your overall health.


If you play basketball for an entire court time of 48 minutes, you can expect to burn more than 400 calories in a single day. Even if you don’t play full court, you can burn as much as 200 calories just by running around the basketball court. While most basketball games involve running, this is not as efficient as walking or jogging. In contrast, playing basketball for an hour can burn more than 1,800 calories per hour.

There are several factors that contribute to the amount of calories burned while playing basketball. Although the exercise may look like an excellent aerobic activity, not every individual’s body is built the same. A 155-pound player, for example, burns about 298 calories during a thirty-minute game. That’s nearly 10 calories per minute. If you play for 41 minutes, however, you would burn 410 calories.

Another factor to consider when determining your calorie expenditure is the intensity of the exercise. The higher your body weight, the higher the calorie expenditure. So, it makes sense to play basketball for a few minutes to improve your overall health and burn a lot of calories. If you’re an adult, you can play in a local gym or join an adult basketball league. But whatever you do, don’t stop playing basketball until you’ve lost weight!

The best part about basketball is that it’s fun and does not require a lot of effort. As a result, your heart rate will be elevated, so you’ll be avoiding any cardiovascular complications. And you’ll be able to lose weight while having fun. That’s why this sport is so popular. But don’t expect a one-game game to burn a whole pound of fat!

For an average adult, a half-court game requires approximately 450 kcal of energy for 15 minutes of play. However, you should note that your actual calorie expenditure can be much higher. A full court game may burn seven hundred calories for a 160-pound person. And a full-court game can burn nearly 500 calories in one hour. That’s a lot of calories! You can easily double that figure in just one hour of basketball!

Aside from the cardiovascular benefits of this game, it is an excellent way to get your daily dose of exercise. There’s very little sitting around and the game is fast-paced and fun. Even those who are not professional basketball players can enjoy the game because it’s a sport for all levels. If you’re new to basketball, it’s a great way to get moving and stay motivated to stay fit.

You can use a calorie-burning calculator to determine your calorie expenditure while playing basketball. Simply input your weight into the calculator, along with your MET value, and your time in minutes. If you play for one hour a day, you’ll burn about 8 kcal per kilogram x body weight per hour. However, it is important to note that this calculation doesn’t account for individual differences in weight, adiposity, intensity of movement, and environmental conditions.

Percentage of calories burned

Did you know that the average man burns 345 calories per game? That’s the equivalent of about 0.6 Big Macs, 1.2 snickers bars, or 2.9 Grande Skinny Lattes! Or about a cheeseburger, a slice of pizza, or a large blueberry muffin! Not bad, huh? So, what should you do to burn even more calories? Here are some ideas to burn more calories during basketball games.

A game of basketball requires a high amount of energy to be played and will burn more calories than most other activities. Basketball requires all body parts to move and requires a lot of energy. The intensity of the game and the total time on the court will affect the amount of calories you burn. You can burn 250 to 360 calories during a game, depending on your weight. By doing a few minutes of basketball each day, you can expect to burn a substantial amount of calories.

In addition to burning fat, basketball requires the use of a large number of muscles. It requires many parts of the body to work, and you will burn many more calories during a single game than you would with a half-hour workout. The American Council on Exercise has calculated how many calories you burn while playing basketball. By engaging in a variety of physical activities, you can choose to burn more fat. And with the variety of movements, playing basketball will help you stay motivated to work out for a long time.

Another factor in the calories burned during basketball games is the intensity of the game. A 150-pound person can burn 204 calories in a 30-minute game. A 200-pound person burns 363 calories in a similar time period. Of course, the number depends on the player’s weight and level of play. And it also depends on how much time he or she spends on the game. And as with any physical activity, alcohol and sugar can contribute to excessive weight gain.

Another factor to consider when determining the amount of calories burned while playing basketball is the intensity of the activity. Depending on the intensity of the activity, a 250-pound player could burn between 400 and 660 calories per game. However, the number of calories burned during a half-court game varies considerably. A full-court game can take up to eight hours. Therefore, it’s important to determine how many calories you burn per half-court game.

To use the calculator, enter your weight, your MET value, and duration of play. For example, if you play a game of basketball at a MET value of eight, you’ll burn eight Kcal/kg x body weight per hour. The average game will take 20 min or 60 minutes. But don’t let that stop you from playing, you’ll want to make sure to take breaks.

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