If you’ve ever watched a basketball game, you’ve probably heard the term “dime,” which derives from the idea of giving a person a dime while they’re walking down the street. It describes a seemingly unintentional, but impactful move. Dimes aren’t always called “dimes,” however. Sometimes NBA announcers simply call them “assists” instead. Some assists are simply too flashy, fancy, or smooth to qualify as a dime.

Dimes are worth a cent

A dime is a penny worth ten cents, but in the world of basketball, it is worth far more. The dime has built empires and launched careers. While this coin is relatively rare, it is often found in change, making it an ideal option for beginners and training players. Though a dime doesn’t bounce as high as a regulation basketball, it’s a much more durable option than a tennis ball.

The term “dime” is derived from the old-timey phrase “drop a dime.” Originally, a dime meant to put ten cents into a payphone, so the expression became more appropriate for basketball. The term has two other meanings outside of basketball, however. One is to call police or report a crime, while the other is to make an assist. There are also a few other etymologies for the phrase.

A dime is also used to describe a phenomenal assist. Usually, a dime is dropped by a point guard, the position that carries the ball up the court. A dime is one-tenth of a cent. If a point guard assists a teammate on a shot, it’s considered a double-double. If a point guard passes the ball to an open teammate, it counts as a “dime” and is referred to as such.

The value of a dime depends on its condition. Early dimes were made of copper because there was a shortage of silver. Coinage Act of 1965 changed the composition of the coin to include nickel and copper. The most valuable dime is the one that remains in mint condition. However, even a dime may change color over time, and cleaning it can lower its value. In addition to its condition, the dime’s price reflects its rarity, which has made it extremely desirable.

It is also important to understand the origins of the term “dime” and what it means in basketball. The dime, as the smallest denomination of money in the NBA, is worth one penny. The term was first used in the early 1950s when payphones weren’t yet widespread. Calling a payphone a “dime” cost 10 cents an hour. People hated paying dimes until the economy started to boom and they began to carry bills instead of dimes.

They are used to tip the authorities

In basketball, the phrase “dropping a dime” has both negative and positive connotations. It refers to tipping the authorities in a situation that involves being a snitch or telling someone else about an offending person. It can also refer to making a phone call to police to report a crime. Its positive connotations are obvious. However, there are a few negative connotations associated with dropping a dime.

A dime is often given to a teammate for an assist, such as in basketball. However, it also refers to a monetary donation to a person in need. For example, if you see a homeless person, you might want to drop a dime to give them some extra money so they can make a phone call themselves. In the United States, the phrase also refers to assisting someone.

The phrase “dropping a dime” has roots in the NBA. This phrase means passing the ball to a teammate and then making a basket with the help of that assist. In addition, it is a common basketball term, and is actually a nod to old payphones that cost ten cents to call. The usage of the term “dropping a dime” has many origins, but it’s mostly attributed to its etymology.

The term dime in basketball has its origins in the Philadelphia Area. Originally, a dime was used as a tip for a police officer. It also became popular in basketball as a slang term. Basketball play-by-play announcers and color commentators frequently use the term dime to talk about a player who was one dime short of a rare triple-double.

They are used to help a teammate make a basket

In basketball, a dime refers to a pass or assist that a teammate makes to score. This expression originates from an old saying: “drop a dime.” People would often drop a dime in a payphone so the person making the call could talk to his or her friends. Nowadays, payphones do not exist, but back then they did.

The term “dime” is often used to describe a perfect pass or assist. It was originally coined in the days of payphones. People would ask to be “dropped” a dime if they didn’t have 10 cents to call a friend. The person dropping the dime was said to be an “assist.” A dime is an assist, so the player who made the pass is often referred to as a “dime.”

An assist is an important statistic in basketball. A good assist is considered just as valuable as a basket, but is not as important as scoring points. An assist can be anything from setting up a teammate to dribbling past a defender. A dime is an important statistic in basketball, as a good assist can lead to an easy basket. When you are an intelligent player, you’ll avoid turning over the ball or making a mistake and can easily pass the ball to a teammate who is open.

Dropping a dime is a common expression in basketball and football. In football, it means to make a phone call worth ten cents to help the police, while in basketball, it refers to helping a teammate score a basket. The first five-cent coin wasn’t called a nickel, but was actually made of silver, due to early coin laws that required coins to be made of metal.

They are used to make a call

‘Dropping a dime’ has nothing to do with basketball. It means to help the police by tipping them 10 cents. It can also mean to assist a homeless person by making a phone call. Similarly to an assist, “dropping a dime” means to help another player in the scoring. And while the term isn’t officially part of the NBA’s terminology, it’s still widely used throughout the league.

In basketball, a dime is a type of assist, meaning to pass the ball to a teammate. In other sports, a dime can also be a small gift, such as giving money to the homeless or calling the police on a payphone. However, the term ‘dime’ does not have a definitive origin. There are three possible explanations for how this term came to be.

The term ‘dime’ was originally used for ten cents, and it also meant assistance. This term was later applied to basketball. While many people mistakenly assume that “dropping a dime” means an assist, the term can also refer to other achievements. Despite the origins of the term, it became popular in the East Coast. It’s important to note that the term has become one of the most popular basketball phrases.

A dime is an American coin that was used for many years in payphones. Despite its humble origins, the dime has been used in many sports, from basketball to baseball to rugby. For years, a dime would cost a penny to make a phone call, but in modern-day games, it’s used to indicate a difficult pass. In basketball, a dime is equivalent to one point.

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