If you’re thinking of starting a fantasy basketball team, it’s a good idea to know the matchups and how to maximize the potential of each player. Don’t worry about maxing out players every night, because someone is bound to get injured. Instead, load up early and play everyone who has a game. That way, you can make sure that you’re not stressing out about a player’s point total, and you won’t lose points due to a late foul.

Nikola Jokic

If you’re considering starting a fantasy basketball team, you’ve probably wondered, “Who is Nikola Jokic?” The Serbian center has exploded into one of the league’s most efficient players, and is a top pick in most fantasy leagues. His efficiency is clear in his scoring and rebounding numbers, and he can also dish out a ton of assists. Unlike most center options, Jokic is nearly guaranteed to play every single night this season. That makes him the No. 1 center option to start your league.

But can Jokic keep up this pace? The first thing you need to do is consider the role he plays. While Embiid is the consensus MVP favorite, he’s playing very well. However, Jokic deserves more attention because he’s a bigger player. Plus, he has yet to make an appearance on First Take. So, how can you make the best of both worlds?

One of the main arguments against Jokic is that he’s not a good defensive player. While advanced stats are helpful, they can’t measure how amazing Jokic’s passing is. In fact, two games into the season, he threw an incredible pass that no other player in the league could have matched. You can’t quantify these kind of reads, but Jokic is making them all the time.

As a result, if you have an elite fantasy basketball team, you need to have Nikola Jokic in your lineup. He’s a worthy MVP candidate and his two-year run has been remarkable. However, there were several players who had better cases for MVP, including Jokic, but the Denver Nuggets weren’t contenders and didn’t make many first-place votes.

Will Fuller

Will Fuller is a solid wide receiver who could be an incredibly valuable addition to your fantasy team this season. His lack of size could be an issue, but Fuller is still a decent option, even if his upside is limited by his size. While he isn’t a top-five WR, he is a very good option and is undervalued by many. In this article, we’ll examine the key stats about Fuller, including his potential to be a valuable fantasy asset.

As a wide receiver, Will Fuller should be considered in a league that prioritizes receiving options, because he is suspended for the first game of the season. While Fuller is prone to injury, he is still considered one of the best slots in the game when healthy. Fuller averages 3.2 yards per route run in the slot, second only to A.J. Brown. Fuller is the perfect candidate for a deep league, and is expected to have a good fantasy season.

Despite his size and talent, Will Fuller has never hit the 50-catch plateau. His previous best season was six hundred and seventy-two yards. He missed at least half of the season in every year but his rookie campaign. However, the speed of this wideout makes him a valuable fantasy player. Fuller’s career is still young and there’s a lot of time to get healthy before the start of training camp in 2022. And he could become a free agent again in March, just a month before his birthday.

With his new contract with the Miami Dolphins, Will Fuller may have a chance to compete for the starting job. However, Fuller’s suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy will prevent him from playing in his debut with the Dolphins. If you’re starting a fantasy basketball league this year, you might want to consider him in your lineup. But don’t rush into it. Before deciding whether to draft him, remember to evaluate his PED suspension.

Raheem Mostert

If you have yet to draft a wide receiver, you might wonder whether Raheem Mostert is worth your consideration. In fact, most fantasy analysts believe Mostert should be avoided in favor of Cam Akers, who is projected to score 15.1 points this week. The reason for this is most likely his injury history. This is the kind of situation in which a deep bench player should be drafted as a backup.

There are plenty of running backs to choose from in Week 15 of your fantasy basketball roster. However, if you’re drafting a tight end, Mostert is an excellent option. While the running back group has a lot of revolving doors, the revolving door has produced tons of in-season fantasy value. In the Bay Area, Raheem Mostert was the de-facto starter. However, he struggled with injuries and is now headed to Miami. If you’re starting a wing center or guard, the player atop the depth chart is the best player for your team.

If Mostert can stay healthy, he could be the No. 1 running back in the 49ers’ offense by 2021. His efficient play last season was complemented by the addition of the passing game. However, the 49ers’ offense has added more wrinkles to its ground game and Mostert excels in wide-zone runs. Against the Lions, he should have no trouble finding running lanes. Also, Trey Sermon can work his way into the rotation.

A good way to assess Mostert’s value in your fantasy basketball team is to evaluate his injury history. He’ll likely miss a lot of games due to injury, but he will get back on track. If All the numbers are good, he’s still a solid wing player to add to your lineup. If you’re not sure about Mostert’s injury history, consider his health in 2022 and 2023.

Caris LeVert

The question is: Should you start Caris LeVert in your fantasy basketball league? LeVert is a six-foot-7 wing with excellent scoring potential. He averaged 13.7 points last season, but he missed a large chunk of the season with a foot injury. The wing is now joining Kyrie Irving on the new look Brooklyn Nets. He should be able to fill the scoring void until Kevin Durant returns. His recent hot play has made him a must-have player.

LeVert should be a top choice for shooting guards this week. He faces the Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, and Washington Wizards in four games this week. However, he is less likely to see his role cut down by tanking. This is a plus for shooting guards in fantasy basketball. Let’s explore a few scenarios in which LeVert should be starting in your league.

First, let’s discuss LeVert’s injury history. In late January, LeVert had surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his left kidney. However, Wojnarowski reported that LeVert is closer to full contact participation in practice. LeVert looked like he would be fine for the start of the season, but now his injury could prevent him from doing much this year.

Another potential risk is the absence of Lauri Markkanen and Caris LeVert. While LeVert will likely sit the start of Monday’s game, the wing is expected to contribute a small role. With LeVert sitting out for nine games, Kevin Love and Cedi Osman would benefit from his absence. In addition, Darius Garland will continue to see significant minutes on offense.


The first question to ask yourself before selecting Suggs is whether he can play in your lineup. While his minutes might fluctuate this season, he has an excellent scoring pace and has the potential to earn multiple categories of stats. The NBA loves to play hustlers and Suggs is no exception. In a fantasy basketball game, his ability to slash to the basket and finish at the rim is valuable.

You can’t go wrong with Suggs, despite his poor shooting percentages. But, Suggs is only a rookie. His shooting percentages have been disappointing, and he’s a far cry from his impressive college numbers. Despite this, he is a bankable fantasy option after the All-Star break. But beware of his lack of experience. While Cole Anthony is the obvious star, Suggs is still a player to watch after the break.

As an upside, Suggs’ injury history is still a factor. The No. 5 pick from the 2021 draft is still a long way away from a full NBA season. In the meantime, Suggs will likely return in Tuesday’s game against the Cavaliers. He’ll likely replace R.J. Hampton in the starting lineup. With two key players out, including Wendell Carter Jr. and Cole Anthony, the Texans will likely need to rely on Suggs for their second-round matchup. If Suggs is the leading scorer for his team, his fantasy production is likely to increase.

The 2021-22 NBA season is about to begin. It’s hard to predict what players will do, but it’s possible to start Suggs in a fantasy basketball game if he’s healthy enough. Besides that, Suggs is also an excellent value-priced rookie to stash in your lineup. With a little luck, he’ll be a steal for your team.

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