Have you ever wondered what the most popular jersey numbers are in the NBA? Numbers are often one of the first things that basketball fans notice about their favorite players, and some numbers have become iconic in the sport. From Kobe Bryant’s 24 to Michael Jordan’s 23 to LeBron James’ 6, some jersey numbers have become synonymous with greatness. But what are the most common jersey numbers across the league?

In this article, we will explore the top 6 most common jersey numbers in the NBA and take a look at which ones have been worn by superstars throughout history. We will discuss why these numbers have become so popular and how they are seen as symbols of success in professional basketball. Finally, we will touch on some of the numbers that have recently been retired league-wide. Whether you’re a fan or an aspiring player looking for inspiration, this article is sure to provide an interesting perspective on how certain numbers can become part of a team’s identity over time.

History Of Nba Jersey Numbers

The history of NBA jersey numbers has been a popular topic among basketball fans for decades. It all started in the 1960s when players began to wear their own individualized jerseys for the first time. Since then, certain numbers have become iconic and are associated with legendary players. What’s more, certain numbers are so popular that they have become the most common across teams in the league.

The main reason why some jersey numbers became popular was due to the superstars that wore them over the years. For instance, Michael Jordan made #23 famous during his career and it is now one of the most recognizable numbers in sports. In addition, other stars such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant also had iconic numbers during their tenure in the NBA which boosted their popularity even further.

These iconic players helped make certain jersey numbers stand out among others and become commonplace throughout the league. Knowing this helps us understand why these particular jersey numbers are so well known in the world of basketball today. With that said, let’s take a closer look at a breakdown of the most common jersey numbers currently being worn by NBA players.

Breakdown Of Most Common Jersey Numbers

The breakdown of most common jersey numbers in the NBA is an interesting one. The six most common numbers have been worn by some of the greatest players to ever hit the court. Let’s take a look at why these six numbers are so popular.

To start, number 23 has been worn by Michael Jordan and LeBron James, two legendary players who are widely considered to be the best to ever play. Number 32 was popularized by Magic Johnson and is commonly associated with greatness in the game. Number 33 is often linked to Larry Bird for his long tenure as a Celtic, as well as Wilt Chamberlain because of his dominance during his career. Here are some other notable athletes that have worn these jerseys: •\tNumber 6: Kobe Bryant •\tNumber 8: Steve Nash •\tNumber 11: Isiah Thomas •\tNumber 55: Bill Russell

These jersey numbers are also recognizable due to their historical significance. Each number carries its own unique story and legacy in the NBA, whether it be from an individual player or a team accomplishment. This gives them an added layer of importance that goes beyond the status of simply being some of the most popular jersey numbers today.

These iconic figures have left an indelible mark on the game and their respective jersey numbers will forever be associated with excellence in basketball. As we move on to examine how these jersey numbers entered into NBA culture and what notable players wore them, it becomes clear why they remain so popular today.

#00 – History And Notable Players

The third most common jersey number in the NBA is #00. It’s a number that stands out from the rest, like an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence. As its history implies, it is a statement and an indication to teams that their players are ready to make a difference!

Throughout the years, #00 has been worn by several influential players who have made a lasting impact on the game. For example, Hall-of-Famer Wilt Chamberlain donned #00 during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers and San Francisco Warriors. Similarly, Chris Webber of the Sacramento Kings was also known for his iconic #00 jersey. Other notable players include David Robinson and Shaquille O’Neal—two of the most dominant centers in NBA history who both wore #00 at different times throughout their careers.

The significance of having such legendary players wear this number speaks volumes about its importance in basketball culture. It’s a number that symbolizes power, dominance, and greatness—qualities that all great athletes strive for throughout their career. Thus, it’s no surprise why so many stars have been associated with this iconic jersey number over time!

#1 – History And Notable Players

Number four in the list of most common jersey numbers in the NBA is the number one. While zero and two come with a strong sense of history, one has its own unique story to tell. It’s not just about individual greatness, but also about a shared journey that many have taken up together.

Historically, the number one has been associated with leadership and excellence. Legends like Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas wore this jersey number throughout their careers and made it a symbol of greatness. At the same time, other all-time greats like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan decided to go with other numbers instead.

Even today, some of the most talented players wear this number on their jerseys including Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose. These players have all had incredible careers so far and will continue to be seen wearing number one as they strive for greatness in the league.

#2 – History And Notable Players

The fifth most common jersey number in the NBA is #2. This number has been worn by some of the greatest and most memorable players in the league’s history, such as Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas and Clyde Drexler. It’s also been donned by several of today’s elite point guards like James Harden, Damian Lillard and Chris Paul.

The significance behind #2 dates back to when Magic Johnson first started wearing it for the Los Angeles Lakers during his rookie season in 1979-80. He was one of the first players ever to wear this number and instantly made it iconic. Since then, many more superstars have followed suit, from Hall of Famers like Isiah Thomas and Clyde Drexler to current stars like James Harden, Damian Lillard and Chris Paul.

Each of these players has put their own unique spin on #2 while cementing its place in basketball history. Now let’s take a closer look at who these legendary figures are and what they’ve done with this iconic number throughout their careers.

#3 – History And Notable Players

Number three, the third most common jersey number in the NBA, conjures up images of quick, explosive players. It’s a number that has been worn by some of the best to ever play the game and left an indelible mark on basketball history:

First up is future Hall-of-Famer Dwyane Wade. He was one of the most electric players in league history and made number three his own, playing for Miami Heat for 13 years. Other notable stars to don this number include:

  1. Earl Monroe – who was a four-time all-star and won an NBA championship with the Knicks in 1973;
  2. Allen Iverson – one of basketball’s most electrifying players and a former MVP;
  3. Vince Carter – an eight-time all-star and slam dunk champion;
  4. Chris Bosh – two-time NBA champion with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

The #3 has been worn by some of the greatest players ever to step onto the hardwood. It is a special number that carries a weight of expectation from those who wear it – from speed demons like A.I. to smooth operators like Earl Monroe – but also brings great memories for fans who watched these legends as they dominated their opponents.

#4 – History And Notable Players

Like a star in the night sky, #4 has shined brightly throughout NBA history. With a number of superstars sporting the digits on their jersey, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most common jersey numbers in the league.

Kobe Bryant, who famously wore #8 and #24 during his storied career, actually began with #4 before switching to two different numbers. Other notable players to don the four include Hall of Famers Paul Pierce and Grant Hill, as well as current stars such as Isaiah Thomas and Kristaps Porzingis.

Due to its popularity among players over the years, #4 represents a great deal of history and talent in NBA circles. It’s sure to remain an iconic part of basketball culture for many years to come. As we move along to explore this number’s history and notable players further, let’s see which legends have made it so memorable.

#5 – History And Notable Players

A prime example of the number five jersey is the great Tim Duncan, the power forward who played for the San Antonio Spurs from 1997-2016. He was a four-time NBA champion, two-time MVP, and 15-time All Star, and he wore #5 throughout his entire career.

The #5 jersey is also popular among point guards and small forwards due to its versatility. It’s a good choice for players who are quick on their feet and can create opportunities on offense while being able to defend multiple positions. Kobe Bryant, another iconic figure in NBA history, wore #5 when he was with the Los Angeles Lakers from 1998 to 2016. Other notable players who have donned #5 include Stephon Marbury, Kevin Garnett, Steve Nash, Vince Carter and Chauncey Billups.

As we can see from these examples, numerous greats have worn the #5 jersey over the years. These stars not only brought glory to their respective teams but also added to its legacy as one of the most iconic numbers in all of basketball.

#6 – History And Notable Players

The sixth most popular NBA jersey number is #6 – worn by basketball greats such as Lebron James, Allen Iverson, and Larry Bird. According to a report published by Hoops Addict, the top six most common jersey numbers in the NBA are 0, 11, 13, 23, 32 and 6.

It’s not just the greats who wear this number; an incredible twenty-two teams have had at least one player wearing the No. 6: • Los Angeles Lakers • Golden State Warriors • Miami Heat • Chicago Bulls • Boston Celtics • Philadelphia 76ers • Dallas Mavericks • Sacramento Kings • San Antonio Spurs • Washington Wizards and more. This shows that No. 6 is a popular choice amongst many basketball players around the world. Notable players include Hall of Famers like Bill Russell (Boston Celtics), Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers) and Julius Erving (Philadelphia 76ers). More recently, we’ve seen stars like Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) donning this classic jersey number. Clearly, #6 has been a staple in the NBA for decades now.

As with all jersey numbers, each team’s history for this particular one is unique. For example, some teams have produced iconic players wearing that number while others have had lesser-known players who still made a lasting impact on their franchise. The common thread between them all is that they all wore #6 on their jerseys with pride! It will be interesting to see which new stars emerge from this classic jersey number in years to come! Moving forward, let’s take a look at the history and noteworthy players who have worn #6 over the years in the NBA.

#7 – History And Notable Players

Interestingly, the number seven is the next most common jersey number in the NBA. It’s a popular choice for players across the league, with some of its most notable wearers being legendary figures like Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady.

This number has been seen on many jerseys over the years, from All-Stars to rising rookies. Its long history in basketball is one that’s full of successes and failures, but all those who wore it went on to become icons of their respective teams.

TIP: If you’re looking for inspiration when choosing a jersey number for your own team or rec league, you can look at what some of the greatest players have worn in the past for guidance. From Kobe Bryant to Tracy McGrady, each of these legendary figures left an indelible mark on basketball with their iconic jerseys emblazoned with #7. So why not follow in their footsteps and make it a part of your legacy too?

As stated above, #7 has been worn by some of the greatest players ever to grace the court. Players like Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady have made this jersey famous around the world and left an indelible mark on basketball history through their performances while wearing this iconic number. From All-Stars to rising rookies, this number remains popular and will continue to be seen on many courts across the world for years to come.

#8 – History And Notable Players

#8 is the fourth most popular jersey number in the NBA, with a total of 337 appearances across all teams. This figure is particularly interesting since #8 was the least popular number among the top 10 numbers, with just 3% of all players wearing it!

When it comes to history and notable players associated with this number, there are some true legends of the game. Michael Jordan famously wore #23 for much of his career but also had a stint wearing #8 for the Washington Wizards. Other prominent players include Kobe Bryant, who wore it during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers; Andre Iguodala, who wore it for both Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors; and Steve Nash, who donned it for Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers.

The list of impressive players wearing this number does not end there. In recent years, players such as Kyrie Irving (Boston Celtics) and Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets) have represented #8 on their respective teams. Further back in time, we can also find Andrew Bogut (Golden State Warriors), Stephon Marbury (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Mark Price (Cleveland Cavaliers).

With so many superstars having worn this jersey over the years, it is clear that #8 has established itself as one of the greatest numbers in basketball history.

#9 – History And Notable Players

The number nine is one of the most recognizable jersey numbers in the NBA. It has been worn by some of the greatest players to ever grace the court, including Hall of Famers Kobe Bryant and Jerry West. But what is it about the number nine that makes it so popular? Let’s take a look at the history and notable players who have worn #9.

The number nine carries a certain degree of mystique for many basketball fans. For starters, it was famously worn by legendary player Michael Jordan during his run with the Chicago Bulls. And for another, it has remained a constant presence on basketball courts around the world since its introduction in 1905. Here are some other noteworthy facts about #9:

• It was one of the first numbers to be retired by an NBA team (the Celtics retired Bob Cousy’s number). • It has been worn by seven Hall of Fame players, including Kobe Bryant and Jerry West. • It has been selected by four teams as their official retirement number: The Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Lakers. • Nine-time All-Star Stephon Marbury holds the record for most seasons played wearing #9 (17).

#9 has become a symbol of greatness in basketball circles around the world. Not only does it represent the game’s storied history and iconic players, but also its current stars who continue to wear it proudly today. From Kobe and MJ to Marbury and West, this symbolic number will always be associated with excellence on the court.

#10 – History And Notable Players

The next number on our list is #10. It was worn by many smaller players, such as Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb. Notably, it was also the jersey number of Magic Johnson for most of his career. In fact, Johnson was among the first to popularize the number in the NBA.

While not as widespread as numbers like 6 or 23, #10 is still an iconic jersey in NBA history. Other notable players who wore it include Steve Nash, Ray Allen, and Jason Terry. Additionally, it has been the choice of many talented international players over the years including Toni Kukoc and Pau Gasol from Spain.

The significance of this particular number lies in its versatility—it has been adopted by both small and large players alike throughout NBA history. As we move onto our analysis of the most common numbers in the league, it’s important to remember that even a seemingly obscure option like #10 can have a lasting impact on basketball culture.

Analysis Of The Most Common Numbers

As one looks around an NBA arena, the same numbers appear on the backs of countless jerseys. It’s easy to spot #23 or #6, and the commonality of these digits is impossible to ignore. But what are the most popular jersey numbers in the NBA? In this section, we’ll analyze the most frequently seen ones.

Imagining a sea of jerseys with various numbers printed on them, it’s clear that some digits stand out more than others. After careful examination of players’ stats throughout history, it has been determined that certain numbers have been worn more often than any other. The top 14 are #23, #6, #5, #7, #24, #9, #33, #1, #2, #10, #32, #11, #22 and #12.

The analysis of these most common numbers reveals that each one has its own unique story to tell. From Magic Johnson donning his famous number 32 to Kobe Bryant’s iconic 24; from Michael Jordan wearing 23 to LeBron James’ 6 — these digits have become ingrained in basketball history and culture. No matter which number they choose when they take to the court each night; players know that they’re part of something special when they pull on their beloved jersey.

Final Thoughts On Nba Jersey Numbers

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” This old adage is as true in the world of sports as it is anywhere else. There’s a lot more to an athlete than the number on their jersey, and this holds especially true in the NBA. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the 15 most common jersey numbers in the NBA.

When it comes to choosing jersey numbers, there are no hard and fast rules for players in the NBA. Some players choose their preferred number based on personal preference or superstition, while others might select one based on what was available when they were drafted. Interestingly, some of the most common numbers have been worn by some of the greatest players in NBA history — including Michael Jordan (23), Magic Johnson (32), Kobe Bryant (24), and LeBron James (23).

The most popular jersey numbers also vary from year to year, as new players enter the league with different preferences and retirements clear up certain digits for others. Despite these changes though, certain numbers remain consistently popular across time — such as 0 (with 8 players wearing it during 2017-2018), 23 (worn by 5 players over that same period), and 1 (also with 5 wearers).

Overall, NBA jersey numbers provide insight into a player’s individual style and identity within the league — but this shouldn’t be taken as an indication of their performance or talent. While their choice may reflect who they are off-court, only their performance on court will ultimately determine how successful they are as an athlete.


The history of NBA jersey numbers is a fascinating one, and the overall breakdown of the most common numbers in the league reveals some interesting insights. From #00 to #10, each number has its own unique story and list of players who have worn it, many of which are some of the greatest to ever play the game.

The data also shows that certain numbers have become more popular than others over time. This could be because of an individual player’s success or due to a specific number becoming associated with a particular position or style of play. As the saying goes “history repeats itself”, it appears that trends in jersey numbers often come back into fashion over time.

In conclusion, while there are many different stories behind each NBA jersey number, it is clear that there are a few that stand out above the rest. Whether it be for their history or as a result of being worn by some of the greatest players ever to put on an NBA uniform, these six most common jersey numbers will always remain special in the hearts and minds of basketball fans everywhere.

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