There are many ways to make your basketball shoes more grippy, but here are the most popular ones: sandpaper, glue, vaseline, and grip lotions. Sandpaper will help increase traction in your shoes, but it will also make them harder to slip off. Grip enhancers will improve traction, and you can spray them with grip lotions or a special spray that will make them even stickier.


You can scuff up your basketball shoes to increase their traction without buying new ones. If you’re looking for an easy way to grit up your shoes, sandpaper is an effective tool. You can purchase 100-grit sandpaper at your local hardware store. The material scuffs up the soles of shoes to make them more grippy and makes them less slippery. Sandpaper is a great way to break in a new pair of shoes and also helps prevent the annoying squeak.

Sandpaper has many benefits, but it may not work well on all kinds of shoes. For best results, only use sandpaper on the rubber outsoles of shoes. If you accidentally use it on the upper part of your shoe, it may damage it. Cut a piece of sandpaper and rub it across the surface of your shoe. Repeat this process as often as necessary to get better results.

Another way to make your shoes more grippy is to clean them. Scrubbing your basketball shoes can make them more grippy. You can use a soft cloth or paring knife to lightly score the bottom of your shoes. Make sure to avoid slicing the rubber too deeply. These methods do not affect the durability of the shoes, but they will prevent your shoes from slipping on the court. The process should take no longer than a couple of minutes for each shoe.

Other ways to make your basketball shoes more grippy include using sticky mats. This helps to get rid of dirt from the grooves of your shoes, which will make them less slippery. If your shoes are too dirty, you can also use a traction mat. Traction mats come in disposable sheets. Simply keep the top sheet in place until all of the adhesive is covered. Then, you can peel off the top sheet and expose a new one. This will improve your traction and control.

If your shoes are brand new, you may find that their soles are very slippery. A good way to improve this is to wear them for a few weeks. If your shoes are brand new, you should let them wear down naturally over time. If you don’t want to make your shoes even grittier, you can abrade them with sandpaper. Sandpaper can also improve the traction of the outsole of your shoes.

Grip lotions

If you’re a basketball player, you’re probably looking for ways to make your sneakers more grippy. Luckily, there are many easy ways to improve the grip on your basketball shoes. Some of them involve adding grip lotions to the bottom of your shoes. These products can be applied with a spray, mat, or cloth. However, these methods are temporary. For a permanent solution, you should consider using a more permanent solution.

To increase your grip, you should clean your shoes as often as possible. Dirt and residues in the shoe’s sole can decrease its traction. A solution of water and liquid soap is an effective way to remove dirt and grime from your shoes. After cleaning, you should allow them to air dry. To improve their grip, you can also add powdered graphite to the bottom. And you can always add vaseline.

Grip lotions are easy to use sprays that coat the sole and provide a sticky surface. A quick spritz of grip lotion on your shoes will give you an extra layer of traction, so they’re perfect for the gym. Or, you can use a traction mat. The adhesive surface of a traction mat can add traction to your shoes. If you don’t have any extra money, consider purchasing a pair of basketball-specific shoes instead. This will make them last longer.

Another way to increase traction is by applying gel to the bottom of your basketball shoes. These gels work well for an extended period of time. You should follow the instructions on the label for application. Lastly, you can add a little saliva to the bottom of your shoes to increase the amount of traction. Unfortunately, these methods are both not very hygienic. Aside from applying gel, you should also wash your shoes as often as possible.

A dirty shoe is also the culprit behind poor grip. Dirt and grime accumulates in the grooves of the rubber sole and decreases traction. Regularly cleaning your shoes with a cloth will help you remove the dirt and improve their traction. If this doesn’t work, consider buying a portable hoop and using it in your backyard. This can be a great option if your shoes aren’t quite that old.

Sticky pads

A great way to make your basketball shoes more grippy is to add traction gel to the sole. This substance has a great moisture retention ability and is highly effective at improving traction. To apply gel to the sole, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Once you’ve followed the directions and the gel has cured, you can wear your shoes as usual. But before you start applying gel, make sure that you read the product’s label carefully.

Another simple way to make your shoes more grippy is to use grip lotion. These sprays cover the bottom of your shoes and give them a sticky coating. A quick spritz gives them extra grip. Sticky mats are another easy way to improve your shoes’ grip. You can also get a portable basketball hoop and use it in the backyard. But don’t forget to clean your shoes properly first!

The second way to make your shoes more grippy is to apply grip gel to the bottom. These products are inexpensive and easy to apply. You can even spray them on the bottom of your shoes if you’re looking for a temporary solution. You can buy them in sports stores and sporting goods aisles. They can also be purchased online. Lastly, you can try to put them on the floor in order to increase the traction.

A third way to make your shoes more grippy is by using saliva on them. Using saliva on your shoes is unhygienic and can cause blisters, so try to avoid it as much as possible. Just make sure to wipe them well after use! And last but not least, don’t forget to apply grip-enhancing gels if your shoes are getting a little too dry. This will help restore your shoes to their factory-level grip.

Sandpaper is another option to increase the gripping power of your basketball shoes. You can also apply some vaseline or powdered graphite to the soles to make them grippy. After that, you’re ready to wear them for practice and a game. However, remember that these methods are temporary. They won’t last forever, so you’ll need to take them off after a few days of use.

Spraying with grip enhancer

If cleaning your shoes with a damp rag isn’t working, consider spraying with a grip enhancer. You can also try rubbing in powdered graphite or a dab of vaseline. This will add extra traction and grip to your shoes. Once you’ve cleaned your shoes, spraying with a grip enhancer will help you play better.

If you don’t have time to refinish your basketball shoes, you can always try spraying them with a grip enhancer. These products contain a substance that helps improve traction on hardwood floors. When applied on the bottom of a basketball shoe, the product softens the rubber, making it more sticky and grippy. This method can make any shoe grippy and extend its life significantly.

Another method to improve traction is wiping the bottom of your basketball shoes. You can do this before or after you play. A clean bottom is essential for proper traction, as the grippyness of the shoe is largely dependent on its cleanliness. Afterwards, you should air-dry the shoes. Lastly, spraying with grip enhancer can help restore the traction of your shoes to their factory level.

The outsole tread pattern on a basketball shoe can greatly affect your performance. Proper cleaning will improve the outsole’s grip and increase the surface area. However, you should avoid spraying the shoe sole with traction enhancer if you want to maintain your traction for as long as possible. You can even use glue to apply grip enhancer. Once the glue dries, the shoe will become grippy.

Another way to increase the traction on your basketball shoes is to use sandpaper. If the shoes are made of leather, this will help increase the grip. Similarly, if you use suede or other materials on the outsole, sanding the leather will increase the grip. If you have a pair of leather sneakers, you can use them as a canvas to paint on grip enhancer.

Lastly, clean your basketball shoes properly. Dirt on the soles of basketball shoes will greatly reduce the grip. These substances accumulate on the shoe’s bottom and cause the shoes to slide easily on hardwood floors. By cleaning the shoes with soapy water and scrubbing the sole with a stiff brush, you can remove the dust and dirt that’s accumulated on them.

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