As the winter chill descends, the bright lights of the NBA court heat up with some of its most popular players. December is a special month for these players, when their skills and determination are born anew each year. And just like a Christmas miracle, these legendary athletes have blessed us with their talent and passion for the game.

The National Basketball Association has seen many greats rise to fame throughout its long history. From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to LeBron James, December babies have made an indelible mark on basketball in their own unique way. Whether it’s Kobe Bryant’s buzzer beaters or Stephen Curry’s signature three-pointers, these players have dazzled fans and become household names.

It takes hard work, dedication and skill to make it to the top in professional sports. But for some of these NBA stars, being born in December has also played a part in their success. In this article we will take a look at some of the most popular players who were born during this festive time of year, and discover what makes them so beloved by millions around the world.

Kobe Bryant – December 23, 1978

Kobe Bryant is one of the most beloved and popular NBA players of all time. Born on December 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kobe was destined to become a basketball star. After high school he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets but then traded immediately to the Los Angeles Lakers where he played his entire career. His success included five championships with the Lakers and two Olympic gold medals. He also won numerous awards such as an MVP and 18 All-Star selections.

Kobe’s greatness extended beyond just the court as he was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2009 and Forbes listed him as one of the world’s highest paid athletes from 2012-2016. His untimely death in 2020 led to an outpouring of grief from around the world as people remembered his incredible life and legacy.

Kobe will always be remembered for his skill on the court, his unwavering determination to succeed, and his passion for inspiring others. His impact on basketball culture will never be forgotten. As we move into discussing Vince Carter’s accomplishments, it’s clear that Kobe set a high bar for any NBA player born in December to strive for.

Vince Carter – December 26, 1977

Vince Carter, born on December 26, 1977, is one of the most popular NBA players in history. Nicknamed “Half Man, Half Amazing,” he was a phenomenal player who could do it all. He had an impressive vertical leap that allowed him to make some memorable highlight plays. Carter was also a great shooter and passer who could score from all over the court. His ability to make difficult shots and passes made him a threat to opponents every time he stepped on the court.

What made Carter stand out even more was his leadership. He had a great work ethic and was always looking for ways to make his team better. He was also unselfish, often sacrificing his own stats for the benefit of the team. His leadership earned him respect from both fans and fellow players alike.

Carter’s career accomplishments speak for themselves: eight All-Star appearances, two Olympic gold medals, and one Slam Dunk Contest title are just some of them. He may not have been as successful as Kobe Bryant or other stars of his generation, but Vince Carter definitely deserves recognition as one of the greatest players ever born in December. To this day, he remains an inspiration to many basketball fans around the world. With that said, let’s move on to Kyrie Irving – March 23, 1992…

Kyrie Irving – March 23, 1992

Kyrie Irving, born on March 23, 1992, is a basketball superstar who has made an impressive impact on the NBA. He’s a six-time All-Star and NBA champion who has built a strong reputation as one of the game’s premier scoring point guards. Kyrie is known for his creative handles and slick finishing around the rim.

Kyrie’s skill set is truly remarkable. His ability to create off the dribble, pull up from deep and finish through contact makes him one of the toughest covers in the league. He can score in bunches and make difficult shots when needed. Additionally, he’s a great passer who can find his teammates in tight spots. Here are some of Kyrie’s most impressive feats:

• Scoring: Kyrie has averaged over 24 points per game in five out of his nine seasons so far and was recently named the sixth-highest scoring point guard of all time with more than 20,000 career points scored.

• Playmaking: Kyrie has averaged over 6 assists per game four times throughout his career while dishing out 10 or more assists 11 times; an incredible achievement for someone who plays primarily as a scorer.

These feats combined with his championships rings make him an inspiring force that many young players look up to. It’s no wonder why he continues to be one of the most popular players in today’s NBA landscape!

Overall, Kyrie Irving is one of today’s top stars due to his outstanding offensive skillset and championship pedigree. With each passing season he continues to elevate his game and prove why he belongs among basketball’s elite players – setting himself apart from other players born in December as well as other generations before him. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what else he can accomplish with the remainder of his career!

Carmelo Anthony – May 29, 1984

Carmelo Anthony stands out as a beacon of basketball greatness. His talent for the game is renowned, and his drive and determination are unmatched. He was born May 29th, 1984 in Brooklyn, New York, and continues to be one of the most popular players in the NBA today.

Anthony was an early standout in high school, leading Syracuse University’s Orange to their first ever National Championship in 2003. From then he continued to excel at every level of the professional basketball world, becoming one of the greatest players to ever grace the court. He has been selected 10 times for All-Star teams, won 3 Olympic gold medals with Team USA and even holds a host of records with both his former team Denver Nuggets and current team Portland Trail Blazers.

His impact on the game is undeniable and has earned him an incredible legacy that will stand tall through generations of fans. With his outstanding achievements both on and off the court, it’s no surprise that Carmelo Anthony remains one of the most beloved NBA stars today. His passion for basketball truly shines through with every performance he puts on – making him a true icon of the sport.

Tracy Mcgrady – May 24, 1979

The fifth popular NBA player born in December is Tracy McGrady. He was born on May 24th, 1979 and has had a long-standing career as an all star player. His prowess in the NBA has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

McGrady’s skill set was so diverse that he could play both guard positions as well as small forward. He was a seven-time All Star and two-time scoring champion. His ability to score, create shots for others, rebound and make plays at the defensive end made him one of the most complete players to ever take the court.

His career was cut short due to injury, but his legacy will live on forever in basketball circles. With a career average of over 19 points per game, McGrady left his mark on the game and will be remembered for generations to come as one of December’s most talented NBA stars. As we move along with our list of popular players born in December, we see Chris Paul’s name appear next – born on May 6th 1985.

Chris Paul – May 6, 1985

Ah, the sixth NBA player born in December – Chris Paul. The epitome of success, Paul has worked hard to make his mark on the basketball court. After all, what’s not to love about a guy who can do it all? He runs the point with ease and efficiency, shoots with accuracy and consistency, and can stop an opposing team’s offense in its tracks. It’s no wonder he is one of the most popular NBA players out there!

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Chris Paul is so beloved among his fans: • He is a true leader on the court – always motivating and pushing his teammates to give their best effort. • His passion for basketball is unmatched – he plays with a fire that inspires everyone around him. • He never stops working – he is always looking for ways to improve his game and help his team succeed. • His commitment to giving back – Paul has founded several charities that support education and health initiatives for children in need.

Chris Paul truly embodies what it means to be an outstanding basketball player. He displays leadership qualities both on and off the court, has an unrivaled work ethic, and gives back to those in need. With such impressive traits, it’s easy to see why Chris Paul has become one of the most popular NBA players today!

Dwyane Wade – January 17, 1982

  1. Dwyane Wade – January 17, 1982. Dwyane Wade is a former NBA player and three-time champion. He’s widely considered one of the greatest shooting guards of all time and was part of the Miami Heat’s Big Three, alongside LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Here are three reasons why Wade is so beloved:

First, his incredible athleticism allowed him to make athletic plays that few others could match. He was a master at using his body to get around defenders and finish at the rim despite the fact that he wasn’t particularly tall for a guard. Additionally, he had an uncanny ability to draw fouls with his craftiness and quickness off the dribble.

Second, Wade has made an impact off the court as well. He established The Wade’s World Foundation in 2003 which provides educational resources to low-income youth in South Florida, Chicago and Milwaukee. Furthermore, he was given the Key to Miami by Mayor Manny Diaz in 2008 for his commitment to his hometown.

Finally, Wade is renowned for his leadership abilities both on and off the court. During his career with the Heat, he set an example for younger players on how to be successful on and off the court through hard work and dedication. Moreover, he was always willing to mentor young players who were trying to break into the league and help them with any issues they were facing throughout their careers.

Wade will forever be remembered as one of basketball’s most iconic figures due to his success on the court as well as his contributions off it.

Derrick Rose – October 4, 1988

Making a name for himself in the basketball world, Derrick Rose became a household name. Entering the league with an incredible amount of hype, Rose quickly established himself as one of the top players in the game. Blessed with athleticism and an unyielding competitive spirit, he was born on October 4th, 1988 and grew up to be a leader for his team.

Known for his unique ability to get to the rim at will, Rose took over games with his electrifying style of play. His drive and determination made him one of the most exciting players to watch on any given night. He formed an unstoppable combination with fellow teammate Jimmy Butler that helped propel them deep into the playoffs.

Rose continued to make waves in the NBA despite injuries slowing him down throughout his career. He fought through adversity and still managed to keep playing at a high level until he decided to retire in 2020. His legacy is cemented as one of the best players ever born in December, and he will no doubt be remembered as one of basketball’s greatest talents. With that said, it’s time now to move onto our next player- LeBron James on December 30th, 1984.

Lebron James – December 30, 1984

Ah, the legendary Lebron James, born on December 30th, 1984. He’s a basketball player who is so famous that he needs no introduction. His name has become synonymous with greatness and his achievements have been revered by sports fans across the globe. It’s almost impossible to think of an NBA player more popular than him! Here are just a few of his accomplishments that make him one of the best:

• 4-time NBA MVP • 16-time All-Star selection • 3-time NBA Champion • 15-time All-NBA team member

What makes Lebron James so special? He’s strong and fast, but what sets him apart from other players is his ability to make everyone around him better. From passing off the ball to motivating his teammates, he always puts the team first. He can score at will and his defense is second to none. Simply put, Lebron James is an NBA legend in every sense of the word!

Lebron James has achieved greatness both on and off the court. He has won numerous awards for excellence in both areas and is a great role model for aspiring athletes everywhere. His continued success over the years proves why he will go down as one of the greatest players ever to play in the NBA. With that said, it’s time to move onto another player born in December – Isaiah Thomas!

Isaiah Thomas – February 7, 1989

Ah, the ever-elusive Isaiah Thomas – a man shrouded in mystery. While we all know he’s one of the greatest NBA players ever born in December, few of us know much else about him; after all, his birthday is a full two months off from our beloved Christmas. Though we can’t send him a festive card, we can certainly take a moment to appreciate this incredible player who has graced us with his presence.

Isaiah Thomas was born on February 7th, 1989 and while he may not have been born during the holiday season like some of his contemporaries, he’s definitely made an impact felt throughout the world of basketball. He has quite the impressive resume – from being selected as an All-Star twice to helping lead his team to the Eastern Conference Finals twice – and it’s no surprise that he’s become such a popular name in the NBA today.

He also holds several records that make him stand out among other players; most notably, he holds the record for most points scored in one quarter (29). His passionate plays and intense scoring ability make him a great player to watch and cheer for – even if it isn’t December. In short, Isaiah Thomas is an amazing talent and one that deserves recognition for all his hard work over the years!

Allen Iverson – June 7, 1975

The 11th popular NBA player born in December is Allen Iverson, who was born on June 7th, 1975. His incredible skill and dynamic athleticism have made him one of the most iconic players in modern basketball history. A true testament to his greatness can be seen in the fact that he was selected as the first overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft.

This electrifying guard has been lauded for his unique style of play, which combined speed and agility with an unyielding determination to win. Iverson quickly became a fan favorite due to his willingness to take risks on the court, even if it meant making mistakes from time to time. He also demonstrated a strong sense of leadership and loyalty throughout his career, while showing relentless dedication to the game.

Iverson’s accomplishments are almost too numerous to list, but some of his greatest achievements include: winning four scoring titles; being named MVP of the 2001 All-Star game; and being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016. His legacy continues live on through countless highlight reels and quotes that will remain timeless for years to come.

Iverson’s undeniable impact on basketball cannot be overstated – he was an innovator who pushed boundaries and inspired countless players along the way. It’s no surprise that he remains one of the most beloved figures in sports today. With that said, let’s move onto our next NBA player born in December: Paul Pierce – October 13th 1977.

Paul Pierce – October 13, 1977

Paul Pierce, born on October 13, 1977, is like a diamond in the rough – an unexpected gem. His star has shone so brightly throughout his career that it’s hard to believe he was born in December rather than June or July. After all, he has achieved more than most players who were drafted into the NBA.

Pierce played college basketball at Kansas and was the 10th overall pick in the 1998 NBA Draft. He then went on to play for the Boston Celtics for 15 seasons and won an NBA Championship in 2008. During his time with the Celtics, Pierce made eight All-Star appearances and was named MVP of the 2002 All-Star Game. In addition, he was also named to four All-NBA teams and three All-Defensive teams over his career.

His impact on basketball transcends stats and awards though; Pierce led Boston to multiple playoff runs during his tenure there, including a victory over LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012. As a result of all these accomplishments, Paul Pierce will always be remembered as one of the greatest players born in December. Transitioning smoothly into our next section, we explore Michael Jordan’s incredible legacy which began when he was born on February 17, 1963.

Michael Jordan – February 17, 1963

There is no one more iconic in the world of basketball than Michael Jordan. He’s been called a living legend, and it’s not an understatement. His story starts with his birth in February 1963. Jordan was born with an incredible talent for the game of basketball, and he quickly became one of the most popular players in history.

Jordan was a master tactician on the court, known for his intense defensive presence and ability to score points when it mattered most. He led the Chicago Bulls to six championships during his career, winning MVP awards three times. Off the court, Jordan had a notable influence on pop culture as well; his signature shoes, Gatorade commercials, and movie appearances only added to his legacy.

Jordan’s success has been inspiring generations of athletes since he first stepped onto the court as a professional player in 1984. His impact on the NBA will be felt forever; he revolutionized how we think about basketball strategy, athleticism, and leadership both on and off the court. As we look towards Russell Westbrook’s career ahead of him, it’s impossible not to draw comparisons with Jordan’s legendary story that came before him.

Russell Westbrook – November 12, 1988

Russell Westbrook, the 14th in the list of popular NBA players born in December, is a symbol of determination and resilience. His hard work and dedication have earned him accolades such as being selected to nine consecutive All-Star games and winning two MVP awards. He has become an inspiration to many aspiring basketball players. Here are four reasons why he is one of the most decorated players in the NBA:

  1. He is known for his incredible physicality on the court, making him a threat to opponents with his speed and agility.
  2. He is also renowned for his superb court vision, allowing him to find open teammates for easy buckets.
  3. His unwavering perseverance allows him to push himself beyond limits and make difficult shots when needed.
  4. He has the ability to take charge of any situation on the court, becoming a leader of his team when necessary.

His unprecedented drive and passion have made him into one of the most successful players in NBA history. These qualities have helped him reach heights that few could ever dream of achieving. Westbrook’s story shows that if you put your heart into something, great things can be accomplished. With this example set by Russell Westbrook, let us move forward onto our next player – Stephen Curry – who was born on March 14th 1988.

Stephen Curry – March 14, 1988

A dazzling show of ball-handling, an artful display of shooting, and a powerhouse performance on the court – these are the hallmarks of Stephen Curry’s game. Born on March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio, Curry is one of the most renowned NBA players in recent times.

Curry’s talent was evident from his college years, where he was part of Davidson College’s NCAA tournament run and was eventually named MVP for two consecutive seasons. After going undrafted in 2009 and making a slow start to his NBA career with the Golden State Warriors, he soon rose through the ranks with his breathtaking shooting accuracy from long range shots and ability to dribble through tight gaps.

In 2016, Curry won two MVP awards consecutively and led the Warriors to their first championship title in 40 years. His achievements have made him one of the most sought after players in the league today. He has become an inspiration for aspiring basketball players across the world. No doubt Curry will continue to set new records and make history as he continues his journey in the NBA.


The fifteen NBA players born in December are some of the best to ever play the game. Their talent and tenacity on the court have set them apart from their peers and made them household names. Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce, Michael Jordan, Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry are all legends in their own right. Each of these players has brought something unique to the game that resonates with fans until this day.

When you look at each player’s career accomplishments it’s easy to understand why they have become so popular among basketball fans around the world. Their incredible skill on the court is like a painting that can be admired for its beauty and complexity. They have played at an extremely high level for so many years that it’s hard to imagine them not being part of the basketball conversation.

These fifteen NBA players were all born in December but their impact on the game will never be forgotten no matter what month or year it is. From legendary moments to championships won, these stars have made a mark on history that will last forever. They truly are special players who deserve all of the praise they receive for their accomplishments both on and off the court.

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