Using the wrong size basketball can lead to poor shooting fundamentals. Youth basketballs are generally lighter in weight than standard adult-sized basketballs. If your child is in the age group where he/she will begin playing competitive games, consider a rubber basketball. But remember, a rubber basketball is lighter than a full-size one. In addition to weight, consider how much space the ball will take up.

Size 7 is the official size

The official basketball size for boys and girls is size 7. As an example, men’s basketballs are size 7 and women’s basketballs are sizes 6 and 8. As for a child’s basketball, the size for 12 year old boys is the size 7 and the size 6 for a child of the same age is the same as the one for seven year olds. Nevertheless, if your child has grown into a man, size 7 will most likely be his first basketball.

The size of a basketball should be selected carefully. Most sports equipment brands recommend buying a size larger than what the child actually needs. Besides the size difference between the boys and girls, a child’s hand size will determine which basketball size is right for him. Buying a basketball that is too big will develop bad habits that will be difficult to break as an adult. The size 7 basketball is about double the weight of a size 5 basketball and is much too heavy for a 12 year old. It will also hinder a child’s ability to learn shooting fundamentals.

A size 7 basketball is the proper size for 12 year old boys. It has a circumference of 27 inches and weighs approximately 17 oz. A size 7 basketball is the right size for men and college players. Depending on the age of a child, you should purchase a ball with the right size for them. You can find a basketball with various prices and qualities on the Internet.

Youth size basketballs are lighter in weight

Compared to adult-sized basketballs, youth-sized balls are much easier to palm and are smaller in circumference. These lighter-weight balls are perfect for young players, who need to learn the rules and basics of the game. The smaller size also encourages more confidence in younger players. While they do not weigh as much as the adult-sized balls, they are just as durable and safe. Here are some tips for choosing a basketball for young players.

One of the main differences between the two sizes of basketballs is the weight. The size five basketball is 481 grams, and is for young children and adolescents. As the players get older, the weight and size increase as well. The NBA basketball weighs 623 grams, but is only slightly heavier. While a youth-sized basketball is lighter in weight, the NBA-sized ball is heavier. Whether you’re an amateur player or a professional, there’s a basketball for you.

One of the best tips for selecting a basketball for your child is to read a basketball size chart. A youth-sized basketball should be about 4 inches longer and 2.5 inches wider than a teenager-sized basketball. This will help your child learn how to shoot the ball. You can also buy smaller basketballs for your children if they want to practice their shooting skills. If you’re looking for the right size for your child, you can use the youth size basketballs to learn basic basketball skills.

Using the wrong size ball can lead to poor shooting fundamentals

It’s common for youth basketball players to use the wrong size basketball. Using the wrong size ball can cause bad shooting fundamentals and bad habits. Many basketball manufacturers and websites recommend the wrong size, but Breakthrough Basketball offers expert recommendations. If you’re unsure of what size ball to buy, follow these guidelines. A size 7 basketball is appropriate for a boy in grade nine or higher, and is considered the official basketball size for men.

A size six basketball is two ounces lighter and an inch smaller in circumference. This weight and size difference can have a big impact on how the ball handles. A size six basketball is a great choice for a 12 year old player, while a size three ball, also known as a mini, is 12 inches in circumference and weighs only 10 ounces. Kids in grades four through seven can easily handle a size three ball.

Rubber basketballs are suited for younger players

Basketballs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. The material that a ball is made of will determine the size and weight. Knowing what type of basketball is right for your child will help you make a good purchase. It is possible to pick out which ball a teammate is using simply by hearing their dribble. Here are some examples of the best basketballs for kids. And remember that a rubber ball will bounce better than a composite leather one.

The Wilson NCAA Killer Crossover basketball is designed for children ages four and seven. This lightweight composite leather ball is easy to bounce. Its wide channels on the surface of the ball help the player to have good grip and control. This basketball also lasts longer when playing on an outdoor asphalt court. It is recommended for younger players. There are many reasons to choose a rubber basketball for kids. Listed below are some reasons why.

A rubber basketball has a higher bounce than a leather ball, which is important to consider when choosing a basketball for your child. A basketball is not suited for a child if it is too large or too small. Having a smaller size is better for younger players because they can grip the ball better with small hands. Youth basketballs come in several different sizes, and each size is considered appropriate for kids.

Indoor vs. outdoor basketballs

There are several differences between outdoor and indoor basketballs, but it’s important to note that both are made for playing in a gym or on a hard floor. While some of the outdoor basketballs have a label “outdoor,” they can be used indoors as well. While some basketballs are labeled as “outdoor” but are more durable, you should look for a durable ball if you’re playing in a public area.

A good basketball should have more than three pebbles, especially if you’re playing on a concrete court. A good indoor basketball will have 35,000 small pebbles in its surface for superior grip. These pebbles will help your child play with the ball even when it’s damp. On the other hand, a good outdoor ball will be made from a durable material like composite leather that provides a tacky grip. The Wilson Evolution offers a good grip, and the Spalding NBA Zi/O has the best grip of any hybrid basketball.

If you’re looking for an outdoor basketball for your 12-year-old, you can choose the Spalding NBA Street model. This ball’s high-performance rubber cover will bounce consistently. It will also be tough enough to handle an asphalt court without breaking. It has deep channels for better grip, and it won’t need a break-in period. Another excellent outdoor ball is the Spalding Street Outdoor Basketball.


There are many different types of basketball for children, but most are close to full size. If your child has just begun playing the sport, we suggest purchasing an indoor/outdoor basketball made of synthetic leather or rubber. These balls are incredibly durable and can be used anywhere, including inside. It is important to choose a basketball that is the right size for your child’s height, as a too-large ball may lead to improper shooting form. A colorful ball is an excellent way to spark an interest in the sport.

The top brands of youth basketballs are WILSON, AND1, and Spalding. Of these brands, our top pick is the #1 selling product on Amazon. This product received honest feedback from 386 customers and has an average rating of 4.7. The top product was reviewed by Jason Kiser, a California-based writer with expertise in outdoor sports, backpacking, hiking, and camping. If you are looking for a basketball for your 12 year-old, he recommends purchasing an AND1 or a WILSON.

Marking the ball with a permanent marker

If your 12-year-old has inadvertently marked the basketball with a permanent marker, don’t fret – there are ways to remove the ink from leather, vinyl, and other materials. A cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe away the ink. For metallic markers, you may have to prepare the pen first. If you’re marking the basketball with a metallic marker, wash it first with soap and water and scrub the permanent marker with a brush. Finally, rinse the ball with clean water and wipe it dry.

Once the basketball is dry, you can start decorating it. To make the ball look more attractive, you can use a black permanent marker. To make the ball stick out, color the entire panel. You can also make the air valve larger by coloring the entire panel with the marker. For example, if your 12 year old is fond of making his basketball look like a piece of art, you can use a black permanent marker to paint the valve.

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