Kevin Durant is a name that resonates with basketball fans across the globe. The 6’10” small forward has been a dominant force in the NBA since his debut in 2007, and his talent on the court has earned him numerous accolades over the years. One of the most interesting aspects of Durant’s career is undoubtedly the teams he has played for throughout his time in the league.

From the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors, Durant has made a lasting impact on each team he has been a part of. For fans who are new to basketball or simply curious about Durant’s journey, understanding which teams he played for and how he performed during those stints can provide valuable insight into one of the most successful players in recent NBA history. In this article, we will take a closer look at Kevin Durant’s NBA teams, examining each one and analyzing his performance during his time with them.

Seattle Supersonics (2007-2

Like a young sapling reaching for the sky, Kevin Durant burst onto the NBA scene with the Seattle SuperSonics in 2007. The franchise, which had a rich history dating back to 1967, was embroiled in a relocation controversy that would eventually see them move to Oklahoma City. However, during Durant’s rookie season, all eyes were on him as he made his mark on the league.

Despite being just 19 years old, Durant immediately made an impact for the Sonics. He averaged an impressive 20.3 points per game and 4.4 rebounds per game while shooting 43% from the field. His highlight reel was filled with memorable moments such as his first career double-double against the Boston Celtics and a stunning performance against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers where he dropped 24 points in a losing effort.

Durant’s rookie season may have been overshadowed by off-court drama surrounding the team’s future, but his individual performances did not go unnoticed. He was named Rookie of the Year and helped lay the foundation for what would eventually become one of the league’s most exciting young teams.

As Durant’s time with the Sonics came to an end, fans were left wondering what could have been if they had stayed in Seattle. But as fate would have it, Durant’s next chapter would be written in Oklahoma City as he joined forces with another rising star in Russell Westbrook.

Oklahoma City Thunder (2008-2

Kevin Durant’s NBA career began with the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he played from 2008-2016. As a rookie in the 2008-2009 season, Durant immediately made an impact, averaging over 20 points per game and earning Rookie of the Year honors. He continued to improve year after year, making multiple All-Star teams and leading the Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012.

Durant’s success on the court was matched by his leadership qualities off of it. Despite being one of the younger players on the team, he quickly established himself as a vocal leader and earned the respect of his teammates. His work ethic and dedication to improving every aspect of his game were also evident to those around him.

Despite all of Durant’s individual accolades and team success in Oklahoma City, there was always speculation about whether he would leave in free agency. Ultimately, after eight seasons with the Thunder, Durant decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

Transitioning into his time with Golden State will be interesting to see how Durant fits into a team that had already won a championship without him. The Warriors were already one of the most dominant teams in NBA history before Durant arrived, so it will be fascinating to see how they adapt their playing style to incorporate another superstar player into their lineup.

Golden State Warriors (2016-2

Durant’s arrival at the Golden State Warriors in 2016 was a pivotal moment for the team. The addition of Durant to an already formidable lineup that consisted of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green made it one of the most dominant teams in NBA history. Durant’s impact on the Warriors’ dynasty was immediate as he helped lead them to two consecutive NBA championships in 2017 and 2018.

Durant’s presence on the court elevated the team’s offensive game with his scoring prowess and ability to create opportunities for his teammates. In his first season with the Warriors, Durant averaged 25.1 points per game while shooting an impressive 53.7% from the field. His contributions were recognized when he was named NBA Finals MVP both times during their championship runs.

Despite being a crucial piece in Golden State’s success, Durant shocked fans by announcing his decision to leave the team after three seasons and join the Brooklyn Nets in 2019. Many speculated that his departure was due to internal conflicts within the Warriors organization or his desire to have a more prominent role on another team.

Durant’s decision to leave may have come as a surprise, but it did not diminish his legacy with the Warriors. His impact on their dynasty cannot be overstated, and he will always be remembered as one of their key players during one of their most successful eras. As we move forward into Durant’s tenure with the Brooklyn Nets (2019-present), we can only wonder what kind of impact he will have on this new team and where it will take them in future seasons.

Brooklyn Nets (2019-Present)

As Kevin Durant bid farewell to the Golden State Warriors in 2019, he embarked on a new journey with the Brooklyn Nets. The move was seen as a gamble for both parties; Durant was recovering from an Achilles injury and hadn’t played in over a year, while the Nets had struggled to make a splash in the league. However, it didn’t take long for Durant to prove his worth.

Despite missing much of his first season due to injury, Durant’s impact on Brooklyn was undeniable. His scoring ability and leadership skills helped transform the team into legitimate contenders. Alongside fellow superstar Kyrie Irving, he formed one of the most dynamic duos in the league. Their chemistry was evident on and off the court, and their partnership became a driving force behind the Nets’ success.

Durant’s individual performance also spoke volumes about his talent. In just his second year with the team, he led them to their first-ever Eastern Conference Finals appearance since 2003. He averaged an impressive 26.9 points per game during that playoff run and cemented himself as one of Brooklyn’s all-time greats.

Looking ahead, there is no doubt that Durant will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this franchise. His work ethic and dedication have already proven invaluable, and his partnership with Irving has set a strong foundation for years to come. As they gear up for another championship run, fans can’t help but wonder what else this dynamic duo has in store.

As we reflect on Kevin Durant’s time with the Brooklyn Nets thus far, it’s hard not to be impressed by what he’s accomplished. From transforming an underdog team into serious contenders to forming one of the most dynamic partnerships in recent memory, his impact on this organization cannot be overstated. But before we delve deeper into his current success, let’s take a step back and look at where it all began: his rookie season with the Sonics.

Rookie Season With The Sonics

Kevin Durant began his NBA career with the Seattle SuperSonics, where he was picked as the second overall draft pick in 2007. During his rookie season, he struggled at first to adapt to the intense and physical nature of the league. He had a lot on his plate as he tried to prove himself and live up to expectations as one of the most highly-touted rookies in recent memory.

Despite these challenges, Durant showed flashes of brilliance during his debut season. He was named Rookie of the Month for November, February, March, and April, finishing with an impressive average of 20.3 points per game. However, despite Durant’s individual success, the Sonics struggled as a team that year, winning only 20 games in total.

The team dynamics were not in Durant’s favor either; he was part of a young and inexperienced squad that lacked veteran leadership. Despite this challenge, Durant remained focused on improving his game and adapting to life in the NBA. His dedication to his craft would pay off years later when he became one of the best players in basketball history.

In retrospect, Kevin Durant’s rookie season with the Sonics was a challenging but essential period in his development as an athlete. It taught him perseverance and mental toughness as he battled through early struggles on a struggling team without much support or guidance. As we will see next, however, things would soon take a turn for Durant when he made his first playoff appearance with another team just two years later.

Durant’s First Playoff Appearance

Kevin Durant had prepared for his first playoff appearance for many months prior to the start of the season. His performances in the post-season were impressive, averaging 25.3 points, 7.6 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game. His teammates had been supportive of him throughout his journey, providing him with constant encouragement and advice. Durant also had the benefit of an experienced veteran presence in the locker room, helping him to better understand the playoffs and the high level of intensity associated with them. Moreover, his teammates provided him with a sense of confidence and camaraderie that allowed him to play with a greater level of comfort and poise. Ultimately, Durant’s first playoff experience was a huge success, and he was able to take his game to the next level.

Durant’s Preparation

Kevin Durant is known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His impressive skills, athleticism, and ability to score from virtually anywhere on the court have made him a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. But how did he prepare for his first playoff appearance? Let’s take a closer look at Durant’s training regimen and mental preparation.

Durant has always been dedicated to his craft, and his preparation for the playoffs was no exception. He worked tirelessly in the gym, focusing on building strength and endurance. He also spent countless hours honing his shooting skills, working on everything from mid-range jumpers to three-pointers. In addition to physical training, Durant also put a lot of effort into mental preparation. He studied game film, analyzing his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses in order to gain an edge on the court.

One key aspect of Durant’s training regimen was his focus on recovery. He knew that in order to perform at his best, he needed to take care of his body both during and after games. This meant getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated, as well as utilizing techniques such as ice baths and massage therapy to aid in recovery.

Ultimately, Durant’s dedication to both physical and mental preparation paid off in his first playoff appearance. He proved himself as a valuable player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, leading them deep into the postseason with his impressive scoring abilities and unwavering determination.

In conclusion, Kevin Durant’s success can be attributed not only to his natural talent but also to his rigorous training regimen and mental preparation. By focusing on both physical fitness and mental toughness, he was able to make a name for himself in the NBA and cement his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

His Performance

Offensive Dominance, Defensive Abilities: A Look at Kevin Durant’s Performance in the NBA

Kevin Durant’s first playoff appearance was impressive, to say the least. He established himself as a dominant offensive player with his incredible scoring abilities and range. His offensive dominance allowed him to become a go-to player for his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Throughout the playoffs, he consistently put up double-digit points and helped lead his team deep into the postseason.

However, Durant’s performance wasn’t just limited to offense. He also showed off his defensive abilities by getting key stops and rebounds when it mattered most. His length and athleticism made him a formidable opponent on both ends of the court, and he proved that he was more than just an offensive powerhouse.

Impact on Teammates, Leadership Style: Analyzing Kevin Durant’s Role on Different NBA Teams

Durant’s impact on his teammates and leadership style have been analyzed extensively throughout his career. In Oklahoma City, he emerged as a leader both on and off the court, guiding his team through tough times and leading by example with his work ethic. His unselfishness also allowed his teammates to shine, as he often made key passes or set screens to get them open shots.

After leaving Oklahoma City for Golden State, Durant faced criticism for joining a superteam. However, he quickly established himself as a valuable asset to the Warriors’ already talented roster. He seamlessly integrated into their system and proved that he could still be a leader even while playing alongside other star players like Stephen Curry.

In summary, Kevin Durant’s performance in his first playoff appearance showcased not only his offensive dominance but also his defensive abilities. His impact on teammates and leadership style have been analyzed throughout his career, revealing him as an all-around great player who can adapt to different teams’ needs.

Teammates’ Support

As Kevin Durant made his first playoff appearance, he was not alone. His teammates played an essential role in their team’s success, and their chemistry was evident on the court. Throughout the playoffs, Durant’s performance was elevated by his teammates’ support, allowing him to showcase his skills even more.

As a leader on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant encouraged his teammates to perform at their best. He recognized that individual success leads to team success and made sure that everyone felt appreciated. This positive dynamic had a significant impact on the team’s performance, as they were able to make it deep into the postseason.

After joining the Golden State Warriors, Durant continued to benefit from strong team chemistry. Playing alongside Steph Curry and Klay Thompson allowed him to thrive in a system that emphasized ball movement and unselfish play. His willingness to adapt to his new team’s style further solidified his place as one of the league’s best players.

In conclusion, Kevin Durant’s first playoff appearance was not only defined by his individual performance but also by his teammates’ chemistry and impact on his overall game. As a leader on both the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors, he proved that great players can elevate those around them through teamwork and selflessness.

Mvp Season With The Thunder

As the Thunder’s main offensive weapon, Kevin Durant had an unforgettable MVP season in 2013-2014. He averaged a career-high 32 points per game, shooting 50% from the field and 39.1% from beyond the arc. Despite his impressive statistics, he was controversially snubbed for the league’s most coveted individual award, which went to Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah.

However, despite this snub, Durant’s impact on the Thunder’s success was undeniable. His scoring prowess led the team to a 59-23 record and secured them the second seed in the Western Conference playoffs. He also played a role in helping his teammates improve their game by being a great facilitator of the ball.

Durant’s MVP-caliber performance carried over into the playoffs where he led the Thunder to a first-round victory against Memphis Grizzlies with an average of 33.2 points per game in five games. Unfortunately, they were unable to advance past the Western Conference Finals as they lost to eventual champions San Antonio Spurs in six games.

In retrospect, Durant’s MVP snub controversy is now long forgotten but what remains is his impact on the Thunder’s success during that season. His leadership on and off-court was instrumental in driving his team towards greatness and earning him much-deserved recognition as one of NBA’s all-time greats.

As we move forward into Durant’s career with the Thunder, it is important to note how his MVP season set up high expectations for him heading into their NBA Finals appearance against Miami Heat in 2012.

Nba Finals With The Thunder

During Kevin Durant’s tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he helped lead the team to the NBA finals in 2012. The Thunder faced off against the Miami Heat in a highly anticipated series, but ultimately fell short in five games. Despite the loss, Durant’s performance throughout the playoffs was impressive, averaging over 28 points per game and cementing himself as one of the league’s top players.

Off the court, Durant had a significant impact on the Oklahoma City community during his time with the Thunder. He established his own charity foundation and regularly participated in community service events around the city. His contributions both on and off the court made him a beloved figure among fans and residents alike.

Looking back at Durant’s NBA finals performance with the Thunder, it is clear that he left a lasting impact on the team and city. While they were unable to bring home a championship, his leadership and skill set laid a foundation for future success. Despite moving on to other teams later in his career, Durant remains a fan favorite in Oklahoma City for all that he did during his time there.

Transition: However, despite this strong connection to OKC, Durant would go on to make one of the most controversial moves in recent NBA history when he joined forces with another powerhouse team: The Golden State Warriors.

Controversial Move To The Warriors

Coincidentally, right after the NBA Finals with the Thunder, Kevin Durant made a controversial move to the Warriors. This would turn out to be one of the most significant decisions in his career and impact his legacy in various ways.

Durant’s move caused an uproar among fans and media alike. Many criticized him for joining a team that had just set the record for most wins in a regular season, calling it a cowardly move to chase an easy championship. However, others defended his decision as merely exercising his free agency rights and seeking better opportunities for himself. Regardless of these reactions, Durant’s move created a ripple effect that would change how future trades were viewed and executed.

Despite the initial backlash, Durant proved himself on the court by helping lead the Warriors to two championship wins in 2017 and 2018. He also won two Finals MVP awards during this time, cementing his place as one of the best players in NBA history. His impact on NBA culture cannot be understated as well; he popularized the idea of “positionless basketball” and showed that superstars could come together on superteams without sacrificing their individual success.

The media and fan reactions surrounding Durant’s move to the Warriors will always be remembered as a pivotal moment in NBA history. It showed that players had more power than ever before when it came to deciding their own futures, but it also highlighted how easily perceptions could shift based on these decisions. As we continue to see superstar players make moves between teams every offseason, we can’t help but wonder what impact Durant’s decision will have on future trades.

With two championship wins under his belt with the Warriors, where does Durant go from here? The answer lies in his next chapter with another team – something we’ll explore further in our discussion about Durant’s post-Warriors career.

Two Championship Wins With The Warriors

The Golden State Warriors dynasty was one of the most dominant in NBA history. The team won three championships in four years, with Kevin Durant playing a key role in two of those wins. Durant joined the Warriors for the 2016-2017 season, and immediately made an impact on the court. He averaged 25.1 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per game during the regular season.

Durant’s first championship win with the Warriors came in 2017, when they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games. Durant was named Finals MVP after averaging 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 5.4 assists per game in the series. His performance was instrumental in securing Golden State’s second title in three years.

The following season, Durant helped lead the Warriors to another championship win over the Cavaliers. This time around, he averaged 28.8 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 7.5 assists per game in the Finals, earning his second consecutive Finals MVP award. With Durant leading the way, Golden State completed their sweep of Cleveland and solidified their place as one of the greatest teams ever assembled.

Durant’s role in these championship wins cannot be overstated; his scoring ability and all-around play were crucial to Golden State’s success during this era. However, injuries would eventually derail his time with the Warriors and lead him to sign with a new team: The Brooklyn Nets. Injuries are a part of every athlete’s career though some players have worse luck than others – This brings us to discuss Durant’s injury and recovery with The Nets…

Injury And Recovery With The Nets

How has Kevin Durant’s injury and recovery with the Nets affected his performance? It is no secret that Durant has been plagued with injuries throughout his career, and the Nets were hoping to get him back to his former self after a devastating Achilles injury in 2019. The team has invested heavily in his rehabilitation, and it seems to have paid off.

Durant’s injury rehabilitation was a long and arduous process. He worked tirelessly with the medical staff, undergoing multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy sessions. The team also utilized advanced performance analysis tools to track his progress and tailor his workouts accordingly. All this effort has resulted in Durant coming back stronger than ever.

Since returning to the court, Durant has been playing at an elite level once again. His scoring ability is as potent as ever, and he is making a huge impact on both ends of the court. Additionally, the Nets’ performance as a team has improved significantly since having Durant available again. His presence on the court is simply undeniable.

Injury rehabilitation can be a daunting process for any athlete, but Kevin Durant has shown that it is possible to come back even stronger from such setbacks. With his impressive return to form, he continues to solidify himself as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Now that we have seen how Durant’s injury rehab with the Nets went, we can move on to examining how many all-star appearances he made with each team he played for.

All-Star Appearances With Each Team

Durant’s time in the NBA has been marked by his impressive skillset and his ability to make an impact on every team he has played for. Throughout his career, Durant has played for three distinct teams: the Seattle Supersonics/Oklahoma City Thunder, the Golden State Warriors, and currently, the Brooklyn Nets. Each of these teams holds a unique place in Durant’s all-star legacy.

During his time with the Supersonics/Thunder, Durant was named to seven consecutive All-Star games. His success during this period earned him recognition as one of the league’s top players and solidified his place among the NBA’s elite. However, despite this impressive run, there were also some all-star snubs that surprised fans and analysts alike. In particular, many felt that Durant should have been selected in 2013 when he averaged 28 points per game and led the Thunder to the NBA Finals.

Durant then joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016 and continued to build upon his already-impressive all-star legacy. During his time with Golden State, he was named an All-Star four times and helped lead them to two NBA championships. Despite being part of a star-studded team that included Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, Durant still managed to stand out as one of the best players on the court.

Now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, it remains to be seen how Durant will continue to add to his all-star legacy. While he missed out on selection in 2020 due to injury, many expect him to bounce back in a big way next season. With Durant back at full strength and leading a talented Nets squad alongside Kyrie Irving, fans are eagerly anticipating what is sure to be another All-Star-worthy season for one of basketball’s greatest players.

With Durant’s impressive track record of success across multiple teams, it is clear that he is one of basketball’s most dominant forces. As we explore his career further, we will look at some of the incredible scoring and shooting records he has set along the way.

Scoring And Shooting Records

Scoring Records are a crucial statistic in basketball and Kevin Durant has some impressive ones. During his 12 year career he has totaled 24,722 points in 899 games, averaging 27.2 points per game. He currently leads the Oklahoma City Thunder’s all-time scoring list with 18,816 points.

Shooting Records are also an important metric in basketball and Kevin Durant has some impressive ones. During his 12 year career he has made 6,868 field goals, 1,965 three-point field goals and 3,818 free throws. He currently holds the record for the most three-point field goals made in a game with 12, set while playing for the Golden State Warriors in 2018.

Scoring Records

Basketball fans across the globe have been awestruck by Kevin Durant’s incredible talent on the court. A prolific scorer, Durant has played for multiple NBA teams and left an indelible mark on each one of them. In this article, we’ll delve into his scoring records and how they compare to other NBA greats.

Durant’s top scoring games are a testament to his unparalleled skill and determination. He holds the record for the highest-scoring game in Oklahoma City Thunder history with 52 points against the Dallas Mavericks in 2013. Furthermore, he scored an impressive 49 points in a single game against the Orlando Magic during his time with the Brooklyn Nets in 2021. These achievements cement his status as one of the greatest scorers in NBA history.

When compared to other NBA scoring records, Durant’s numbers are nothing short of remarkable. He currently sits at seventh place on the all-time scoring list with over 23,000 points to his name. This puts him ahead of legends such as Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Moreover, he is one of only six players in NBA history to win four scoring titles – a feat that further solidifies his place among basketball’s elite.

It’s worth noting that Durant has achieved all of this while playing for different teams throughout his career – a fact that sets him apart from other top scorers who have spent their entire careers with one franchise. His ability to adapt to different systems and gel with new teammates is a testament to his exceptional talent and versatility.

In conclusion, Kevin Durant’s scoring records speak volumes about his prowess as an NBA player. From top-scoring games to comparisons with other greats, it’s clear that he has left an indelible mark on basketball history – one that will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of players for years to come.

Shooting Records

Kevin Durant’s impact on the NBA goes beyond his impressive scoring records. He has also made a mark as one of the league’s greatest shooters. His top shooting performances are evidence of his exceptional talent and accuracy from the field.

Durant is widely recognized for his ability to make difficult shots look effortless. He holds the record for the most points scored in an Olympic basketball tournament, with 156 points in eight games during the 2012 London Olympics. He also became the first player in NBA history to average over 30 points per game on 50% shooting from the field, 40% shooting from three-point range, and 90% shooting from the free-throw line in a single season.

When compared to other NBA players’ shooting records, Durant’s numbers are nothing short of remarkable. He currently ranks third all-time in career four-point plays (behind only Jamal Crawford and James Harden) and seventh all-time in career three-pointers made (as of September 2021). His ability to shoot accurately from long range has earned him a reputation as one of the deadliest shooters in the game today.

Durant’s shooting prowess is not limited to just jump shots, as he is also known for his dunking ability. In fact, he won two NBA All-Star Game MVP awards primarily due to his impressive dunking skills. With such versatility on offense, it’s no wonder that Durant has become one of basketball’s most dominant players.

In conclusion, Kevin Durant’s shooting records are just as impressive as his scoring records. From top shooting performances to comparisons with other NBA players’ shooting records, it’s clear that he has left an indelible mark on basketball history – one that will continue to inspire future generations of players for years to come.

Impact On The League And Fans

As Kevin Durant’s career progressed, so did his impact on the league. His rare combination of size, speed, and skill made him a unique talent that could not be ignored. In addition to his on-court abilities, Durant’s off-court personality and business ventures solidified him as one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.

The impact of Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016 was felt throughout the league. The move created a team that was almost unbeatable and left fans and other teams alike feeling frustrated with what they saw as an unfair advantage. While some criticized Durant for taking an easy path to a championship, others appreciated his willingness to sacrifice personal glory for team success.

Fan reaction to Durant has been mixed throughout his career. While he is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world, some fans have criticized him for joining super-teams or leaving their favorite team for greener pastures. However, even those who dislike him cannot deny his talent and impact on the league.

In summary, Durant’s impact on both the league and fans has been significant. He has created controversy with his moves between teams but also brought excitement to every game he plays in. As he continues to play at a high level and pursue new business ventures, it will be interesting to see how his legacy evolves in the future.

Future Prospects And Legacy

Kevin Durant has established himself as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. With his exceptional skills and abilities, he has played for several NBA teams throughout his career. His legacy impact on the league is significant, with his impressive records and achievements that have inspired many aspiring athletes to follow in his footsteps.

Durant’s retirement plans have been a topic of discussion among basketball enthusiasts. He has mentioned that he plans to retire at the age of 35, which means he still has a few more years left before he calls it quits on his illustrious career. Despite this, there are speculations that he could retire earlier due to injuries or other personal reasons.

One thing that is certain is the impact Durant will leave behind once he retires from playing professional basketball. His remarkable performances and numerous awards and accolades will ensure that his name will go down in history as one of the greatest players ever to grace the NBA court. He has already achieved so much in his career, including two Olympic gold medals, four NBA scoring titles, and two NBA championships.

In conclusion, Kevin Durant’s future prospects and legacy impact are significant topics within the world of sports. As a highly skilled player who has played for various NBA teams throughout his career, Durant’s contribution to the league cannot be overstated. While his retirement plans remain uncertain, there is no doubt that he will leave behind an indelible mark on basketball history for generations to come.

Numeric List:

Here are three notable achievements that make Kevin Durant stand out among other great basketball players:

  1. In 2014, Kevin Durant was named NBA Most Valuable Player after leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to their eighth consecutive playoff appearance.
  2. Durant won two Olympic gold medals as part of Team USA’s basketball team in 2012 and 2016.
  3. In 2021, Kevin Durant became the highest-scoring player in United States men’s Olympic basketball history, surpassing Carmelo Anthony’s previous record of 336 points.


Kevin Durant is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players of our time. Throughout his illustrious career, he has played for four different NBA teams, leaving an indelible mark on each franchise. He began his NBA journey with the Seattle SuperSonics in 2007 before moving to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008. After spending eight seasons with the Thunder, Durant joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016 and went on to win two NBA championships with them. In 2019, he signed with the Brooklyn Nets and currently plays for them.

Durant’s remarkable talent has earned him numerous accolades, including eleven All-Star appearances across all of his teams. He is also a four-time scoring champion and holds several shooting records. His impact on the league and fans alike cannot be overstated, as he continues to inspire young athletes around the world with his skill and dedication to the game.

Looking ahead, Durant’s future prospects look bright as he continues to play at an elite level despite facing injuries in recent years. His legacy as one of the most dominant players in NBA history is already cemented, but there is no doubt that he will continue to amaze us with his incredible talent for years to come. As a sports journalist, it is impossible not to recognize Kevin Durant’s immense contribution to basketball and marvel at his undeniable greatness – truly a legend of our time.

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